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Ice cream for all – Budapest’s best outlets for allergy-free treats
Photo : Péter Kálló / We Love Budapest

Summer’s here and ice cream is selling like hot cakes. But what about those with special diets, those in need of their cooling treat to be gluten-, sugar- or lactose-free? Don’t worry. Budapest has plenty of outlets that can cater to your needs – and in all kinds of flavours.

Fragola Hideg Nyalat Gelarto Rosa Artigiana Gelati Anjuna Ice Pops MAMO Gelato


Photo: Péter Kálló / We Love Budapest

The Fragola franchise, now with 11 stores, has always had excellent standards. All its fruity ice creams can be prepared without any dairy, sugar or gluten ingredients. This year’s new product is Super Fruits with extra nutritious fruits and spices.

Hideg Nyalat

Photo: Hideg Nyalat

These cool paleo-vegan desserts were first sold at Budapest’s meat- and dairy-free hub Vegan Garden. Hideg Nyalat does not have its own place, but its products are available at several outlets around Hungary, in bio and diet stores, confectioneries and bakeries. Sugar-, additive- and everything-free ice creams are made with coconut milk, the sweetening with natural apple extract. The 100% Belgian chocolate, cashew and superfoods versions are also available in gluten-, dairy, dairy protein, sugar-, egg- and soya-free products.

Gelarto Rosa

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi / We Love Budapest

Gelarto Rosa‘s characteristic rose-shaped ice creams not only deserve attention because of the exterior but also because of the flavours, the excellent service, the quality and the value for money. Among the choices, there are lactose- and sugar-free varieties at the counter. The sweet flavour is created with xylitol, while lactose-free sorbets and fruity creations are found between the preservative-free and the non-preservative ice creams.

Artigiana Gelati

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi / We Love Budapest

Buda-based Artigiana Gelati is one of the oldest Italian artisanal ice-cream outlets in town. In perfectly measured scoops, these excellent ices are made from the finest ingredients. They make rice-milk versions for lactose-sensitive and diabetic customers.

Anjuna Ice Pops

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi / We Love Budapest

Refreshing ice pops are made from natural ingredients at all Anjuna outlets. You can also taste lactose-free, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free delicacies such as mango-maracuja, mango-chili-lime, Sicilian pistachio, coconut and chocolate, and can even choose a sugar-free coating. All bases are covered – there are even dog-friendly ice creams.

MAMO Gelato

Photo: Norbert Hartyányi / We Love Budapest

This Ráday utca shop was the first Budapest outlet of MAMO Gelato, but in summer, their fine ice creams are also available at Gozsdu Udvar and outside the Palatinus lido on Margaret Island. A few months ago, a new store was opened by the Allee mall on Kőrösy József utca. Sugar- and lactose-free versions can be found in about half of their products, and you’re welcome to try any out.