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5 Academy Awards party places in Budapest
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5 Academy Awards party places in Budapest

Although the live broadcast of Sunday’s Oscars ceremony in Hollywood won’t begin in Hungary until the earliest hours of Monday, many Magyars will stay up late to watch it this year while eagerly waiting to see if “Son of Saul” – the debut feature by Hungarian director László Jeles Nemes, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film – will win the coveted gold statuette. To celebrate this very special occasion, several popular Budapest hangouts will stay open through the night to host Oscars-viewing parties enhanced with movie-themed drinks, quizzes, popcorn, and more.

Oscars Day at Toldi And the Oscar goes to… presents: Oscar Night 2016 Academy Awards screening with a quiz Oscar mini-party

Oscars Day at Toldi

Photo: Toldi Klub
While there will be no screening of the Academy Awards ceremony at the Toldi art-house theater and club, this will be the site for a daylong Oscars tribute instead: before the gala, they will show award-nominated films, including the stop-motion animation Anomalisa. As a bonus, there will also be a quiz held in the lobby!

Where: Toldi Klub
When: 11am-6pm
Cost: 1,500 HUF

Toldi Klub
  • 1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38.

And the Oscar goes to…

Photo: Budapest Secret Cinema
Budapest Secret Cinema and Filmtekercs Fényportál is holding its annual Oscar-viewing party for the third time. Similarly to last year, the event will take place at Anker’t, with music provided by DJ Panda, and the evening will be enlivened with exciting quizzes hosted by As a warm-up presentation for the Academy Awards show, they will screen an award-nominated film, Ex Machina.

When: 7pm
Cost: 1,490-2,690 HUF

  • 1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 33. presents: Oscar Night 2016

The crew of Trapéz prepares for the red-carpet glamor with many attractions, as well: there will be drinks based on popular movies, a draw, a quiz, an Oscar-winner prediction game, popcorn, a big screen, and everything else necessary for a great atmosphere on the night of the Academy Awards!

When: 10pm
Cost: Free


Academy Awards screening with a quiz

Photo: Event's Facebook page
This year’s Academy Awards will be exciting for several reasons – especially at the Lost in Budapest Bar. In the early evening before the gala, they will also hold a quiz, but if you’d rather score a prize with your powers of cinematic prognostication, you can also play an Oscar-winners predictions game.

Where: Lost In Budapest Bar (Budapest 1066, Dessewffy u. 30)
When: 10pm
Cost: Free

Oscar mini-party

Photo: Event's Facebook page
At District VII’s Szociális Helyiség, the management isn’t making a big fuss over the Academy Awards: they are just staying open late to let guests watch the Oscars without any special programs – but this doesn’t mean that it’s not worth dropping by!  

Where: Szociális Helyiség (Budapest 1075, Kazinczy u. 52/C)
When: 10pm
Cost: Free