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A 'Guitar' dessert at Sessions restaurant? – 5 of our favourite dishes on the new menu


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28/02/2023 5.56pm

Hard Rock Hotel Budapest awaits you even if you are not staying in-house. Its restaurant Sessions is a banging spot for lunch, a not-so-ordinary date night, or a friendly dinner washed down with cocktails. You are very unlikely to get bored here as the place is brimming with musical relics. The food is prepared in an open kitchen, which you can discreetly peek into while sitting at the bar sipping on a Saint Of Roses.

The renewed menu was dreamed up by head chef Gábor Szuhánszki together with the staff of the restaurant and the Hard Rock Hotel. The flavours range from nostalgic to spicy, Mediterranean to international. Do not miss the signature dessert: the 'Guitar'; a whiskey & passion fruit or champagne & lychee-flavoured cake, coming in the shape of a guitar. We have now rounded up five of our favourite dishes on the new menu, including splendid vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Photo: Hard Rock Hotel Budapest

The nostalgic one: Baked apple soup


No matter the season, you will likely find apples in all households. However, hands on heart, who has thought about making soup of it? Well, Hard Rock Hotel Budapest's restaurant, the Sessions has. And if you take a tip, you will order it as your starter. Baked apple soup is a traditional Dutch meal evoking sweet childhood memories.
Made of roasted apple, parsnip, cider and cardamom, the soup is served with roasted, rosemary-hinted hazelnuts, hickory nut and apple crisps on the top. The meal is prepared with plant milk, so besides being delicious, it also aligns with a vegetarian diet.

Photo: Sessions At Hard Rock Hotel

The spicy one: Duck breast


If you are pining for something hot and spicy, which evokes elements of Hungarian cuisine but also adds international flavours, go for the grilled duck breast. It is served on sweet potato rounds, with spicy bell pepper cream on the side.

The star of the plate is the Mangalica bacon, which arrives in the form of powder, bringing a modern and refreshing twist. The crispy Brussel Sprouts, steamed in butter and white wine, complete the dish.

Photo: Hard Rock Hotel Budapest

The Mediterranean one: Chicken parmesan


If you are a fan of the classic Weiner Sneitzel but would be happy to swap the massive portion that Hungarians are so keen to serve - alongside the potato salad - try this modern dish and thank us later.

Popularity lies in simplicity - reckoned the chefs at the Sessions, and turned to an authentic Spanish and Cuban food, the chicken parmesan. Thin slices of chicken breast are coated in the parmesan crust, then get a parmesan topping at the end too. Following the Mediterranean lead, the meat is served with roasted tomato salad, capers and Kalamata olives. It is a must!

Photo: Hard Rock Hotel Budapest

The hip one: Cauliflower tempura


It is refreshing to see more and more exquisite plant-based meals on restaurant menus. Take the new offer at Sessions: it looks immensely inviting and tastes beautiful too. Cauliflower seems to be back in vogue and tasting the wonderful flavours of the roasted vegetable, we can only cheer on that. 

At Sessions, the cauliflower florets get coated in tempura flour and later thai curry is added. The black garlic foam brings a little pizzazz to the plate, which is completed with fresh coriander and coconut crisps. When ordering this dish, you are free to tuck in. And once you do, it is almost impossible to stop.

Photo: Hard Rock Hotel Budapest

The iconic one: Guitar


At the end of our culinary adventure, a dessert is due. And at Sessions at the Hard Rock Hotel, they take it seriously, which results in an iconic sweet treat: a guitar-shaped cake. No wonder the 'Guitar' is now the signature dessert at the restaurant. The man behind this speciality is Balázs Enzsöl pastry chef, who has designed desserts in several high-end places from New York to Singapore.

The guitar-shaped dessert comes in two flavours. The more characteristic one is whisky flavoured (yes, alcohol is involved). It is made with mango and passion fruit filling and orange and dark chocolate mousse, all piled on a gluten-free sponge. The lighter variation consists of raspberry mousse, lychee and champagne filling and boasts pink and white colours. The desserts are available in non-alcoholic versions too.

Besides the new à la carte menu, Sessions offers a daily menu between 12 pm - 2:30 pm. You can pick dishes from a varying selection and for a reasonable price.

Browse the daily menu and the new à la carte menu here

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