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Events Horizon: what’s happening in Budapest – August 2016
Photo : Sziget Festival Official Facebook
Events Horizon: what’s happening in Budapest – August 2016

There are a lot of major events going on in August that you don’t want to miss: the famous Sziget Festival, DreherFeszt 2016, fireworks, all kinds of concerts, and much more. In this event roundup, we collect all of the important happenings taking place in Hungary’s capital during the upcoming month, so that you can plan ahead to attend whatever events are the most interesting for you. Get out there and enjoy everything that Budapest has to offer!

1. SUP Budapest Sziget Festival Foals, Crystal Fighters, Slaves Festival of Folk Arts Green Velvet Public Holiday – observance of Saint Stephen’s Day German Beer Festival DreherFeszt 2016 Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley Budapest Short International Film Festival

1. SUP Budapest

On August 6th, for the first but definitely not the last time, SUP Budapest will give everyone the opportunity to surf the Danube through the heart of downtown Budapest all the way to Kopaszi Dam, passing by the Parliament, Gellért Hill, and the Buda Castle, all alongside hundreds of other surfers. Now, you are probably wondering, for what SUP stands for: it’s short for stand up paddle. This is a sport which can be done by anyone at any age, and will probably enjoyed by all kinds of people, with its benefits ranging from water rafting, cardio-training, water yoga, and even fishing. It is much like a good walk during the sunset or a hike in a forest. You can explore the world on the surface of water, stare at the beautiful sunset, or observe wildlife without disturbing or harming it. So, let’s go surfin’ now! More details
Kopaszi Dam

Sziget Festival

Photo: Sziget Festival Official Facebook
Revelers from all over the world descend on Budapest for one of Europe’s biggest alfresco gigs, the annual Sziget Festival, happening between August 10-17 at Óbuda Island. Celebrate summertime together with thousands of party people amid this week-long musical extravaganza with international superstars and acclaimed local performers of all genres. The annual good-time gathering is about blasting concerts, artful acts, and extravagant entertainment, alongside plenty of chill zones and psychedelic settings. It’s an unforgettable experience for all types of music fans – if you don’t believe us, just take a look at the lineup: Rihanna, Sigur Rós, M83, Parkway Drive, Muse, the Last Shadow Puppets, David Guetta, and much more. No matter how old you are, where you come from, or how many days you can join the fun, everyone is welcome on the Island of Freedom. More details
Óbuda Island

Foals, Crystal Fighters, Slaves

Photo: Foals Facebook
Returning after their festival-stopping set at last year’s Sziget, 2016 will see Foals in their first Hungarian “club” concert, which will take place at Budapest Park on August 17th. The Oxford-based art rockers have made a full transformation from an indie act to a thrillingly spontaneous rock group with widescreen intricacy, capable of holding arenas in the palm of their hands during the last few years. They deliver anthemic arty pop rich with detailed guitar churn, latticed beats and luminous electronics. The members of Foals are masters of genres as well – they’ve been around math rock, funk and disco, and they can get hard and meaty, too. Before them, Crystal Fighters and the duo of Slaves will perform. Both intimidating and entertaining in equal measure, the latter pair bring full-throttle energy and an anarchic sense of humor to every show they play, sometimes spending as much time in the crowd as they do on stage. More details
Budapest Park

Festival of Folk Arts

Photo: Festival of Folk Arts Facebook
Handmade jewels, wooden musical instruments, colorful pottery, soft fabrics, and sturdy furniture fill the open spaces of the Buda Castle between August 18-21 at this traditional festival that celebrates folk art in historic settings. In 2016, the main focus of the 30th Festival of Folk Arts is on playing, in its broadest and most complex sense possible. On one hand, the material culture of folk toys with the help of toy makers will be presented, and on the other hand, traditional games and artistic performances will also be part of the program, even in an interactive form. The joy of playing will also be part of the festival’s stage program (to have the chance to enjoy playing just by watching as well). Many Hungarian folk-dance associations would use traditional folk games in their performances, with a taster of which the organizers would like to provide our visitors. More details
Buda Castle

