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15 up-and-coming acts to look out for at Sziget 2019
Photo : Sándor Csudai / We Love Budapest

It’s Sziget time again! Budapest’s legendary week-long festival starts this Wednesday, 7 August, While highlights include Ed Sheeran and Foo Fighters, Sziget isn’t just about big names. Scratch the surface and you’ll find psychedelia from Israel and electronica from Korea. Here we feature 15 acts who might just surprise you in 2019.



Little is known about South Korean music, apart from the various K-pop formations – and who wants that? But, this year, Sziget will be graced by this electronic trio composed of a DJ, a synth and a drummer (sometimes accompanied by a guitarist). The band, in existence since 2007, claim inspiration from the Doors, Metallica, Pantera, Radiohead – as well as classic ’60s-’70s Korean rock, which didn’t really make it to Eastern Europe either.


Friday,  9 August, 11pm

IBIS Presents Europe Stage


This wonderfully named Italian combo was only formed in 2017 and could be termed a local supergroup as three of their members came from different bands and genres. The dark and dramatic musical milieu of I Hate Village is based on Afrobeat, spiced with alt-, desert rock and blues, with a soupçon of soul, not to mention fine electronica.


Saturday, 10 August, 7.15pm

IBIS Presents Europe Stage


Straight outta Milan, this extremely sympathetic duo comprises bearded rapper DJ Fausto Lama and semi-bald singer California. Livened up with rap, life-affirming indie pop jangles with catchy melodies, which is no accident – after all, they are Italian. Coma Cose should provide one of the happiest experiences at Sziget this year.

Saturday, 10 August, 8.30pm

IBIS Presents Europe Stage


The Colosseum is one of the best venues in Sziget, where the most exciting creators of electronic music give it full welly. The highlight of this year’s agenda is Israel’s Red Axes, a truly original sound blended by two members of the band from a great many components, psychedelia, garage rock, disco, techno and house, not to mention post-punk. If all goes well, it should be a blast.

Saturday, 10 August, 2am

Samsung Colosseum



Born in Portugal and moved to England at the age of six, this rap girl is imbued with the musical heritage of her place of residence, Manchester. She has only been performing for three years, but it is already being considered a bright hope for the future. She already opened for Lauryn Hill on tour last year and co-wrote with Flying Lotus. Her music is a sympathetic fusion of alt-hip hop, trap and jazz. Although she hasn’t yet released an album, a few mixtapes and singles have already seen light of day.

Sunday, 11 August, 5pm

Mastercard Stage by A38


Anyone remember those two old French indie pop greats, Phoenix and Tahiti 80? From Australia, the increasingly popular Parcels bring something similar to the party: rooted in the ’80s, stylish and soulful, seaside-tinged, disco-indie pop, at least as masterful as the tunes by those two aforementioned French bands. À propos – when they first performed, they were also seen by Gallic duo Daft Punk, who were so fond of this antipodean act they became involved as producers on the Parcels’ upcoming single.

Sunday, 11 August, 10pm

Mastercard Stage by A38


This French band, formed in 2013, have already made waves in Hungary. Their multicultural dub reggae, spiced with a little hip hop, is an undiluted party magnet that makes the sun shine brighter, smiles wider and even gets card-carrying wallflowers up dancing. The music of the moment is theirs and can be enjoyed for the full 90 minutes of their set.

Sunday, 11 August, 10.30pm

Petőfi Rádió – Telekom VOLT Stage


One of the biggest surprises at last year’s Sziget was the very inventive and stylish Beissoul & Einius, a Lithuanian electro-pop duo – Ivan Dorn should hopefully provide more of same in 2019. Born in Russia but living the Ukraine since he was two, this songwriter-songwriter is a true Renaissance man: a DJ, a TV presenter and a member of lacrosse and curling teams. He has been releasing solo records since 2010 and has recently worked extensively with his internationally renowned compatriot, DJ/producer Vakula. His electro-pop is perfectly balanced between the mainstream and the underground, and he prefers to mix jazz, Afro and rock hither and thither.

Sunday, 11 August, 11pm

IBIS Presents Europe Stage


This fresh electro-pop duo has been created by two French artists, Polocorp and Peter Pan. They had previously achieved some fame in their own country but figured they would have more impact if they joined forces. And it worked. Their debut album and a number of EPs have attracted attention, not only at home but around the world. Their music is a charming encounter between the ’80s (Vladimir Cosma, Giorgio Moroder), velvet psychedelia, disco and the Gallic Air.

Sunday, 11 August, 1.30am

Mastercard Stage by A38


This year’s Sziget favourites are likely to be this eight-member, multi-ethnic band (featuring English, Japanese, South Korean, Australian and New Zealand members) from London. After coming into contact with a hipster geek, this other-worldly group started to behave like a parody band. Their concerts are not really concerts, but colourful, aromatic performances, one of them playing nothing at all, just vocals and keeping the beat with whatever’s at his fingertips.

Monday, 12 August, 8.15pm

Mastercard Stage by A38


Nominated for Best Breakthough Act at the 2019 Brits, this UK punk band have been noisily active over the last few years, although only releasing two albums so far. Their music is raw, brutal yet captivating, with bearded frontman Joe Talbot singing as if he were spitting showers at the crowd. Should provide a more than an outside chance of an early-evening pogo.

Tuesday, 13 August, 7.15pm

Mastercard Stage by A38


When trying to think of any band founded by a drummer, your mind might go blank – but we have sticksman Sonny Groeneveld to thank for this Dutch outfit. That notwithstanding, they’re a great watch anyway, because they play a great hybrid of Afrobeat, ethno-jazz, electro-funk, dub and alt-rock. It really is a special mix, enough to let you lose yourself or get dancing.

Tuesday, 13 August, 8.30pm

IBIS Presents Europe Stage


This French post punk band aren’t in Hungary for the first time, so those who have already seen them will certainly not have forgotten the experience of what these Parisians get up to. Their hard and raw sound is often enhanced by the use of two drummers and/or aggressive synth rhythms, but yet they stand out from the crowd to bring the diversity of post-punk to one common denominator – of course, their own.

Tuesday, 13 August, 11pm

IBIS Presents Europe Stage


This psychedelic rock band were founded by Canadian music veterans in the early 2000s and have so far released five albums. A mystical-magical mood, distorted guitar solos, ghostly choruses and songs of considerable length characterise Black Mountain’s music, perhaps not the stuff of mere mortals but the descendants of druids from the darkest nook of the deepest forest cave.

Tuesday, 13 August, 11pm

Mastercard Stage by A38


If one word were to describe this band from Soweto, South Africa, that word would be magical. Last year they exploded onto the scene at Sziget, this year they enjoyed noisy success at Glasto. Their Afro-psychedelic music does not take you to the past but is 100% about the present. The members belong to the Bantu community and bring their everyday rituals and bar music to the stage, sometimes augmented with rock or rap. While BCUC get solid gone to the music, it is literally impossible to see them live and not get moving.

Tuesday, 13 August, 11.15pm

Global Village