5 great Hungarian design ideas to brighten your home


  • Nóra Költő

22/02/2021 10.37am

In blustery February, with spring not quite here and restaurants still closed, a little retail therapy should brighten the last weeks of winter. Thanks to imaginative Hungarian designers, there are all kinds of funky things for the home, from ceramics to stationery. Here’s a selection of our favourites!

Photo: DOT For You

DOT for You


Who can resist the allure of fresh, new stationery, just waiting for you to bring it to life with your writing, drawings, musings or care-fully crafted shopping lists? The DOT for You brand was founded by artist Erika Baglyas with the aim of experimenting with traditional bookbinding techniques, and rethinking traditional printing methods. One of the most popular products is the bullet journal called Budapest Firka, with a map of the city on the cover in shimmering gold or silver. Of course it doesn’t end there – stunning postcards, calendars and blank designer notebooks are also available, missing only your own inspiration to fill them.



Photo: Misija

Misija Design


Sculptor Éva Farkas-Pap, the creative force behind Misija Design, conceived of pocket sculptures that simultaneously bring back the collecting passion of childhood and become the most revered treasures in your household. The number of hours spent at home has multiplied exponentially, so for many, the home environment and the objects you surround yourself with have become more valuable. The Misija’s flock of animals – cats, elephants, birds, rabbits, hippos, wild boars, bulls, donkeys and dogs – are created from ceramics, wood and concrete. Misija Design is also working with community workshops through Segítő Vásárlás (Helpful Shopping) who employ people with disabilities. With Misija figurines, you not only jazz up your home but also support a good cause.



Photo: OAT AVA Facebook



Fight the chill with these eco-friendly knit products! At OAT AVA, everything is made from the highest-quality natural materials, an alternative to tacky fast fashion, for children and adults alike. Available items range from oversized jumpers with full sleeves to button-up cardigans, scarves and even some darling matching sets! The shop is run by Ági and Vanessza, who studied textile design together and soon became fast friends, and all their clothes are made with experienced professionals from a small, family-run Hungarian knitting operation.




Photo: SHAMO Bags

Shamo bags


When you’re next venturing into the great outdoors, instead of plastic bags, take zero-waste Shamo bags, created by Nusi Mohácsi with the aim of promoting a more sustainable and simpler life. Canvas, linen, waterproof and net bags made from recycled curtains provide a great alternative when you’re going to the market, too. For excursions, Shamo bags ensure you can forget about aluminium foil, clingfilm and disposable plastic: with wooden cutlery and plates, sandwich-wrapping textiles and kitchen towels, everything is provided for a waste-free trip. These products can also perform other functions in everyday life, creating the foundations for a more sustainable household.

Photo: SUSU Keramika

SUSU ceramic mugs


Picture a cold winter’s eve: what better way to warm up than with a steaming mug of your favourite beverage? Throw out those boring old mugs and check out SUSU ceramics, a delightfully unique and refreshing selection fashioned by Flóra Bodnár and Szaffi Asbóth. Their creations play with the world of shapes, patterns and cheerful colours, pastel colours given gold accents and cute faces featuring abstract blemishes. In addition to their mugs and cups, you can also find plates, vases, fruit bowls and other household miscellany.



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