20 terrific Budapest terrace hangouts for summer 2016
Photo : Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest
20 terrific Budapest terrace hangouts for summer 2016

Old favorites, second homes, and niche-filling newcomers are all found in our new terrace roundup. We are very lucky to celebrate Budapest summer nights at so many super spots, amid picturesque panoramas, plenty of friends, great wines, striped seats, and light garlands – sometimes ending in unforgettable parties. We assembled hangouts from a cozy ruin pub to a top hotel’s roof terrace, through a pool transformed into a party place, a bohemian ranch, or a square filled with cafés and bars. We hope that this summer’s weekends will be sunny and hot, so we have something to clink our glasses for.

Budai Parkszínpad – the homecoming 360 Bar – the giddy Kőleves Garden – cozy countryside feelings in the party district Mazel Tov – the sophisticated High Note Sky Bar – the exclusive Kertem – everyone’s favourite Római-shore: Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró, Nap bácsi – the beloved outsiders Grandio – the foolish Bálna Terasz – the panoramic táBOR – the “Fröccsxpert” PONTOON – the multifunctional Pagony – the surprise Madách Square: Telep, Hivatal, Sierra Coffee – the mini district Garzonkert – The bohemian Liebling Terrace – the musical A38 – the institution Anker’t – the clubber Szimpla Kert – the veteran Nyereg, az itató – the one out of town Terasz Budapest – the laid-back

Budai Parkszínpad – the homecoming

Budai Parkszínpad used to be highly popular in the past, and began its renaissance in 2015, becoming a spacious, breezy, family and dog-friendly meeting spot that is not only beloved by the residents of Újbuda, as this place entices everyone with live music performances on weekdays, and delectable Balkan grilled dishes.

Who to go with: bigger groups as they take reservations, and there’s enough space for everyone
Why we love it: lovely acoustic concerts, good company, nice surroundings

Budai Parkszínpad

360 Bar – the giddy

It is always a pleasure to leave the lift of the Andrássy Avenue building, and get a glimpse of the whole town from above. No wonder why 360 Bar is the most popular rooftop bar, as it provides the most picturesque panorama of the city. The only thing that might be bothering is the constant breezy climate, but in the summertime it is truly refreshing. Their fascinating programs feature Sunday brunches, sweet parties at sunset, and morning rooftop yoga.

Who to go with: any foreign friends, as they will never see the panorama from such a perspective again
Why we love it: we cannot get bored of the view, and the more and more sophisticated wine selection

360 Bar
  • 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 39.

Kőleves Garden – cozy countryside feelings in the party district

Kőleves Bar’s garden has a truly special charm: it is cozy even despite its downtown “Pest Soho” location. The plentiful hammocks, the white gravel covering the ground, the cozy and shady seats, and always-friendly service further enhances this feel. If you don’t fancy a rushed bar tour, it is worthwhile to take a break here.

Who to go with: even with your family, children, or chilled-out friends
Why we love it: the hammocks are especially enticing, the rush of the town slows down here

Mazel Tov – the sophisticated

Mazel Tov represents a more sophisticated style, further enhanced with a garden in the summer. Besides its lovely, warm lights, Israeli flavors, and a wide wine and cocktail selection, it is also a beloved hangout because of its musical and cultural programs. It is recommended to follow up on their program plans, as they organize more exciting nights each time.

Who to go with: it’s an ideal date-spot, so take your significant other
Why we love it: it evokes summertime even in the winter, and we can fill our belly with quality food while boozing

Mazel Tov

High Note Sky Bar – the exclusive

This rooftop bar is found on the top of an elegant music-themed hotel, Aria Hotel. High Note Sky Bar provides an especially exclusive environment suitable for marriage proposals, and many memorable meetings are indeed held here. The cocktail selection is exceptional, but it is also possible to have a delightful dinner facing the dome of the Basilica. With the contribution of the hotel’s Harmony Spa, they often organize rooftop yoga sessions.

