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8 indoor football pitches that are perfect for winter
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8 indoor football pitches that are perfect for winter

You want to play football with some friends, but you can’t find a field where the turf is still good? And some of your mates have started complaining because of the bad weather or the lack of light? As the weather becomes too cold for playing field sports outdoors, we’ve collected 8 indoor football pitches so that your team can keep playing even during winter.

Futballaréna Gold Center BME Sport Centre Metrosport BHG Egressyfitness ELTE Sport Újpalotai Sportcentrum



Futballaréna opened in 2000 and has been a popular spot for corporate games and events like the national futsal championships. This pitch does have artificial grass but it is of good quality. From the beginning of winter they cover and heat the arena. It’s one of the only centres in Hungary that has three top quality pitches that have artificial grass, grandstands and lights. There are also changing rooms and showers. The complex also has a diner that fits up to 160 people.

Where? 124-126 Fehérvári Road, XI district.
CostIt depends on the time, and whether you turn on the lights, but as a guide it’s between HUF 9-13,000 per hour.

Gold Center

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Reservations are a must because at peak times it can be hard to get a spot in the famous cages of Gold Center. There are 4 pitches covered with parque. Get involved in an indoor football game here and there’s no time for rest – perhaps just a little break when there is a goal scored. About 8 – 10 people are needed for the ideal game experience.

Where? 113 Budafoki Road, XI district.
CostIf you go very early or very late it is almost for free (HUF 4,000 – 5,000 per hour) but it’s also affordable during peak-times at about HUF 8,500-9,000).

BME Sport Centre


Play football on 100 square meters in an air-conditioned or heated room at BME. There are cost-savings offered for long-term rentals: if you book 10 occasions ahead there is 10,000 forints off the price. The sports centre is not only available for football but volleyball, floor-ball, badminton and table tennis as well.

Where? 4-6 Bertalan Lajos Street, XI district.
Cost? 7,000 – 10,000 per hour.


Photo: Metrosport - Facebook

Play on a pitch protected from the weather at Metrosport until April and choose between a pitch bordered with a fence or with lines painted on the ground. In the bar close to the centre you can discuss the match and have a beer afterwards.

Where? 158 Csömöri Street, XVI district.
Cost? The lined pitch is more expensive (HUF 14, 000) than the fenced pitch (HUF 12, 000) in peak-time.



The indoor sports facilities at BHG are probably among the best in terms of cost and quality. It has sophisticated changing rooms, a good quality and atmospheric pitch with linoleum coverage, and gates that are built into the walls. This is also cage-like so don’t expect too much leisure time once your game starts. Instead of the ordinary futsal, you can also try jorkyball.

Where? 19 Sopron Road, XI district.
Cost? HUF 5,500 – 9,100 HUF. They also offer season tickets.


Photo: Egressyfitness - Facebook

Egressyfitness might not be a well-known place and it is not necessarily easy to find (you have to cross the parking lot to get there). Their pitch is smaller than the ordinary, so it is best for two teams of 3 people, and the changing room is a little bit small. But this is one of the cheapest places in our collection. The pitch is covered with linoleum and has both ordinary volleyball gates, and smaller gates also.

Where? 23-25 Egressy Road, XIV district.
Cost? HUF 6,000 per hour anytime

ELTE Sport


Everybody who has participated at organised football events knows this pitch. During the winter months a tent covers ELTE’s arena meaning the two pitches that are covered with artificial grass are protected from the winter weather.

Where? 10/a Bogdánfy Road, XI district.
Cost? HUF 8 – 10,000 per hour.

Újpalotai Sportcentrum


A good place to release stress. Shoes with light-coloured soles and classic indoor balls are required. It’s a little puritan but it has a pleasant atmosphere nonetheless. Újpalotai Sportcentrum has an indoor football pitch that works for 6 people and the rental is cheap.

Where57-63 Drégelyvár Street, XV district.
CostHUF 3,900 per hour.