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Hot Splashes: 6 Budapest pool complexes with wild waterslides
Photo : Aquaréna
Hot Splashes: 6 Budapest pool complexes with wild waterslides

From easy rides to steep glides that swirl swimmers through huge loops and hoops, a wide variety of waterslides can be found at some of the exhilarating water parks located in and around Budapest, encouraging everyone to dive into summertime fun at top speed. When the sun is sizzling, chill out with wet and wild adventures at any of these refreshing pool complexes, allowing swimmers of all ages to feel the thrill of Earth’s downward force before literally making a big splash.

Aquaréna Aquaworld Csepel Bath Palatinus Pünkösdfürdő Római Bath


Photo: Aquaréna
This sizeable water park stretches over 11 hectares near the Hungaroring racecourse in Mogyoród, just beyond Pest’s border. With 26 slides winding above and below the ground, this extravagant water world provides abundant adventure for adrenaline junkies. Drift along the slowly streaming Lazy River, speed down the six-track race slide, try the hair-raising free-fall slide, or vanish into the stirring black hole. The gripping slides loop through nine pools across the park, offering speedy plunges and great excitement for all ages. If one day of sun-splashed fun is not enough, we can set up a tent or park a caravan to spend the night in the adjacent campground.

Address: Mogyoród 2146, Vízipark út 1.
Directions: By car, take motorway M3 from northern Pest to Mogyoród and follow the signs, or take the free Aquaréna shuttle bus that departs from the Árpád Bridge stop for city bus 26 at 9:15am and 10:15am when the water park is open.
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Photo: Aquaworld
At the northern edge of Pest, this gigantic water park offers a rip-roaring assortment of spine-tingling slides – including one that towers 17 meters above the ground – along with a 180-meter-long mountain river flanked with steep rocks, and a wave pool capable of producing giant swells for surfing, all beneath a huge transparent dome alongside outdoor pools. Decorated like an ancient temple hidden in the middle of a dense jungle, this popular destination provides enough adventurous attractions to keep everyone in the family amused for days. The resort’s hotel offers comfy accommodations for those who want stay drenched here for days on end.

Csepel Bath

In Budapest’s District XXI, surrounded by lush greenery, the popular water park of Csepel Island gets packed with sun-soaking bathers during the hot summer months. This out-of-sight pool in Pest’s former industrial zone is best known for its gigantic 2,400-square-meter adventure pool, starring one looping and two steep slides, along with other adventure elements including a current channel, whirlpool, and neck-massaging water jets. The complex is also home to a 50-meter swimming pool and a natural thermal water pool – all making a day at this leisure complex a popular summer pastime near the Kis-Duna branch of the Danube.


Photo: Palatinus
Surrounded by the flowing Danube in the very center of the city, the towering slides of Palatinus Bath on Margaret Island have provided a rite of passage for generations of Budapest kids. Along with regular swimming and leisure pools, the action-packed slide zone boasts one of the fastest race slides in the country, with a digital stopwatch displaying each slider’s top speed. Less daring souls can take a musical glide through the visually fascinating multimedia slide, while inland surfers can catch a gentle ride in the wave pool. Apart from the vertigo-inducing adventures found here, you can also play mini-golf or score some points at the volleyball court.


Photo: Pünkösdfürdő
Amid romantic rose bowers in a scenic setting, this water park offers a splash zone without overflowing crowds in Budapest’s District III, before the Megyeri Bridge. The complex is equipped with only two straightforward slides set up at the children’s pool, which makes the place a pleasant and quiet alternative for a fun-filled family day out. The spa offers a sizeable swimming pool, along with a mild version of an adventure pool equipped with a flowing channel and neck-massaging jets, along with a number of sporty facilities including an open-air gym around the water zone.

Római Bath

Photo: Római strandfürdő
In a part of Budapest once colonized by the ancient Romans, feel timeless thrills of submerging in a sprawling bath with huge slides to accelerate the experience. Although this place is not a full-fledged waterslide park, a newly developed glide zone includes loopy tubes and classic children’s slides. Spiced up with a variety of adventure elements, daredevils can hit the rafting or kamikaze slides, or race down the turbo-speed slide; those who are after an easier experience can jump under the neck-massaging jets, drift in the flowing channel, or simply unwind in the hot tub. In addition to all this, Római Bath also features a recently built playground and an outdoor gym.