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Get crafty at these four open workshops in Budapest
Photo : Technika

Woodwork, sewing or engraving can all be heaps of fun but flats in Budapest are often too small for such handiwork. These four perfectly equipped workshops below welcome everyone who feels crafty, whether it’s making a new bird feeder, printing something in 3D or sewing a new dress for your next night out.

CREATOR Nyitott Műhely FabLab Pinkponilo Technika

CREATOR Nyitott Műhely

Creator Nyitott Műhely is undoubtedly the best-equipped of them all: a carpentry and locksmith workshop, a painting room, laser engraving, 3D printer and many more exciting machines and opportunities all await here. If you check in advance, they help you organise the materials you need. Pre-made objects such as a bird feeder or a spice holder, that you only need to put together and finish off, are also available.

Photo: Creator Nyitott Műhely

This one is great for families, too, as children above ten can enter with an adult, and there are plenty of projects that even younger ones can do.



Address: 1141 Budapest, Mályva utca 15


According to its founders, FabLab is an inspiring space where ideas are born, and the technology otherwise only used by big industry is accessible to anyone. This means that you can try your hand at 3D scanning and printing, laser cutting or even engraving.

Photo: FabLab

As this whole place focuses on sharing ideas, you can learn how to use machines here, but if you have some secret talent, they can help you organise your own workshop, too. Daily, weekly and monthly passes are available, and you can also buy all the materials you need here. Note that you will have to allow FabLab to take photos of you and your work in progress. If you’d rather not, expect higher prices.



Address: 1067 Budapest, Eötvös utca 29


PINKPONILO at Paloma Udvar operates as a community dressmaker’s shop, repair shop and even as an event space. The 60-square-metre area includes four sewing machines and many items you need, from threads to zips. Although they also hold many workshops, the place can be rented out, too.

Photo: Norbert Hartyányi / WLB

Note that they do not have regular opening hours, you will need to check in about a week in advance for a weekday slot, and a month ahead for one at the weekend.



Address: 1052 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16


At the fully-equipped carpentry workshop of Hello Wood, you can create useful and decorative furniture out of lumber. In addition to providing a 180-square-metre space, machines and tools, they also offer crash courses in woodworking led by professional handymen – in English, too. At the various workshops of Technika, you can learn basic carpentry skills, create something unique and handmade out of wood chunks, or even renovate old and used furniture. 

Photo: Technika

There is a registration fee of 5,000 forints, but you can learn everything from how to hold a saw through to drilling and putting together a complete bedside table. Multi-visit passes are also available.



Address: 1033 Budapest, Főtér 1.