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A day in Budapest on a budget
Photo : Krisztán Bódis - We Love Budapest
A day in Budapest on a budget

A low-budget trip has never been the equivalent of either boredom or mediocrity. By using your smarts – and with our assistance – it is more than possible to organize an urban exploration of the highest quality while maintaining a manageable spending plan. We guide you through a wondrous day in Budapest without thinning your wallet!

A baked breakfast Roaming and riding Cheap meals rich in quality Sloths, flea markets, and other treasures Burritos and Texas-sized fried meats Party preparations Outskirts or downtown? The first rays of light taste like pizza +1: A place to rest your head

A baked breakfast

Regardless of your location, an old-fashioned bakery will surely pop up within tolerable walking distance. Satisfy your hunger with freshly-baked delicacies, dairy products, cakes, or sandwiches while soaking in a friendly atmosphere and the murmurs of Hungarian chatter.

For those residing in the dowtown area, visiting Rákóczi Bakery is a must! Enjoy your breakfast on the heavenly stairway of Hungarian National Museum while being surrounded by chilling ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University) students. If you feel like it, you can even grab something to eat from one of ELTE’s buffets.

Jacques Liszt

Roaming and riding

Taking a walk along tram No. 2’s route will surely not disappoint you, and the line of Budapest’s world-famous Millenium Underground also intersects several picturesque locations. Exploring , the , , and the beautiful bridges joining the city’s two sides are also worth your time.

If you’re hopelessly devoted to two-wheelers, don’t think twice to rent a bike from Budapest Bike! Wheeling along until arriving at will definitely lift your spirit and free your mind. Furthermore, it will grant you a chance to explore both the and a lively green park called , where grabbing a beer at , a vast garden bar offering a bohemian atmosphere and grill dishes, is more than advisable. For moments of silence and peace, we recommend the staircases and narrow streets leading up to .

Tram 2

Cheap meals rich in quality

Head over to Frici Papa, a typical Hungarian hash house offering traditional dishes and affordable prices. In case you’re not into retro table linens and murals, should be your destination. , characterized by a wood-dominated interior and an old school vibe, provides two-course meals of Hungarian cuisine.
Also worth mentioning: Ruben, where the cheapest three-course meal consisting of Hungarian dishes is served, and , a stylish restaurant on  offering a two-course meal.
Frici papa kifőzdéje

Sloths, flea markets, and other treasures

Another spot where you can buy a lot by spending a bit is Jajcica, an eccentric basement shop selling second-hand clothes. In case you’re an animal maniac, take a stroll in , where you can experience the rushing lifestyle of sloths up-close.

Quenching your culture-thirst is also a possibility thanks to institutions such as the , an Art Nouveau construction roofed in Zsolnay ceramic tiles, and Design Terminal, a hub of various art projects. If you’re looking to swim and chill, , a flawless swimming pool complex situated on romantic is an ideal choice, as well as BVSC and .

Palatinus Bath

Burritos and Texas-sized fried meats

For an exotic dinner, head over to , a spicy Mexican buffet. Besides offering talkative staff members, freshly made burrito, fajitas, quesadilla, taco, and heaps of other specialities, El Rapido also has a cave-like cellar where the weather is fine, but the phones don’t work. If you fancy sizeable slices of fried meat and Hungarian pickles, order something at , an old-fashioned buffet where a single portion can feed a whole family.
El Rapido Grill & Tequila Bar

Party preparations

Kick off your venture with a few beers and shots at Hivatal, a pub that offers cheap drinks, plenty of seats, a spacious loft, and mysterious sheaves of paper. Another option for warming up your all-nighter is Lónyai Pub, a drinkery popular among bohemian university students.

Also worth mentioning: Lokál, an underground spot with rugs and old school pieces of furniture, and , a 24/7 pub suited for watching sports and gulping warm-up beers.

  • 1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 8.

Outskirts or downtown?

Although Dürer Kert is a bit far from the city center, taking the trip should be beneficial, since this frequented venue offers plenty of concerts and DJ-performances, a cool crowd of regulars, and a huge garden with multiple bar counters and a grill kitchen. If you don’t feel like travelling to the outskirts, buy a bottle of wine (or two), and get to know new people at , a popular gathering place among the urban youth, where you can sit around as long as you want and chat the night away.
Dürer Kert

The first rays of light taste like pizza

Grab a chunky slice of pizza from Király Street’s favourite late-night eatery, then hop on a tram, hop off at Jászai Mari Square, and watch the sunrise from the Danube’s bank!
Király Street

+1: A place to rest your head

If your trip coincides with good weather, Zugliget Niche Camping should be your accommodation. This state-of-the-art camping site ensures silent snugs, a high-speed internet connection, restaurants, bathrooms, laundry opportunities, and an easy access to the city center. In rainy times, get a bed at Martos Dormitory. Housed by an architectural masterpiece of socialist realism, it is a wallet-friendly hostel neighbouring Petőfi Bridge and  (Budapest University of Technology and Economics).

Also worth mentioning: Kate Guesthouse, Goat Hostel, Marco Polo Hostel.

The Groove Hostel