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4/7/2014 1:43 PM

If you've had enough of expensive gyms and you're hungry for some soothing spring sunshine, it is high time you went outdoors to get your daily dose of sports. Where are the best outdoor fitness parks in Budapest? Where can you try curious creations such as kangoo or mosterroller? Where are the best outdoor soccer pitches and streetball courts? We've collected all the info you need on outdoor sports in Budapest.



Downtown Budapest not only boasts one of the best bike path systems in Europe, but also has several streetball courts, concrete football pitches, and other playing fields perfect for getting immersed in the sport which suits you the most. We pick it up where we left off with our , but this time around, the focus is on .

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Városliget Café & Bar


1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány 5.

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Street workouts are perfect for building a Wolverine-esque physique as well as for getting sun tanned. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Budapestian playgrounds fine-tuned for the needs of muscle men and ripped women, you can do your whole workout routine outdoors.

Outdoor fitness parks

Margaret Island, Városliget, Városmajor, Vérmező, Óbuda fitness park (III. district, Harrer Pál Street), Bikás park (Újbuda station of M4 in the XI. disctrict), Népliget, Hajógyári Island.

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Olimpia park


1055 Budapest, Olimpia park

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The parks of Budapest provide ideal scenes for playing soccer, football, rugby, baseball, and even .

Free football pitches

Margaret Island - large grassy fields, asphalt football pitches; Városliget - large grassy fields, asphalt football pitches; Olimpia park - all-weather football pitch; Orczy-kert - large grassy fields, various football pitches; Városmajor - floodlit asphalt pitches; Hajógyári Island - large grassy fields.

Photo: Pálmai Gergő

Erzsébet tér


1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér

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There are more in Budapest than ever before, but for most extreme sportsmen and -women, basically any urban spot will do the trick - especially if it has rails, stairs, ledges, and a smooth concrete or marble pavement.

Rolling-appropriate places

Erzsébet Square: the most popular skatepark perhaps in all of Budapest. Városliget skatepark: perfect for kick scooter and BMX riders. Heroes' Square's marble pavement is great for learning the basics. Városmajor's low fences and benches were made for more ripping spectacular slides on them. Móricz Zsigmond Square and Jászai Mari Square's underpasses are mainly for b-boys, unicyclists, and BMX riders. Sashalmi Pool (1163 Budapest, Sashalmi sétány 60.): built by the district's local government in 2009 with the financial support of the European union.

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

Olimpia park


1055 Budapest, Olimpia park

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Budapest's most famous streetball havens can be found in the following locations: Margaret Island, Filatorigát, Bikás park, Pillangó Park, and Városmajor. The latest addition to Budapest's ever-expanding streetball court-collection is in Olimpia park.

Photo: Lachner Ádám

Buda Castle


1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2.

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implements elements from military obstacle course training, and its goal is to get from A point to B point as fast as possible. Even though it is considered a rather dangerous sport, it has a positive effect on muscles and coordination. Beginners can practice on fences and benches, while pros can conquer taller walls and memorials.

Jump around here

Buda Castle: tall memorials and walls - for professionals; Heroes' Square: lower boulders - for intermediates; Margaret Island: lower fences, benches - for beginners; Széll Kálmán Square: boulders, stairs, fences; Móricz Zsigmond Square: boulders, stairs, fences, underpass; Városmajor: parkour training grounds - for beginners.

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1121 Budapest, Normafa

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On hills and mountain terrains, you can try the gigantic-wheeled creation known as the monsterroller. The slopes and forests are ideal for Nordic walking, horseback riding, and hiking, and are also used by adrenaline junkie downhill riders.

Buda's Everests

Normafa (XII. disctrict) - green as far as your eyes can see; János Hill (XII. disctrict) - uber-steep slopes; Hárs Hill (XII. disctrict) - wild forest with slopes; Hármashatár Hill (III. disctrict) - hilly, forested areas; Testvérhegy (III. disctrict) - steep, forested slopes.

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