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3 new unique co-working offices in Budapest
Photo : Milán Medgyesi / We Love Budapest
startup campus millenáris

Coffeehouse culture, fast-speed Wi-Fi and serviced workstations combine at Budapest’s newest community offices. From an industrial-style start-up campus to a laidback café offering desks by the hour, a trio of recently opened venues provide suitable space to do business in Budapest.

Startup Campus at Millenáris Park UrbanFood Café & Coworking at Tabán Egyszülős Központ (Centre for Single Parents) downtown

Startup Campus at Millenáris Park

Photo: Milán Medgyesi / We Love Budapest

Considered a highly innovative centre for the local start-up scene, building D of Buda’s Millenáris Park offers open office space within an industrial-style setting. Secluded glass cubicles, even in-house containers-cum-meeting rooms suspended from the ceiling, should make your ideas soar. Other unique facilities include old-fashioned telephone booths now deftly converted into mini offices, each accommodating one person for a Skype conference or telephone call. You’ll also find lockers, showers, a bike storage and a kitchen. See here for day tickets and passes.

UrbanFood Café & Coworking at Tabán

Photo: Attila Polyák / We Love Budapest

You’ll be charged by the hour, but not for your coffee at UrbanFood, a homely Buda-side hangout in District I. You pay 1,000 forints for an hour’s stay and any additional 30 minutes spent here will cost you 400 forints. This fee includes a table, Internet access, admission to a private meeting room and unlimited consumption of tea, coffee, cordials and lemonade. Tickets for four hours and a whole day are also available, as well as passes for various lengths of stay. After 5pm, the space can be rented for workshops. More information here (in Hungarian only).

Egyszülős Központ (Centre for Single Parents) downtown

Photo: Zsuzsi Forgács / We Love Budapest

A hybrid hangout near the Corvin Quarter focuses on single parents, offering a full office infrastructure for business-oriented customers who look after their children without a partner. Fitted with various workstations, a meeting room and a kids’ corner, this innovative facility is also the headquarters for the Single Parent Families’ Foundation that provide members with a special card granting them three-hour access to this co-working space, twice a week. Registration is at the reception. Sandwiches, cakes, hot drinks and soft drinks are served at the café. Find out more about the place here.