How to and Where to Thrift-Store-Hop in Budapest
How to and Where to Thrift-Store-Hop in Budapest

Thrifty is the principle of using money and resources carefully but it‘s more than a word, it‘s a lifestyle. Thrift store hopping is the art of taking the money you have and knowing where to go to make your cash make tasteful sense. With the proper mindset when thrift store hopping, chic fashion can still be acquired and given new worth with one’s thrifty determination.

1. Prepare yourself! 2. Seek and ye shall find! 3. Hit the stores that hang their clothes! 4. Thrift away! 5. All Sales are final Second Chance Dressing Room  Mirá! Mirá!  Chain Thrift Stores

1. Prepare yourself!

You should arrive fed, hydrated and it’s best advised not to have a lot of gear to schlep around with you. These deficits will discourage your lightness of foot and thought.

2. Seek and ye shall find!

Know your closets weakness and where you want to diversify! Perhaps it‘s focusing on opening your color palette or perhaps just searching this seasons necessities. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, that’s exciting, too, because “It” might find you.

3. Hit the stores that hang their clothes!

A bin of discount items at a boutique thrift store is worth a quick scavenge however digging through piles of clothes is time intensive. Stick to stores that are proud to do the dirty work for you and hang their items. These type of thrift stores also prize their concept of what deserves an extra life which, when on a hanger, is someone thinking for you twice.

4. Thrift away!

Case the scene of the crime because your intent is to make out like a bandit. Key words from here on out: time efficiency and scrutiny. Pinpoint your key areas of interest and dig in. Swiftly with the quickness of turning pages, go from hanger to hanger. If and when an item sings your name, now’s the time to scrutinize for defects. Look for the reason it was tossed to begin with: discolorations, tell tale signs of wash and wear, stains, missing beads or buttons. If you can live with it’s past life’s defect whether by mending it or forgiving it so be it. Collect your winnings and head to the dressing room.

5. All Sales are final

Another good thing about boutique thrift stores is there’s a dressing room and since looks are deceiving now’s the time to see “if the shoe fits”. Trust, there will be let downs. Yet a diamond in this rough may present itself, not today then check back in a week. Thrift stores take constant new inventory and thrift store hopping is a process. When you find a keeper, check that price tag and smile, you’re downright thrifty.

Second Chance

This store focuses on securing the brand names that some of us can’t do without but whose prices at the mall we can! The stores décor speaks to the hip vibe that giving second hand clothes a second chance deserves. Long live reincarnation through second hand clothes!
Check out their sister store, American Rags!
Address: 1061 Budapest, Király Str. 28.

Dressing Room 

As if stepping into someone’s groovy closet, the Dressing Room’s distinct chic flavor offers not only second hand but also vintage items for a price tag that won’t make you flinch. A perfect spot for funky gift ideas too! 
Address: 1051 Budapest, Oktober 6. Str.19.

Mirá! Mirá! 

Located off the Magrit Hid tram stop in Buda, this shop is a must especially when you’re in this neck of the woods. Weekly they have new items and often they have sales on top of their already reasonable prices. Win win.
Address: 1027 Budapest, Margit körút 5/b.

Chain Thrift Stores

The perk about these stores, they are all over Budapest! The downside, they’re not as selective as a boutique second hand store would be. That’s not to say that you can’t be! But because of that, their prices are indeed, the most inexpensive and advantageous. Thrift ahoy matey and check out the stores of AngexHáda and  Humana!