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Star City: movies that will be filmed in Budapest in 2017
Photo : Wikipedia, IMDB
Star City: movies that will be filmed in Budapest in 2017

Ryan Gosling, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, and Harrison Ford were among the A-list movie stars who kept Budapest buzzing with excitement while they were working on films here in 2016, and of course 2017 won’t pass without hosting cinematic luminaries, as well. Urban dwellers will have the chance to run into numerous celebrities during the upcoming months, as plenty of exciting films and series will be shot in the Magyar metropolis this year.

“Red Sparrow” with Jennifer Lawrence “The Alienist” with Daniel Brühl “Robin Hood: Origins” with Jamie Dornan “The Terror” “Exchanged”

“Red Sparrow” with Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence will star as an attractive spy of Putin’s secret service, whose most effective weapon is her allure. The film is based on the 2013 bestseller of former CIA agent Jason Matthews, and the main plot revolves around a former ballerina who has to seduce a young CIA agent. The picture will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who previously worked together with Jennifer Lawrence on The Hunger Games. Red Sparrow is set to be released on November 10th, 2017, and filming is already under way, as Lawrence arrived in Budapest during the first week of January.
Photo: Wikipedia

“The Alienist” with Daniel Brühl

Daniel Brühl, known from Good Bye, Lenin!, will also visit Budapest early in 2017. Jakob Verbuggen, the Belgian director behind one episode of the series Black Mirror, will direct a series based on Caleb Carr’s famous novel, The Alienist. The story takes place in New York in 1896, and the German movie star will presumably play Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a forensic psychiatrist with Hungarian roots, who starts investigating the city’s first serial killer. Luke Evans will play the journalist helping Dr. Kreizler’s work.

“Robin Hood: Origins” with Jamie Dornan

We’ll also have a chance to bump into Jamie Dornan on the streets of Budapest, as an alternative Robin Hood story will be filmed here. Taron Egerton will play the lead role, Jamie Foxx will star as Little John, and Jamie Dornan will perform as the husband of Marian. The star of Fifty Shades of Grey will have Otto Bathurst as his director, who could also be familiar from Black Mirror, as he has the first episode of the series under his name.

“The Terror”

AMC will shoot their new series based on the bestseller of Dan Simmons. Taking place in 1847, the participants of an expedition to the Arctic are being attacked by a mysterious predator. In this fight for survival, there’ll be quite a few actors who also starred in Game of Thrones, like Ciarán Hinds, who played King-Beyond-The-Wall Mance Rayder, and also Julius Caesar in Rome, or Tobias Menzies, who’s great in Outlander, and actually played Brutus in Rome. Among the producers there are such names as Ridley Scott and David W. Zucker.


Set to release in 2018, there aren’t any exact details about this film, but Budapest is listed as a filming location for Exchanged. It is about an American boy who arrives to Germany as an exchange student, and realizes that his host family is basically a group of terrorists. Tony Revolori, who played Zero in The Grand Budapest Hotel, is eyed for the leading role, and Geoffrey Haley, the cameraman of Furious Seven, American Hustle, and Star Trek Beyond, will direct and co-write the film.
The list of movies to be shot here in 2017 is expected to expand, and meanwhile, quite a few films will premiere this year that were already filmed in Budapest. The Coldest City – a Cold War spy film starring Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, and Budapest as East Berlin – will be released in July. Blade Runner 2049 will premiere in October; while it was filmed inside a Hungarian studio instead of external locations, stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling both checked out the sights of Budapest while working on the futuristic film. Additionally, Margot Robbie and Mike Myers filmed a thriller titled Terminal here last summer, but the release date for this film isn’t set yet.