Who to go with: we mostly recommend it for special occasions
Why we love it: the Basilica’s dome is a stone’s throw away

High Note SkyBar

Kertem – everyone’s favourite

We don’t have to spend this summer without Kertem, even though it’s not found at its previous location anymore, but on the grassy spot outside the Olaf Palme House. We don’t know whether this location is permanent, but this summer we can order those mouthwatering Balkan burgers here, followed by fairly-priced high-quality beers, amid the same old tunes.

Who to go with: anyone longing for a green area, and those, who you took to the old Kertem
Why we love it: it is now a legend, and we try to get used to new things around town

  • 1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány 3.

Római-shore: Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró, Nap bácsi – the beloved outsiders

Fellini is unquestionably a curiosity among the overpriced fried-fish havens in the cavalcade of branded beach umbrellas on Római Part. Sitting in their striped beach chairs, while sipping on tasty Belgian beers feels like being in an old movie. We hope that the water level won’t be high this summer, so we can spend some time at Fellini.

Who to go with: your best friends
Why we love it: friendly, unique, enchanting, and they have a super beer selection

The other favorite of the Római Part cherishes the memory of old times, as there used to be a place here named Nap bácsi and later Nap néni, too. (meaning Uncle Sun, and Auntie Sun). Nap Bácsi left the way house feel behind, and it is now family-friendly eatery and resting spot. We can bury our feet in white gravel here, the beer selection is wide, and there is also a small and special treehouse for children.

Who to go with: your family, children, and dogs
Why we love it: friendly, and there is no other treehouses like this anywhere else

Nap Bácsi
  • 1039 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos Üdülőpart 9.

Grandio – the foolish

A bit of an odd one out in our roundup, Grandio, is a hostel ruin pub/jungle in Nagy Diófa Street. It is a must-try to ever spend an evening or a whole night here, amid its bohemian atmosphere, and colorful crowd coming from all parts of the world – in case you don’t mind a freaky feel. The burgers are tasty, and some refreshing beer is its perfect companion.

Who to go with: a group of friends, foreign friends
Why we love it: it’s a small republic, it has nothing to do with all the other Budapest bars

  • 1072 Budapest, Nagy Diófa utca 8.

Bálna Terasz – the panoramic

Bálna is bursting with life in the summer; its terraces fill up because the view is wonderful. Bálna Terrace became a favorite with its bucket lemonades, cocktails, and two-seater tables right by the river. Besides all of that, it is dog-friendly, and their homemade burgers are tasty.

Who to go with: a bigger group of friends for boozing, or your SO for some romance
Why we love it: wonderful view, on Wednesdays live DJ sets tuned to the sunset rip you out from reality

Bálna Terasz

táBOR – the “Fröccsxpert”

Bortársaság’s summer unit, táBOR, was last seen at Millenáris two years ago. The project is now reinvented, with a monthly varying high-quality wine assortment enticing wine lovers. (3 kinds of white, 3 rosés, 3 kind of red, and 3 more serious sorts) Many street-food units adjoin the stand built by Hello Wood, and free film clubs, and a Sunday picnic-like brunch will both be organized in the near future.

Who to go with: wine lovers
Why we love it: laid-back atmosphere, with carefully selected wines

Millenáris Park

PONTOON – the multifunctional

PONTOON is a newcomer, but is is already a beloved hangout. The location is perfect; now we can sip on a fröccs, admire the panorama, and enjoy the music at the foot of the Chain Bridge – even at daytime. In the meantime we can also see the Gresham Palace, the Danube is just down below, and the leafy trees offer lovely shade in the warm sunshine. The alfresco film screenings, sunset music sets, acoustic concerts, and children’s programs all show the many sides of PONTOON.

Who to go with: friends, and Chain Bridge lovers
Why we like it:
Cozy atmosphere, good company, and the location speaks for itself

  • 1051 Budapest, Id. Antall József rakpart 1.

Pagony – the surprise

When we first visited Pagony years ago, it was a big surprise that we can have a beer on a “recycled beach”. This gives it a unique atmosphere and if it gets to you, you will want to come back again. On top of this, they also have a good kitchen and a wide variety of programs.

Who to go with: a large group
Why we love it: where else could we toast at an empty pool

  • 1114 Budapest, Kemenes utca 10.

