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20/06/2011 2.00am

As the holiday period is coming and weekends are becoming longer, we get more and more chance to praise our passion of quality drinking without the pressure of time. While the big crowds are sitting at the parks in dim air, we’d better hide at a cellar or a cool room. Switch off everything around you and open a bottle! The following article lists ten outstanding winebars in the city, that all worth a visit.

Photo: Drop Shop

Drop Shop


1055 Budapest, Balassi Bálint utca 27.

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The best international wine selection

Minimal design at Jászai Mari Sq, currently the hippest place, a wine store and a bar, all in one. The giant plates of cheese and prosciutto will amaze you. Look carefully at their daily menu as every week a different chef cooks here from one of the best restaurants in the city, which makes Drop Shop so special. If you don’t mind trying something else than Hungarian wines, visit this bar, as the international wine selection is exceptional.

Photo: L’Enoteca



Best Italian wines in town

If you’re not so experienced in the world of Italian wines, take a turn to the Danube-bank for a good try. Tiny village-cellars and big names, you can find anything that could be featured in an Italian wine-guide. Italian wines go with Italian food, we highly recommend the “frutti di mare” dishes.

Photo: Doblo Wine Bar

Doblo Bor & Bár


1075 Budapest, Dob utca 20.

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The most charming winebar

Wine flows among brick walls and ancient arcades at Dob St. Doblo occasionally hosts exhibitions as well, but most importantly it can be the perfect background for a first date or a long conversation. The Hungarian plate is a big favorite of ours and serves well if we become a little drunk, pleasurably absorbing the extra alcohol.

Photo: The Winebar

The Winebar


Best wines from local producers

The Winebar is a real treasure of the city. However the area is one of the best, unfortunately the interior is very boring. Though, we should get past this, because if you’re bored with mainstream wines this place will be a real Canaan for you. Small, local producers’ wines, limited edition bottles and real Hungarian wine rarities await the experienced wine-taster. Many of their bottles are only available here!

Wine Bar Andante


The most beautiful view

In the series of winebars, maybe Andante is the most formal place to mention. Its classic interior, polite waiters and magnificent panorama make it a very elegant venue. However it does not have a hot-cuisine, its interior is very “restaurant-ish”. Despite all this and their high prices, the experience of a glass of wine by the Chain-bridge is priceless while the Gresham’s lights go on, at the other bank.




1051 Budapest, Sas utca 3.

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The best wine-restaurant

However Borkonyha is also in the top 10 restaurants we love this place so much for the value that we write about them as much as we can. Yeah, it is rather a dinner place, but if we want to focus on the wines this choice is almost as good. 200 wineries are represented in the selection of Borkonyha and we can also drink 48 wines by glass, but be sure to book a table in advance, it’s not much fun being left on the street.

Klassz Étterem és Borbolt (Closed)


1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 41.


The best value

If you want to dine at normal prices and drink good wines meanwhile, you should head to Klassz at Andrássy Av. The restaurant, wine store and bar don’t stop for even a second, waiters are fast, kind and helpful as you decide which wine to have. The store of Bortársaság can be found at the back of the bistro, so if you find everything closed before the party, you can always jump in here for a bottle. Winter or summer, noon or night, a trip to Klassz is always good!

Photo: DiVino

DiVino - Bazilika


1051 Budapest, Szt. István tér 3.

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The best new opening

Junibor, the association of young winemakers started this initiative, led by Csaba Miklos, right next to the Basilica. DiVino is a modern, trendy and young place, the design is refreshingly minimalist, the concept is perfect. Their burger is a must-try, but the food in general is overpriced and we also hope that the service will develop on the long run. However they only serve the 25 Junibor-cellar wines, but they collected the very best of them. This one of our new favorites, go and try it for yourself!

Csendes Társ


1053 Budapest, Magyar utca 18

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The cutest wine terrace

Csendes Társ is a real downown oasis. Next to Károlyi Kert you can find this quiet, calm, shadowy terrace, where the problems of life just vanish in a minute, imbuing the visitor with endless ease. You can choose from hundreds of wines, the selection is really amazing. We recommend it for an afternoon spritzer, for long conversations and gossiping.

Photo: Borbíróság



1093 Budapest, Csarnok tér 5.


The best wines by glass

The new leadership at Borbíróság was a long anticipated change, which had a very good effect on the place. The cuisine has also undergone some positive changes, today it is one of the best wine restaurants in town. The exceptionality about Borbíróság is the tremendous amount of wines by glass, but their provider is also Bortársaság which somehow determines the selection. The interior lacks fantasy and the area is also quite rundown, but we hope to forget this after the reconstructions.

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