The best bands, singers and rappers at Sziget this weekend


  • Gábor Wágner

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12/08/2022 4.01pm

It's Sziget weekend, time to kick back and let it rock! We pick our ten favourites from the three-day schedule, starting with fresh-faced punks from Dublin and culminating in a fashion-conscious DJ from Chicago.

Festival information

It's Sziget week! For details of how to get to Budapest's best fest, see here. For the full line-up, see here, and for tickets, here.

Photo: Grayce Leonard - Q Prime

The Murder Capital


A young five-piece from Dublin, The Murder Capital draw their inspiration from the Pixies, Joy Division and PJ Harvey to create a raw, post-punk sound that should appeal to those here for Fontaines D.C.. They will be bringing a new song, with them, Only Good Things, released in July, as well as a number of previously unreleased tracks. FreeDome, Friday, 6.30pm

Photo: Wasserman Music



After the memorable crowd scenes surrounding Stromae at Sziget 2014, the award-winning Belgian singer now returns with a new album and the same old energy, just right for the Main Stage on a Friday night. Main Stage, Friday, 7.30pm

Photo: Joshua Collins - Reading Festival



After The Murder Capital (see above), stick around the FreeDome for a similar punk attitude albeit with a change of genre. Slowthai quickly became the new favourite of British rap due to his uncompromising lyrics and energetic shows. His second self-named album, Tyron, released last year, features contributors such as A$AP Rocky, James Blake, Denzel Curry and Skepta, but IDLES, Disclosure and Gorillaz, among others, have also made music with him. FreeDome, Friday, 8.15pm

Photo: Verdigris Management



Friday’s most danceable concert will probably be given by Jungle, who have performed at Sziget after the release of each of their records so far, this year being no different. Loving in Stereo was launched last year. The British neo-soul and funk band are the project of Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, and their popularity continues to grow from album to album, as they pour these genres with great flair into a radio-friendly modern format. Live, they’re great. FreeDome, Friday, midnight

Photo: Red Light Management

Black Honey


This four-piece indie band from Brighton first released a couple of EPs, then their debut LP in 2018, followed by a second in 2021, which hit the UK charts. Their raw, edgy sound, conveyed by the lively, vampish singer Izzy Phillips, should be the perfect start to Saturday. FreeDome, Saturday, 5pm

Photo: The Psychotic Monks - Facebook

The Psychotic Monks


Dark, noisy and experimental rock from la banlieue. The Birthday Party and Sonic Youth are the guiding lights of the Psychotic Monks, who have so far released two albums. This four-piece go for psychedelia, garage rock, post-rock, post-punk, experimental and noise rock in as raw a form as is necessary. Light blue touchpaper and retire. Európa Színpad, Saturday, 6.40pm

Photo: Bubliczki - Facebook



The fusion of west Slavic Kashubian music, mixed with Gypsy, klezmer and hot Balkan sounds, are the stock in trade of this Polish band formed in 2007. Frontman is the tango accordion-singer Mateusz Czarnowski, under whose leadership the six-member band has so far produced three LPs. The last was a while back, so there should be more Bubliczki on the market soon. Global Village, Saturday, 8pm

Photo: Kid Francescoli - Facebook

Kid Francescoli


Mathieu Hocine's electro-pop band, in business since 2002, is based in Marseille. Their third album, With Julia, brought them resounding success in 2014, and their subsequent releases have only increased their reputation. And why not? This is French-style dance music, delicate, catchy and cinematic. FreeDome, Sunday, 5pm

Photo: Neil Krug

Tame Impala


The musical project of multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker combines the traditions of prog with synthpop, resulting in a very likeable, original mix. Tame Impala, around since 2007, transforms into a proper band for live performances, such as his successful one at Sziget before the shutdown. Main Stage, Sunday, 9.15pm

Photo: Honey Dijon - Facebook

Honey Dijon


Born in Chicago in 1970, this Berlin resident DJ-producer with African-American roots has been involved in electronic music, mainly house and techno, since the ’90s. Her only LP so far was released in 2017. This advocate of transgender rights – she herself is a trans woman – not only conquers with her music, but also moves in the world of fashion and designs her own collections. Colosseum, Sunday/Monday, 1am

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