Party with a bike in Budapest – where can you do that and where would be fun?


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29/08/2011 1.28pm

In every European city it is completely normal to use a bike for transportation during the day (or even at night). You can go grab a coffee, a beer, a spritzer and even go out to a club on a bike – or just meet up with some friends.



The Chief Executive Officer of the Budapesti Közlekedési Központ Zrt (literally translated as Center for Budapest Transport) recently announced that in he would like to see a 10% rise in the rate of people regularly using bicycles for transportation in near future. A commendable and promising idea - it entails several issues. The first one we encountered during our test: we were collecting spots that are easily accessible with a bike, where bikers are welcomed guests and possibly even rewarded for arriving on two wheels.
So here comes the tantalizing question: what will the city, the districts or anybody for that matter do about the safe storage of the beloved and not that cheap vehicles belonging to that extra 10% of bikers (say 150 thousand people…)? This issue has not been touched at all.
What’s the point of having good, trendy and cool places in the city if you can’t park your bike nearby? This is unacceptable for the generation of 2011, right? Here are the places WeLoveBudapest suggests if only you could park your wire-donkey.

Holdudvar (Paraselene) – Margitsziget (Margit Island)


The Island is one of the greatest inventions for the summer – and just generally in the city, and the Holdudvar is one of the coolest spots for the ones in need of some relaxation. You can grab a spritzer, enjoy a dinner, you can even work on your computer (they have wifi), throw some moves on the dance floor. They even have an outdoor cinema. Basically this is an all in one and they love bicyclists: there is a ’real’ parking lot in front of the entrance and inside there is a self-serve garage with ’real’ tools. To top that Zsolt Adam, the business manager of the spot told us, that he signed a cooperation with the cyclists association of Budapest, so they became home to many of their events.
To cut a long story short: this is definitely a place worth wheeling in.

UPDATE: Closed

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Gerlóczy Kávéház


1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy utca 1

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It’s been a while that the city’s multi-purpose facility has been bringing itself to our attention with its cool, fun and innovative actions. Cucumber sorbet? We have it! Freshly grilled mackerel? Of course! Oyster? Coming up! So if you have a taste for gourmet food, it’s definitely worth jumping on your bicycle and getting off by the Merlin Theatre. Call it luck, the gate around the square in front of Gerloczy’s terrace is a perfect spot to lock your metal horses…As for us? We can even start our day there: on the dot at 7:00 am the first croissant is ready!

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Castro Bistro (Closed)


1075 Budapest, Madách Imre tér 3.


At the beginning of the freshly europeanized Karoly Boulevard you can find a lot of bohemian spots, or at least plenty of very popular hang-outs and coffee shops. Castro is just the same – but then it has live music and exhibitions. So if you would like to be served with some culture with your espresso, you can get that too in pretty good quality. Now were they also struck by the god of luck or they actually formed the railing perfect to lock your bike on themselves, either way: it’s good and it works! All right, I’m not saying that you should bike down there with all your friends from your Facebook page, cause that would be a problem. It’s perfect as a warm up spot and then you can cycle on to the next venue!



1013 Budapest, Krisztina tér 3.

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They say Krisztina Square falls out of the way of a cyclist’s bloodstream? Don’t be lily-livered, just pedal through the tunnel at Clark Adam Square – if you’re brave enough you can even breathe, if not solve it with a scuba dive till you make it through – it’s only a couple hundred meters from there. It’s worth it, trust us! For example they had an offer this summer – maybe they will extend it due to the big heat wave – just for riding your bicycle there you get a free ice-cream! Isn’t that great? We think it is! Wish all the other biker friendly spots would take this initiative – so if you guys hear us…

Fruska Picnic & Bistro


1117 Budapest, Kopaszi-gát 13.


Sophistication and pleasant atmosphere, Hungarian virtues and Italian design is what comes to mind when describing Fruska. It has a bistro feeling, lightness and well of course that beautiful…not green, rather greenish, but still: water! The ’s location might stop you to think for a second: do I want to ride my bicycle that far? Let’s say from Arpad bridge? The fact that there is a bike path almost all the way might help you with your hesitation.

Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró


1039 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos Üdülőpart 5.

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With a ruin pub vibe, located on the during the summer very popular . Oh yes, but not in the middle of the touristy stuff! You have to press those pedals till the point only the stout-hearted and the insiders go. Sand, pebbles, beach feeling, striped sun-beds, wild camping ’elegance’, rocking Danube right by your feet, a lot suitable for parking many bikes and even a service garage. Even if it’s not heaven, it will still draw a huge smile on everyone’s face.

Hütte Cafe


The layout is genius, the spot is elegant and relaxed, but if you arrive on your bicycle you will have a hard time finding a spot to lock it – there’s an enormous underground parking garage close by, wish we could just put a couple of bike racks there, too.




Very close to Hütte Cafe, on the other side of the square, bohemian, youthful, very promising, with a terrace. But again if you decide to come on your favorite two-wheeler, you will encounter a problem with parking your vehicle. Too bad!


DiVino - Bazilika


1051 Budapest, Szt. István tér 3.

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Currently the city’s trendiest place, with folks sipping on Apperol spritzer while sitting at the foot of a fountain – and where again, unfortunately, you can’t arrive on a bike… Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to try to balance our bicycle in one hand, because there is just no place to put it while having a drink?

Are you a hardcore bicyclist? Maybe not, but you are missing your favorite spot from our list? It’s absolutely possible! Please write us what other biker friendly places you know in the city and lets map up together Budapest’s Bicycle Party-places! Don't hesitate write for us!

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