Hot Matches: indoor sports in Budapest
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Hot Matches: indoor sports in Budapest

Some adrenaline junkies depend on steady doses of competitive athletics all year long, and they don’t let wintertime conditions get in the way of their next fix. Here are a few of Budapest’s best enclosed climbing walls, archery ranges, tennis and squash courts, and more, all encouraging fit foes to face off no matter what the weather brings.

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Photo: Alibi archery center
Prowess with bows and arrows continues to be considered as a cherished skill in Hungarian culture since before this nation’s creation, and target-shooting Magyar archers can’t let cold weather interfere with their next shooting session. Fortunately, everyone is welcome to aim for the bull’s-eye at a pair of indoor ranges in downtown Pest: Farkasok (1085 Budapest, Mária u. 54) and Alibi (1065 Budapest, Szondi u. 40); both facilities offer equipment rental, and English-language lessons are available at Alibi.


Photo: Budapest Badminton Hall
Swatting at soaring shuttlecocks may not be the world’s most strenuous physical activity, but it is definitely a lot of fun and a pleasantly gentle way to get back in shape after long spells of wintertime inactivity. The recently opened Budapest Badminton Hall (Budapest 1044, Váci út 102) is one of Eastern Europe’s most advanced centers for this unassuming competitive sport, featuring ten dedicated courts along with locker rooms, a ping-pong area, a conditioning room, and racket-stringing services.

Indoor Climbing

Photo: Spider Club
Few hobbies build all-body strength like rock climbing does, and at Buda’s modern Spider Club (Budapest 1036, Fényes Adolf u. 19-21), hard-core Magyar mountaineers can keep their skills fresh until springtime while less experienced athletes can try this extreme sport amid a safe environment. The cavernous facilities provide well over 1,000 square meters of carefully contoured surfaces presenting some 100 routes to try, and competitors can also race for the fastest times on the speed-climbing wall.


Photo: Gold Center
Not long ago we posted an article showcasing numerous indoor-soccer facilities citywide, but two of the most central options are notable for the other indoor sports also offered there: Gold Center (Budapest 1117, Budafoki út 113) features four caged soccer pitches along with a full-service fitness center, massage treatments, and a huge billiards hall, while the BME Sport Center (Budapest 1111, Bertalan Lajos u. 4-6) offers a 100-square-meter soccer room in addition to volleyball and table-tennis areas.


Photo: Griff Squash & Fitness Club
Fast-paced fun awaits at several professional-quality squash courts around the Magyar metropolis. Tucked amid the Buda Hills, the Rózsadomb Squash Club (Budapest 1025, Törökvész út 87-91) offers a friendly environment with a nice lounge for spectators; the Griff Squash & Fitness Club (Budapest 1113, Bartók Béla út 152) presents five top-condition courts alongside a complete wellness area; and Óbuda’s Arnold Gym (Budapest 1037, Szépvölgyi út 15) lets squash players use the sauna for no extra charge.


Photo: Szépvölgyi Tennis Center
Not only are there several covered tennis courts available here all winter long, we even have a choice of surfaces to consider among them. Both the historic Park Tennis Club (Budapest 1114, Bartók Béla út 63-65) and the riverfront Rozmaring Tennis Club (Budapest 1036, Árpád fejedelem útja 125) offer clay courts sheltered by giant tents, while the Szépvölgyi Tennis Center (Budapest 1037, Virág Benedek u. 39-41) boasts a huge permanent hall containing three courts coated in advanced artificial grass.