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11 of the best places to take children in Budapest
Photo : We Love Budapest / Kiripolszky Csongor
11 of the best places to take children in Budapest

Budapest is a city that does not forget about children. A lot of recently-opened places focus on the development, curiosity and creativity of young people. Here are 11 places that children will absolutely love!

Miniversum Pagony Bookstore Zoo Café Holnemvolt Park Cerka-firka Playground Vuk Playground Eleven Park Gipszkorszak Pom Pom Playground Millipop Center of Scientific Wonders


Miniversum in Andrássy Avenue’s Krausz Palace is a Europe-themed, 300 square foot sand table, with the landscapes of Hungary, Austria and Germany in a 1:87 ratio. The concept is as follows: the trains depart from Budapest, and head to the west to rumble through Europe. With many children, this could be a full day program, but there is a chance that their parents will be the ones begging to stay. For us, Miniversum became a full day program the second we realised we could alter the trains’ route by pressing certain buttons.

Pagony Bookstore

With its 200 square meters and enormous selection of books and games, Pagony in Bartók Béla Street is the largest children’s bookstore in the country. Nearly everyone can find a book to their liking here, and can even complement their purchase with toys. The bathrooms are great for young families too: we can change diapers, sit around, read or even draw on the walls. There are also regular events in Pagony, from handicraft activities to slideshows.  

Address: 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla Street 5.

Zoo Café

Photo: Péter Ferenci / WLB
Zoo Café, just a 5-minute walk away from Kálvin Square, resembles an actual zoo when it comes to sights and smells. We can sip our coffee among scaly-furry critters and parrots, while the kids keep themselves busy chasing a variety of animals around. The critters are not over-protected, so we can hold a chameleon or a gecko in our hands for as long as we want. Adults can touch and pet these critters too, so do not be afraid to stop by even without your little ones!
Zoo Café
  • 1056 Budapest, Fejér György utca 3.

Holnemvolt Park

Holnemvolt Park is the new family leisure park of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, where, in addition to the presentation of animals, fun playing facilities await. One of these is the recently built Tündér Ilona playground, which is a great place for families and children, but could also be considered a work of art.
Note: Holnemvolt Park has been closed.
Holnemvolt Park - Tündér Ilona Playground

Cerka-firka Playground

Photo: László Balkányi / WLB
Cerka-firka awaits playful children on Gellért Hill. There are a lot of exciting things here: for example, one of the playing castles looks like a pile of colourful pencils scattered by a preschooler. There are also the usual slides and a rope mesh, but because of the green environment and no traffic noise, the atmosphere is a notch better than at many other playgrounds. The biggest hit of the playground seems to be the in-ground, mini rubber trampoline.  

Address: 2 minutes away from Búsuló Juhász (Citadella) station

Cerka-firka Playground

Vuk Playground

Photo: Wikimédia
Vuk Playground is one of the most popular representatives of themed playgrounds; where children can climb around in various tubes, play on slides, swings, spring motors and sandpits. Naturally, we can find all the characters of the popular Hungarian cartoon such as Vuk, Karak, Iny, Unka the frog, Szú the hedgehog, Vahur and the geese. But the best thing here is undoubtedly the giant chessboard, with similarly large wooden figures.  

Address: 1016 Budapest, Bérc Street 23.

Vuk Playground

Eleven Park

Eleven Park is one of the most popular, and with its 7000 square meters, the largest children’s playground in the city.  We can find trampolines, bubble hills, numerous slides, climbing walls and regularly organised children’s activities here. However, adults do not have to be bored in the park, either: they can play air hockey and foosball (in a civilized manner, of course).


Photo: Gipszkorszak
Gipszkorszak is a creative space in Gozsdu Udvar, where every child can leave with a feeling of success – they can paint and keep pre-made plaster figures. They can choose figures of different sizes and difficulties, while the most patient and friendly animators watch over their work. 
Gozsdu Courtyard

Pom Pom Playground

Pom Pom Playground at Naphegy Square, where the characters of this cartoon appear including Gombóc Artúr, Festéktüsszentő Hapci Benő, etc etc. This is the sibling of Vuk Playground. At the bottom of the fence, certain episodes really come to life, and there are a lot of hide-and-seek games, so the parents better keep their eyes wide open.
Pom Pom Playground


Millipop is located at Millenáris Park and it’s a more than 2000 square meter play area,  where we can find the largest jungle gym complex in Hungary with a 7 meter high slide, trampolines, spiral and kamikaze slides and a giant ball pit. In addition, they also have a bouncy castle, laser tag, Xbox and basketball. This is every child’s dream.
Millenáris Park

Center of Scientific Wonders

Photo: Csodák Palotája
The Center of Scientific Wonders is a unique 1700 square meter playhouse where children can learn about physics through more than 100 fun games. Each game is interactive and children are encouraged to touch and play with everything. There are mirrors and illusions, sounds, materials and set conditions, mechanics, physical optics, extraterrestrial adventures and 4D screenings. You should spend at least 2 hours here to try everything possible!  
Center of Scientific Wonders (CsoPa)