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3 beloved Budapest running tracks off the beaten path in Buda
Photo : Norbert Juhász - We Love Budapest
3 beloved Budapest running tracks off the beaten path in Buda

Since the summer-season weather hardly ever provides an excuse to persuade ourselves to stay at home with some snacks, plenty of people dust off their running gear to pound the pavement in Budapest. For those who feel ready for some fresh-air fitness, we recommend three often-overlooked outdoor running tracks amid the beautiful scenery of Buda. Running through the evening breeze just as the sun slowly sinks behind the Buda Hills, we can actively enjoy the natural beauty of the city’s more serene side, and easily get lost in our thoughts while keeping our bodies in shape.

Bottomless Lake Running Track and Fitness Park Albertfalvi Running Track and Fitness Park  Laktanya Street Sport Park

Bottomless Lake Running Track and Fitness Park

Photo: Norbert Juhász/We Love Budapest
A fitness park is found around most running tracks in Budapest, where joggers can train with their own body weight, building some upper-body muscles to balance those toned thighs and calves. In this park – opened last summer – body builders can find an elliptical trainer, a kayaking machine, back exercise equipment, a pull-up frame, and a TRX frame. The 530-m-long and 125-cm-wide rubberized running track encompasses the one-hectare-large and five-meter-deep lake that was formed in 1877. The loop itself involves some jolts and jerks, as there are some smaller slopes and steep curves along the way, and joggers also have to watch out for the slowly waddling ducks and pacing pigeons around the benches. There are not many bits along the way that are sheltered by shade, but you can always get some rest on one of the many benches in this pleasant park.
Feneketlen Lake

Albertfalvi Running Track and Fitness Park 

Photo: Péter Láng
Újbuda has always been a popular place among joggers, and now another new running track opened here in the spring. The park has been undergoing a thorough renovation; after the ruins of the old and run-down playground were removed, they were soon replaced by a community garden, a 400-m-long and 125-cm-wide rubberized running track, and a fitness park; soon the whole park will be refurbished. The five machines of the fitness park found near the track in Kondorosi Street (Air Walker elliptical trainer, kayaking machine, stretcher, pull-up frame, and back-exercise equipment) and a TRX frame can all be used for free. After the official opening ceremony, a relay race was held here between the young students of nearby schools, who will happily use this track during their PE lessons.
  • 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út

Laktanya Street Sport Park

This often-overlooked park near Szentlélek Square not only awaits runners, but also lovers of other kinds of exercise. Running on the 300-m-long rubberized track, joggers pass by a few football and basketball facilities, and also a mini skateboard park. A bit further up an open-air fitness park (with nearly ten machines) awaits eager exercise buffs, who can train with their own body weight on the suitable equipment found by the basketball court. The running track is pretty smooth, so the kilometers pass by quickly in the shade of the trees, and those who strive for even greater challenges can speed up on the especially designed straight sprint section.
  • 1033 Budapest, Fő tér és környéke