Madách Square: Telep, Hivatal, Sierra Coffee – the mini district

The Gozsdu Udvar side of Madách Square has basically become a commune as the terraces of Konhya, Telep, Gábor, Sierra, Juicy & Bagel Budapest, Meat & Sauce, and Hivatal technically have become one. Everybody knows each other, it’s OK if you still have a little drink left from the other place – you won’t be given suspicious looks. Although there’s a lot of movement even on a Monday, the square really comes alive on Thursday. You’ll never be alone here, and your dog won’t be either.

Who to go with: alone, with friends, dogs, cats…
Why we love it: something is always going on, there’s a good chance you’ll meet new people, and the vodka-soda has a great price

  • 1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 8.

Garzonkert – The bohemian

There is something bohemian about Garzonkert, maybe because Mikszáth Square, the firewall with all the green plants, and the sofas among the colorful chairs. The cocktails have great prices, there’s a large selection of craft beer, and they also offer juicy burgers thanks to Good Bar Good Burger.

Who to go with: a burger-loving friend, colleagues after work
Why we love it: it’s not in the party district, the prices are budget friendly

Garzonkert (closed)
Address: 1088 Budapest, 3 Mikszáth Kálmán Square

Liebling Terrace – the musical

The terrace of Liebling above Akácfa Street – which gets pretty loud and busy on the weekends – has the same wooden paneling as the club downstairs. Due to the special location it’s a bit separated from the street yet we stay in the loop of the busy street below when we are on Liebling terrace.

Who to go with: a good friend
Why we love it: they have a tasteful selection of live music programs.

  • 1073 Budapest, Akácfa utca 51.

A38 – the institution

Some people would never give up the parties on the ship, the drinks on the terrace, and the sunbathing on the deck for downtown open-air spots. The programs at A38 are world class, and thanks to the Danube, when the weather is good, the terrace offers a great climate paired with a great view. The daytime parties on Saturdays have been excellent for many years.

Who to go with: friends and music lovers
Why we love it: A38 will always remain A38, we go here for the most special concerts, and the terrace is an added bonus

  • 1117 Budapest, Petőfi híd budai hídfő

Anker’t – the clubber

Anker’t may look like the other courtyard pubs in downtown, but their focus is on the programs, so after having drinks and chats, the night ends in huge parties here. On weekdays, it is a classic “after-work” destination with frequent discounts. We can always go inside if the weather is moody.

Who to go with: colleagues, friends
Why we love it: the random all-night rampages

  • 1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 33.

Szimpla Kert – the veteran

We can’t and wouldn’t leave out Szimpla, the founding father of all ruin pubs, the prime tourist destination of Kazinczy Street. Not every guest was foreign when it first opened in the early 2000s, then this changed, and the beloved place became expensive. Now the neighborhood has the same prices so there’s no big contrast. An afternoon/evening at Szimpla is great for nostalgia, not to mention their Sunday market.

Who to go with: the people you used to go with, friends, foreign buddies
Why we love it: although it became famous, it still has a special vibe, you can meet new people

Szimpla Kert

Nyereg, az itató – the one out of town

Besides Kertem, Nyereg is another big favorite in City Park – because of the building and the design, it has a countryside vibe unlike other big-city pubs. This is why it’s sympathetic and they have all those regulars for this reason. Great lemonade, fairly priced tap beer, a good kitchen, and exciting live-music programs are what they have to offer.

Who to go with: a larger group
Why we love it: we can forget about tomorrow’s weekday here, and feel like we are out of town on a well-deserved vacation

Nyereg, az Itató

Terasz Budapest – the laid-back

Március 15 Square is a really great place to relax and unwind. The panorama is flawless, Elizabeth Bridge is nice to look at whether it’s day or night, especially if there are nice wines, fruity lemonades, and creative long drinks involved. Terasz is a great place even if we get hungry.

Who to go with: friends
Why we like it: they have cucumber spitzer, pancakes, and you can’t get enough of the view

Terasz (Terrace)
  • 1052 Budapest, Március 15. tér 2.