20 Budapest delis – from grandma’s pantry to Asian flavors

Budapest is blessed with delicatessens that specialize in all kinds of tasty commodities, from various parts of Hungary and many corners of the world. Some products are made on site, others grown in gardens within easy reach of the outlet itself. Several places double up as eateries, where you can order a freshly made sandwich or hot meal. Here we select our favorite venues, where you can find domestic salami, cheeses, fresh mushrooms and year-round fresh herbs, as well as Siberian dumplings, authentic Italian pasta and exotic Asian spices.

Culinaris Fromage Ezer Fűszer Szatyorbolt Hecserli Őshonos Szalámibolt Sarki Fűszeres Kosher Market Kamra Szír Center Szép Kis India Ázsia Bt. Huan Yu Asia Food Ázsia Élelmiszer Arbat Gastronomia Pomo D'oro Akademia Italia Triffla Nagymama Háziboltja


Culinaris might be the most diverse delicatessen in town. A trip to any of its three outlets is never quick – you should plan for a good hour of enjoyable browsing along the shelves. This is where to come for rare foreign specialties, from world-famous chocolates to limited-edition Belgian beers. Various hams hang behind a fully stocked deli counter and the bakery offers almost 70 kinds of breads and uses sourdough from abroad. Culinaris is also ideal when looking for the perfect gift for a foodie friend.

Culinaris Restaurant - Balassi Bálint Street
  • 1055 Budapest, Balassi Bálint utca 7.
  • The restaurant’s opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 08:00 - 15:00
Culinaris - Perc Street
  • 1036 Budapest, Perc utca 8.


  • 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 7.

Ezer Fűszer

Freshly cut herbs, available all year round, are the specialty of the shop at the bottom of the Fény Street Market. If ever you run out of peppermint, basil, tarragon, oregano, lovage, thyme, sage, or coriander, Ezer Fűszer is guaranteed to have some in stock. The shop also offers small batches of dried spices, such as tandoori masala or safflower, and even though most of the selection consists of Far Eastern ingredients, on the shelves you’ll also find Sicilian tuna artichoke pesto, as well as various products from premium Greek brand Delicious Crete, including olives, oils, balsamic vinegars, herbs, and other specialties.

  • 1024 Budapest, Lövőház utca 12.
  • Monday – Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm


Disguising itself as a rustic pantry, Szatyorbolt stocks not only fruit, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and eggs, but also homemade jams, and honeys, teas, and high-quality organic flour and pasta from farms situated within the 50-kilometer radius of Budapest. The store also sells eco-friendly washing detergents and natural cosmetics, as well as specialties like silkweed honey, sea buckthorn pulp, and rhubarb jam with mustard. Visiting Szatyorbolt is like going to the farmers’ market – except it’s open all week long.

  • 1085 Budapest, Gyulai Pál utca 12.


The company behind Hecserli is the sole distributor for Balmazújváros-based organic producer Virágoskút, which is why you’ll find its eggplant creams and various syrups here, as well as Tokay jelly with truffles, tangerine cream, tahini, dried beef jerky, excellent Hungarian wines, artisanal beers, and a wide selection of Italian, Spanish, British and French delicacies. The store’s fresh meat comes from Hungarian producers. Coffee is also available at Hecserli: Alt Wien, a dark-roasted Honduran variety that dares to diverge from the new wave coffee trends. If you arrive hungry, you can choose from the hot or cold soups, salads, and pizza slices.

  • 1056 Budapest, Szerb utca 15.
  • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 7 pm, Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm


Surrounded by the French pastry shops and paleo-vegan spots of Újlipótváros, Őshonos focuses on Hungarian products. One half of the founding couple, Sándor Kerekes, has been dealing with grey cattle for many years, and even wrote a recipe book featuring the Hungarian Grey. The shelves of this tiny deli are packed with its self-branded gray cattle-mangalitsa mixed sausages with blueberries or dried tomatoes, additive-free mangalitsa bologna, crackling, and homemade liver paste, as well as cheeses from Etyek and Dombóvár, fruit preserved with real sugar, and top-quality wines.

  • 1137 Budapest, Radnóti Miklós utca 22.
  • Monday – Friday: 10 am – 7 pm


Szalámibolt, a downtown haven for carnivores, offers culinary specialties such as Golden Bull sausage (beef salami seasoned with paprika), mangalitsa sausage, catfish salami, mangalitsa salami with truffles, and so on. It goes without saying that there are plenty of hams to take home with you, either vacuum-packed or sliced, not to mention crackling and paste. You can also buy cheeses, honeys, marmalades, wines, pálinkas, even craft beers – all straight from the producer, and at reasonable prices.

  • 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 24/a
  • Temporarily closed, because the shop is moving to Ráday Street.

Sarki Fűszeres

Sarki Fűszeres, on Pozsonyi Street in District XIII, is not only a beloved breakfast spot and afternoon wine terrace but also a richly stocked delicatessen, packed with salamis, hams, crackling, cheeses, and seasonal products, as well as an excellent wine and champagne selection. This tiny store has attracted an impressive number of regulars, providing them with delicious brunches mid-morning and atmospheric soirées with wine and cheese.

Sarki Fűszeres Deli and Café
  • 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 53-55.

