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3 Budapest photography festivals happening in spring of 2017
Photo : Budapest Photostreet Festival
3 Budapest photography festivals happening in spring of 2017

Hungary has a world-renowned photography history, having nurtured such remarkable Magyar photo artists as Robert Capa, André Kertész, Sylvia Plachy, and the brilliant Brassai. With the arrival of springtime, Budapest is honoring this picturesque heritage this year by hosting three fantastic festivals that showcase the art of photography with a variety of exciting programs that all hold something special for film fanatics, digital devotees, first-time photographers, skillful shutterbugs, and anyone else who is inspired to explore the marvels of this multifarious metropolis through their lenses.

Budapest Photo Festival – February 28-April 30 Discover Budapest – March 22-26 Budapest Photo Street Festival – April 21-23

Budapest Photo Festival – February 28-April 30

Organized for the first time in 2017, the Budapest Photo Festival aims to turn the Hungarian capital into a high-spirited center for photography by bringing together acknowledged representatives of the art and their audience. This two-month-long citywide exhibition series highlights the classical values, traditions, novelties, and outstanding contemporary trends of photography, complete with plenty of programs such as a photo marathon, museum-based educational events, photo shoots, and portfolio reviews. Furthermore, the festival provides a platform for young talents to present their works to the public.
Photo: Alex Webb - Image #19: MEXICO. Oaxaca state. Tehuantepec. 1985. Children playing in a courtyard
The two highlighted exhibits of the festival present a selection of photographs by acclaimed Hungarian and international artists. The opening exhibit showcases the most iconic images of multiple-award-winning American street photographer Alex Webb – who is associated with Magnum Photos – called “The Suffering of Light” at Budapest’s Kunsthalle. Webb is recognized as a pioneer of color photography, consistently creating images with intense and vivid colors and lights. This exhibition features 63 of his works from his 30-year career, taken on many continents. The other major display of the festival, “Subjectum”, features portraits taken by contemporary Hungarian photographers. The artists investigate the boundaries of portraiture through the duality of objectivity and subjectivity, and personality and impersonality, while also unveiling the milieu, faith, subcultural state, and state of mind of their subjects. Furthermore, through the collaboration of several art galleries in Budapest, lovers of photography can explore both the international and Hungarian contemporary scene at several exhibitions citywide. More details

Discover Budapest – March 22-26

This spring, Let Me Italian You – an event agency that aims to encourage people to explore and discover a foreign culture through their own passion – launches an extraordinary five-day-long photo festival that offers a professional experience for anyone with artistic photography aspirations by enriching their path and portfolio, while also enabling them to discover the Hungarian capital in a truly unique way. The participants of this project can attend three English-language guided tours that take camera buffs to captivating monuments and attractions around this stunning city, where intriguing information about history and culture will also be revealed. Furthermore, attendees can participate in three exciting and useful photography workshops led by acclaimed professional photo artists.
Photo: Tamás Révész
Throughout the event’s five days, professional photographers take attendants to major attractions and sights of this stunning city, like Fishermen’s Bastion and the Dohány Street Synagogue. Furthermore, participants can enjoy inspiring workshops like How to Photograph Cities with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Tamás Révész, Urban Photography with Isabel Val, and a workshop on storytelling with ‘the blind photographer’ Tara Wills. In addition to entry to the programs, attendees are also guaranteed accommodation in Budapest, and will receive an International Attendance Certificate signed by the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest, Budapest Metropolitan University, Isabel Val, Sara Mosa, and the Let Me Italian You team. Furthermore, throughout the project each participant is required to submit 20 photographs taken in Budapest, and one of them will be published by the Hungarian edition of National GeographicMore details

Budapest Photo Street Festival – April 21-23

Within the framework of the Budapest Spring Festival, the Mai Manó House and the Robert Capa Center of Contemporary Photography transform downtown Pest’s Nagymező Street – found just off of august Andrássy Avenue – into an alfresco festival dedicated to photography, providing an eclectic mix of free events from the morning into the late-night hours for analogue diehards and digital devotees alike. Throughout the festival, the whole street turns into an exhibition space welcoming visitors and passersby with a wide range of creatively comprehensive programs that bring contemporary photography closer to camera buffs. 
Photo: Budapest Photo Street Festival
At one end of the street, photo fanatics can travel back in time at the Mai Manó House as the gallery presents various picture-taking technologies from the times when photography was a new medium, while at the other end of Nagymező, cutting-edge camera technologies, the modern-day picture-perfecting methods, and a sneak peek into the future of photography await visitors at the Capa Center. Several shipping containers will be set up outside on the whole length of the street, featuring miniature exhibits and interactive installations that are complete with film screenings, book-release events, dedications, performances, workshops, and guided tours in English as well as in Hungarian. The Capa Center hosts the 35th Hungarian Press Photo exhibit, where visitors can admire the most intriguing images of Magyar photojournalism from 2016, while the Mai Manó House showcases a selection of postcards and photographs from the collection of William Christian Jr., and the outdoor containers feature fantastic mini-exhibits displaying Magnum Photos, images from Fortepan, works of Hungarian photography students, and many other exciting art installations. More details