5 peculiar “must-try” potables for this summer in Budapest
Photo : KIOSK
5 peculiar “must-try” potables for this summer in Budapest

The days when we hesitated to take the first sip from our art-enhanced latte for fear of ruining the pretty foam pattern are long gone, and we don’t even get too surprised if our summertime refreshment comes served in a glass resembling a light bulb. Trends come and go, and Budapest’s best hangouts keep exploiting (or sometimes even creating) them; the BBQ masters of downtown now offer frozen rosé, a cool confectionery serves coffee in an ice-cream cone, and on the Danube shore we can enjoy a sweet and fruity smoothie while some vodka secretly sneaks a wide smile onto our cheeks.

BpBARbq – Frozé Damniczki Budapest – Affogato KIOSK – PopRock raqpart – vodka-cranberry smoothie WarmCup – matchalade

BpBARbq – Frozé

5 peculiar “must-try” potables for this summer in Budapest
At one of the best BBQ places of Budapest, it has always been of utmost importance to run a laid-back “urban” bar in addition to offering mouthwateringly juicy meals, because while the beautiful briskets and Reuben sandwiches can be paired perfectly with draft beer, they also go well with other kinds of delicious drinks. It is a funny paradox that such a “manly” place offers “girly” drinks, but they recently proudly presented Frozé, which is a glass of icy rosé wine enhanced with a touch of strawberry purée and lime. We could drink endless glasses of this tasty concoction, which we could probably only enjoy more on a beach.
  • 1072 Budapest, Akácfa utca 24.

Damniczki Budapest – Affogato

5 peculiar “must-try” potables for this summer in Budapest
Photo: Damniczki
In Italy, the sun shines brighter and men court kindlier, while the tasty and classic coffees that have not been hit by new-wave trends are also perfect. One of their favorite summertime variations is a dessert coffee called affogato. Budapest’s renowned Damniczki Confectionery is famous for their more extreme ice creams, but they also offer affogato (1,200 HUF) in their own unique way: an ice-cream cone coated with tasty Belgian chocolate is filled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drenched with hot espresso. We love this tasty treat so much that we really think it is a must-try this summer in Budapest.
Damniczki Budapest

KIOSK – PopRock

5 peculiar “must-try” potables for this summer in Budapest
Photo: KIOSK
KIOSK has offered some crazy stuff in the past already, and both their menu and drink list is renewed with every season. Now they created a cool concoction for this summer, a drink that might seem less exciting for Americans, but we still find extreme: PopRock (1,550 HUF). This coffee drink comes served in a tall paper cup that is filled with salty caramel ice cream and milk, and is topped with toffee-coated popcorn. This way, at the same time we drink up the icy-caramel coffee through a straw, we can munch on a few sweet popcorn bites, too.
KIOSK Budapest

raqpart – vodka-cranberry smoothie

5 peculiar “must-try” potables for this summer in Budapest
Photo: raqpart
Ever since raqpart opened for business, it has been a great place for savoring lemonades and smoothies, because the panorama is picturesque here while the drinks are made with great expertise. The lemonades can be ordered enhanced with almost all kinds of alcohol, but it is best to leave this decision to professionals, and try one of their tasty 18+ offers. Our favorite is the vodka-cranberry smoothie (1,650 HUF), because it is slightly sour, quickly quenches our thirst, and is also pleasantly tongue-tingling.
  • 1051 Budapest, Lánchíd pesti hídfő

WarmCup – matchalade

5 peculiar “must-try” potables for this summer in Budapest
Photo: Norbert Hartyányi/We Love Budapest
Chai latte is now an outdated trend, and we don’t get too excited about espresso tonic anymore either; however, WarmCup created such a hipster-friendly lemonade that it would even amaze a full-blooded Berliner. Besides the aforementioned tonic blend and an icy cascara, matchalade – a green matcha lemonade – is now also available at WarmCup. This refreshment made of superfoods not only looks impressive, but its intermingling flavors are also especially harmonic.
  • 1077 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 39.