Kosher Market

Unsurprisingly located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter on Dohány Street, Kosher Market follows traditional eating and cooking guidelines, selling kosher meat, kosher wine and pálinka, additive-free dairy products, and ingredients for typical Sabbath dishes such as matzah balls and cholent. Other less-expected items on the shelves include Haribo sweets and various mayonnaises.

Kosher Market
  • 1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 36.


The delicacies of Kamra are brought from Békés County straight to Nagydiófa Street in District VII. Excellent hams, fragrant smoked sausages, all kinds of bacon, and its own seasoned grill sausages line the counter, but there’s no shortage of crackling, head cheese, aspic, and other complementary products in the pantry-like store, either.

  • 1072 Budapest, Nagy Diófa utca 1.
  • Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 6pm, Saturday: 10am – 1pm

Szír Center

The family-run Szír Center initially catered to Budapest’s Arab community, but as Middle Eastern cuisine became increasingly popular here, so ever more curious customers visited the deli. In addition to halal meats, cut by the owner himself, the store offers plenty of spices, oils, teas, and cheeses, as well as traditional Syrian coffee flavored with ground cardamom.

  • 1111 Budapest, Karinthy Frigyes út 27.

Szép Kis India

Szép Kis India, located on Wesselényi Street, is a multi-functional operation. On the ground floor, you can browse through Indian fabrics, incense sticks, and beauty products, while a rich culinary selection awaits at the bottom of the stairs. Fresh vegetables and specialties line the fridge, including plantain and sweet potato all year round, while the shelves are packed with rare spices, sauces, and snacks.

Szép Kis India - International Exotic Market
  • 1072 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 36.

Ázsia Bt.

Ázsia Bt. is known for its preposterously wide selection of exotic culinary ingredients, its walls of spices and kitchen accessories. A trip to this store might stretch to the whole afternoon – it’s easy to get lost among the hundreds of products: noodles, snacks, canned goods, fresh vegetables, and so on.

Ázsia Bt.
  • 1053 Budapest, Vámház körút 5.

Huan Yu Asia Food

The Chinese District of Budapest, located deep in District VIII, is full of little businesses, but there’s one that rises above the rest: Huan Yu Asia Food. This large store offers a wide selection of authentic Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai ingredients, as well as bags of rice and pre-made, deep-frozen dim sums, made by hard-working Chinese women in the mini pastry factory on the first floor.

  • 1087 Budapest, Kőbányai út
  • Monday – Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm

Ázsia Élelmiszer


Set in the market building facing the metro station of the same name on Rákóczi Square, a large Asian delicatessen offers Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Korean culinary products, as well as useful kitchenware, including authentic woks and rice cookers. Ázsia Élelmiszer has a wide selection of fish, seafood, and fresh fruit and vegetables, including specialties such as pak choi and bamboo shoots.

Ázsia Élelmiszer
  • 1084 Budapest, Rákóczi tér 8.


Arbat delicatessen stores focus on Russian cuisine, offering plenty of vodka, pickled and oily fish products, caviar, as well as kvass, a low-alcohol drink made from black bread. Freezers feature pre-made pel’meni, dumplings originally from Siberia, their Ukrainian equivalent, vareniki. The store also stocks the Russian curd-cheese bar, syrok.

Arbat Delicates
  • 1065 Budapest, Dembinszky utca 33.

Gastronomia Pomo D'oro

The stretch of Arany János Street that leads towards the Danube has been dubbed Via Italia due to the number of Italian stores and restaurants along it. Here, the delicatessen Gastronomia Pomo d’Oro offers Italian-only products, from the best cured hams, salamis, mortadellas, fresh dairy products and cheeses, to excellent olive oils, antipastis, and dry pastas. In addition, they make delicious sandwiches and hot meals such as lasagne – although you’ll find the renowned trattoria of the same name alongside.

Gastronomia Pomo D'oro
  • 1051 Budapest, Arany János utca 9/b

Akademia Italia

As well as operating as a café, Akademia Italia functions as a restaurant and a cooking school. In the basement, its deli offers a wide variety of authentic Italian-brand products, from flour to chocolate. You can also buy oils and Italian pasta – ravioli, tagliatelle, fusilli – in bulk, the strozzapreti prepared in the restaurant’s own kitchen.

Akademia Italia Budapest
  • 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 12.


In Triffla, forest mushrooms and dishes prepared with them take centre stage. The D/13 pavilion of the Great Market Hall builds on seasonal offers: morel, chanterelle, and porcini mushrooms. These fragrant, juicy fungi are nutritious and delicious, though strangely underrepresented in the domestic market. Naturally, truffles also from part of the shop’s selection, best used sparingly due to their intense aroma, even as seasoning.

  • 1093 Budapest, Vámház körút 1-3.
  • Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5 pm, Saturday: 8 am – 3 pm

Nagymama Háziboltja

Nagymama Háziboltja brings the flavors of the countryside to Pauler Street below Buda Castle. This lovely shop offers fresh, delicious fruit and vegetables carefully selected from tried and trusted gardens, as well as excellent meat products, free-range chicken, and various antipasti. Your purchase will be wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging to reduce the ecological footprint of both shop and customer.

Nagymama Háziboltja
  • 1013 Budapest, Pauler utca 5.