5 stylish showrooms of Hungarian designers in Budapest
Photo : Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest
5 stylish showrooms of Hungarian designers in Budapest

Here in Budapest, several talented Magyar fashion mavens welcome the public to their own shops that showcase diverse collections of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and more. We visit some of our favorite showrooms citywide, where Hungarian designers prove that they can combine good aesthetic taste and impressive business-management skills.

Eva’s Room  La Vision concept store and café Lucky Shepherd Designer Store nr.3 store The Velvet Chemistry
Many designers don’t even consider opening their own store, as they spend all their time with designing and building an independent brand. They prefer looking for existing stores where they can “rent a shelf”, or display their products in design fairs or other public marketplaces. However, there are some people who don’t find the responsibilities inherent to managing an independent store to be a burden – to the contrary! They choose designer partners with flair and good taste, treat customers with the utmost attention, and gladly work together with other creatives. And let’s face it, we benefit the most from their devoted effort.

Eva’s Room 

Eva’s Room is like a living room furnished with clothes racks instead of standard furniture, along with shelves lined with bags, jewelry, and glasses frames. Évi Marillai, founder of fashion brand INQ, and Judit Járai, the designer behind Jurekka, have known each other for years, and the harmony between them and their brands led to their cooperation. They wanted a space that could function as an intimate showroom, meeting place, and event venue at the same time. For now, Eva’s Room isn’t quite large enough to satisfy all of these needs, but it works together with a designer bringing a coherent overall picture to the shop windows. The result isn’t just a selection of products that match together perfectly, but also a lifestyle of its own.

Distributed brands: INQ, Jurekka Leanea Jewellery, Thinwood 
Address: Budapest 1054, Aulich u. 8, 2nd floor, door 2, bell 38
Opening hours: 
Tuesday-Thursday, noon-6pm; by appointment

La Vision concept store and café

People might not know the name of Ilona Ács too well, but her brand LAONI, selling elegant leather bags, is quite popular in the contemporary Hungarian fashion scene. The brand has had its own store for several years now, which recently started to carry other Hungarian designers’ items in addition to its own collections. The showroom, located on the outskirts of Pest’s party district and beneath arched arcades, was recently renewed by its owners both inside and outside. In the renamed concept store, in addition to LAONI and other Hungarian designers’ products and accessories, the younger generation, environmental awareness, and sustainability also play an important role. La Vision considers the promotion of fashion and design to be rather important as well, so the store gives a place to seasonal exhibitions – plus, a café is also part of the store now. 

Distributed brands: Alpa Gloves, ARTISTA, bySigne, Cocoon Manufactúra, Ilyés Juli, Fabala, Lantos Judit, LAONI, Licorice, LILLA PAPAI, Mastro design, Paper Up, Personal Perception, Soie Essentielle, WYHOYS 
Address: Budapest 1072, Klauzál tér 1
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm  

Lucky Shepherd Designer Store

Dóra Juhász, who focuses on high-quality leather bags and other leather accessories, and Gabo Szerencsés, who works as a fashion and leather designer, have been working together ever since they graduated, but their brands outgrew the typical “workshop” environment, and as the next station of their development, they opened a retail store. However, “Lucky” and “Shepherd” wanted some associates as well, so they offered a home for other brands; a platform where they could build their own client base and eliminate the drawbacks of the cosignatory-sales form together. The joined designers are connected by exceptional quality and uniqueness, yet the store remains diverse in style with sleek, extravagant, elegant, and romantic products alike, whether it comes to clothes, bags, jewelry, and other fashion accessories. As for the latter category, the store has some items for its male customers, too.

Distributed brands: Juhász Dóra, Gabo Szerencses, Camou, Emese B Design, FANNI’S jewelry, Folenta, Janka Arnoczy, Király Fanni Ékszer, Lazlo Wear, Madme, Mania By Eeve, Samea Noori
Address: Budapest 1027, Fő u. 63-65
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday, 10am-6pm; Friday, 10am-8pm 

nr.3 store

The two founders of 1975 fashion concept, Nikoletta Györe and Szimonetta Kupi, showcase uniform, simple, almost minimalist brands in their joint store. They applied the basic principles of their own successful brand to the showroom’s concept, and invited designers who offer functional, casual, yet characteristic products – be they clothes, jewelry, or shoes. During the selection of these collections, both popular and lesser-known brands were put on the palette. Their goal is addressing a responsive audience that considers uniqueness important, but at the same time looks for products that are casual, stylish, and withstand the rapid changes of the fashion industry.

Distributed brands: 1975 fashion concept, AGNESKOVACS, ZWANA Veronique Amati, Flow, DYAN, Barkart, Marianna Herrhofer
Address: Budapest 1052, Szervita tér 3
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 11am-8pm; Saturday, 10am-8pm 

The Velvet Chemistry

The Velvet Chemistry, one of the latest showrooms of Budapest, is on a mission to introduce wild and bold pieces into casual and formal wear. The focus here is on premium brands, although customers might become familiar with the products of some lesser-known designers, as well. The founders, Dóra Abodi and Réka Vágó, and their partners put great emphasis on the shopping experience – so, in addition to putting together an exceptional selection of goods, they also pay a lot of attention to the interior design, the shop windows, and the quality of their services, as well. Moreover, in this elegant showroom, we can browse through not only designer clothes and accessories, but also designer objects and creations of Hungarian artists, as well.

Distributed brands: ABODI, byVarga, Cukovy, Elysian, eVe by Eva Remenyi, Jas M.B., Je suis Belle, Konsanszky, Maison Marquise, NON+, Piroskanna, REKAVAGO, Use Unused, Y.LD by Dora Mojzes. Lonnet, Noen Design, Agi Szikra, Winner
Address: Budapest 1061, Király u. 28
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 11am-8pm; Saturday-Sunday, 11am-6pm