Green Velvet

Green Velvet, initially created by house don Cajmere (aka Curtis Alan Jones) as an outlet for his non-vocal productions and frequent DJ gigs, grew to become even more popular than the man himself, thanks to club singles like Preacher Man, Answering Machine and The Stalker. Each were infectious, undeniably fun records with simple vocal taglines and a wonderful sense of humor. Jones, who had nurtured the Chicago house renaissance of the 1990s with his Cajual Records, will be smashing the dance floor of Millenáris on August 19 with an infectious three-hour-long DJ set, which will surely take you through all the important eras and hits of electronic music. Before and after him, Hungarian veterans Sikztah and Mateo & Spirit will stand behind the decks. Get down! More details
Millenáris Park

Public Holiday – observance of Saint Stephen’s Day

Every August 20th, Hungary honors its founding king with a national holiday of fantastic festivities and spectacular fireworks – and while these celebrations light up the night all across the country, Budapest hosts the nation’s biggest St. Stephen’s Day blowout. Great programs line the all-encompassing fiesta citywide: open-air concerts, gastronomy delights, the cutting ceremony of Hungary’s birthday cake, and a lot more. Check out the city’s best spots to watch the fireworks.

German Beer Festival

Photo: German Beer Festival Facebook
Every hop fanatics dream will come true between August 25-28, as Serföző organizes the first Hungarian festival dedicated to German beers on Kőrösy József Street! During the four-day street party, youll be able to taste all kinds of alcoholic treats that came from the home country of Reinheitsgebot, including rarities that were never introduced to local beer drinkers, and also some other specialties. Apart from the liquid delights, you’ll also be able to try all kinds of dishes related to German cuisine and beer culture. So, bottoms up! More details

DreherFeszt 2016

Photo: Dreher Facebook
Between August 26-28, Dreher’s brewery festival, DreherFeszt, will be organized again with unique beer specialties (nearly 140 beer taps) at the intoxicating location of Kőbánya, featuring concerts on two stages. The list of performers include the blue-eyed acoustic folk-pop band Margaret Island, natural-born funkster squad the Biebers, vintage rockers Ivan & the Parasol, hip-hop duo Akkezdet Phiai, kozmische kraut-pop-dance astronaut group Zagar, and a lot more. The local Dreher Breweries will serve as the venues for the two-day program series, including tours that shed light on the secrets of beer brewing. (If you find the location a bit out of reach, don’t worry: during the event, free buses run between Örs vezér Square and the festival every 30 minutes.) More details

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

Damian Robert Nesta Marley, also known around the world as “Junior Gong” and more recently as “Gongzilla”, was born in 1978 to parents Bob Marley and Cindy Breakspeare, Miss World 1976. As a young adult, he developed a passion and a gift to speak for those who cannot always speak for themselves. A self-proclaimed spiritual revolutionary, Damian has worked assiduously to carve his own niche in music history and to add a new perspective to the Marley legacy for the 21st century. By 1996, Damian had already made his mark as a different kind of Marley when he released his first solo album, “Mr. Marley”, a heavily dancehall-influenced album produced by his brother Stephen Marley. It was followed by other critically acclaimed albums, including a collabrative one with Nas, titled “Distant Relatives” – a project which explored the relationships between reggae, hip-hop and Africa.  It isn’t an overstatement to say that on August 30th, one of the most important Jamaican reggae artists is coming to Budapest Park. More details
Budapest Park

Budapest Short International Film Festival

Photo: Budapest Short International Film Festival Facebook
The annual Budapest Short International Film Festival, aka BuSho, happens again during August 30-September 4 at a number of different Hungarian cinemas. The festival was born to give the increasingly thriving short film society a scene for introducing itself in the capital, and providing young titans with the possibility to prove their talent in an international field. Every year the organizers invite filmmakers and leaders from the European workshops in order to offer these communities a lucid and pleasurable time together, while admiring diverse miniature motion pictures. BuSho’s mission is to develop the cultural identity of the audiovisual sector of Eastern and Central Europe. Take a look at this year’s program and you won’t doubt that they’ve succeeded. More details