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10 antique, design and produce markets to visit in Budapest this spring
Photo : Közös Piac - Facebook
10 antique, design and produce markets to visit in Budapest this spring

Browsing a market or a craft fair is far more special than just buying things at the nearest supermarket or shop. You can speak directly to the sellers who know plenty about the items and – if your bargaining skills are good enough – you might even be able to get what you need at an even better price. But which market should you visit for quality cheese? Second-hand clothes? Antiques? Or locally made jewellery? Now that it’s spring, many open-air markets are returning to the inner-city with regular events, and these 10 are worth checking out over the coming months.

DIP - Design Passage Szimpla Bringa Szimpla Vasárnap PeCsa Flea Market Gardrób Community Market Gozsdu Antique Market WAMP Antik Placc KORZÓ Lakásvásár

DIP - Design Passage

Photo: DIP Design Passage Facebook
DIP is like the younger brother of WAMP: a market where emerging young Hungarian designers and people who handcraft their own accesories and other items can bring what they have. Just like WAMP, DIP is a community event where the crowd can make connection with the sellers, making every purchase special.

Address: Central Passage (1061, Király Street 8.)
Upcoming dates: April 11, 11am – 7pm 

Szimpla Bringa

Photo: Szimpla Bringa Facebook
A bicycle has two wheels and the legendary ruin pub, Szimpla Kert, organises a special bike market on the second Saturday of each month – makes sense, doesn’t it? Before or after an ice-cold beer, the place is crowded with second-hand, vintage and new bikes for sale, and sellers who have all kinds of accessories from lights to chains to helmets on offer too. If you’ve ridden to the market and something went wrong along the way, don’t worry, there is also a bike service on site where they can help fix your beloved two-wheeler. Just remember to ride home sober!

When: every second Saturday of the month, 1pm – 8pm

Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Vasárnap

Photo: Szimpla Vasárnap Facebook
Szimpla Vasárnap (‘Szimpla Sunday’) is a lot like Közös Piac. It’s an artisan market where farmers and small producers sell their fresh products or locally made goods, be it cheeses, vegetables, fruit, cold cuts, jam, honey, milk products and so on. If you get hungry, treat yourself with a freshly prepared sandwich or perhaps one of the soup stands. There is also a juice bar and a small coffee stand, plus there’s often live music. It gets busy so make sure you come with some time on your hands to fight the crowds and enjoy the day.

When: Sundays, 9am – 2pm

Szimpla Kert

PeCsa Flea Market

Photo: PeCsa Bolhapiac Facebook
One of the oldest and most authentic flea markets in Budapest is PeCsa Bolhapiac – or as their slogan says it’s a museum where you can also buy things. If you are looking for porcelain dinner sets, old paintings, rare vinyls, antiques and basically anything else that you can dream of in that ‘trash and treasure’ genre, you must visit PeCsa! For a reasonable price (150 HUF), you can enter a real wonderland where time stands still. It’s a land of lost treasures, which you’re unlikely to leave empty-handed. The sellers will surely have some interesting stories about what they’re selling too. 

When: every weekend, 8am – 2pm

Petőfi Csarnok – PeCsa (closed)
Address: 1146 Budapest, Zichy Mihály út 14.

New Address: 1183 Budapest, 2-10. Balassi Bálint Street

Gardrób Community Market

Photo: Gardrób Facebook
Got some hidden treasures in your wardrobe that you’re looking to give a new home? Or want to check out what others no longer need in their wardrobes, but which could be perfect for yours? Gardrób Community Market is the biggest second-hand clothes market in the heart of the city. The market awaits treasure hunters and sometimes there’s a DJ too to provide a livelier mood. There’s also food stalls should you want to take a break and grab a bite. The Gardróbs, organised at Fogasház and Szimpla are for the selected, super-quality clothes, but the ones at Central Passage are open for everyone and every clothes.

Upcoming dates: 
11 April, 11am – 4pm at Fogasház
18 April, 11am-5pm at Central Passage
2 May, noon – 5pm at Szimpla Kert

Gozsdu Antique Market

Photo: Gozsdu Antique Market Facebook
Gozsdu Antique Market is a special craft/vintage/book market in the heart of Gozsdu Udvar, where you can find heartwarming toys, creative accessories, clothes, lamps, posters and more. There’s plenty of stands for boys too with some sellers bringing vintage aeroplane models and other knickknacks from decades ago. There are good vibes here with the stalls sitting alongside the bars and restaurants of Gozsdu, so you can have breakfast or lunch and then do some shopping.

When: every Saturday, 2pm – 8pm

Gozsdu Courtyard


Photo: WAMP Facebook
WAMP – the Hungarian design market is a community event taking place on a semi-regular basis in Budapest where emerging Hungarian designers can showcase their work. The Design Fair is where local designers meet urban Hungarians, tourists and expats. In addition, once a year WAMP opens up to the world and invites the greatest talents and design professionals from around the globe to showcase their work here in Budapest (we’ll have more on this when the event rolls around). For upcoming dates and locations for the Design Fair check back here.

Antik Placc

Photo: Antik Placc Facebook
Every Sunday at Antik Placc at Anker’t you can get your fix of antique, design and retro items. Many weeks a restorer or renovations expert is on hand to offer you tips and tricks. Plus appraisal of valuables is also available free of charge. While parents are busy shopping, the children can be entertained at the Fabrika Műhely by skilled children’s program organisers. Meanwhile at the market, there’s everything from knick-knacks, to funky home decorations, to seriously cool ornaments, antique chairs and tables, statues, lamps, candelabras and so on.

When: every Sunday, 10am – 5pm

  • 1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 33.


Photo: KORZÓ Facebook
Korzó is the fair where you can find handpicked antiques as well as products by Hungarian designers. Immersed deeply in the fairy word of ageless entities you are going to experience that buying high quality products, regardless of their age, is a treat for your home and soul. The aim of the fair is to help visitors find real quality items, plus there are often programs for children, workshops, special exhibitions and concerts.

When: every Sunday, 10am – 6pm

Bálna Budapest


Photo: Lakásvásár Facebook
Lakásvásár is TELEP‘s very own market, where you can find literally everything from clothes to snowboards, and from shoes to dog accessories. The hippest youngsters of Budapest gather at these events and you will definitely be able to find some cool items to wear or to decorate your home. If you have some stuff to sell, you can rent a table for 3,500 forints and bring your own clothing racks. Message Lakásvásár for more details.

Upcoming dates: 11 April, noon – 5pm

  • 1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 8.