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04/08/2022 12.50pm

This summer has seen a plethora of new openings around Budapest, restaurants, cocktail bars and cafés. Here we round up 20 of the most notable, some of which we’ve already covered in more detail in recent weeks. Many of these attractive debutants are blessed with summer terraces, perfect as the temperature climbs!

Photo: Açaí Fever

Açaí Fever


1052 Budapest, Régi posta utca 7-9


Bowls of the Amazon’s healthiest berries are now available in the city centre, along with other fresh fruit and smoothies. Local resident Adam Mansour fell in love with the authentic Brazilian fruit superfood, açaí, a long time ago, and as he couldn’t find it too much of it around Budapest, he opened his own business. At Açaí Fever on Régi posta utca, you can choose your own healthy refreshing bowls based on your own preferences, and the guarana-sweetened açaí sorbet comes straight from the Amazon. More details 

Photo: Alice Hotel

Alice Terrace


1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 116


The palace once owned by leading industrialist Manfréd Weiss is now resplendent in its former glory, and reopened as a hotel named after his wife, Alice. It’s also good news for non-guests, who can recline on the Alice Terrace x Veuve Clicquot Garden right on showcase boulevard Andrássy út, where the champagne in question is brought to the fore, along with delicious snacks. The concept stretches beyond Alice Weiss to another strong woman: Barbe-Nicole Clicquot-Ponsardin, who managed the champagne house she had inherited from her recently deceased husband at the age of 27. Now called Veuve (‘Widow’) Clicquot, this is the second most popular champagne in the world, and readily available here, of course. The food goes well with the light, elegant atmosphere, such as the tuna bowl with beluga lentils, spring onions and dried apricots, brought together by the citrus dressing. The dark-chocolate brownie shouldn’t disappoint, either. Look out, too, to for the Uzsi és bubi offer (‘Dine & Bubbles’), for which delicacies are served for two on a tiered serving platter with a glass of champagne, plus coffee or tea each. Ideal for rendezvous, anniversaries or girl talk. More details

Photo: Forgács Zsuzsi - We Love Budapest

Arquitecto Pitpit


1088 Budapest, Ötpacsirta utca 2


The atmospheric main office of the Society of Architects (MÉSZ), with its grassy inner courtyard, is one of the most beautiful secret gardens in Budapest. Now it has a new function, as the second venue opened by the team behind nearby tapas spot Padron. Arquitecto Pitpit also features classic Spanish flavours, the namesake fried peppers of its sister operation and the gambas that earned it its fame. Of course, a tapas restaurant is never just about the food, as much about the company, and the Becks who operate Padron as a family understand this completely. Running two tapas bars, however close to each other, will have its own pressures, not least as the new location comprises around 150 covers. More details 

Photo: Babel Budapest - Babel Garden

Babel Garden


1052 Budapest, Piarista köz 2


The Michelin-starred Babel Budapest has just opened an open-air restaurant, right in the heart town at the Pest end of Elizabeth Bridge. The garden space is expected to be in operation until the end of September. The separate Babel Garden is open to those who do not necessarily want to try the dégustation menu, but who prefer to sip expertly selected champagnes and fantastic wines accompanied by a shorter snack selection as sun sets over the Danube in the city centre. More details

Photo: Koncz Márton - We Love Budapest

Berlin Bistro


1072 Budapest, Klauzál tér 11


Former Berlin student Roland Török was inspired by the multicultural and culinary diversity of the German capital when he conceived of his new venture in the heart of District VII. Here on Klauzál tér, the German draught beer alone makes it worth popping into the Berlin Bistro – but great food and ambience also beckon. Given the carefully chosen playlist, too, you quickly realise you have left the Hungarian sector and entered a place worthy of further exploration. High ceilings, clean pastel walls, bare brickwork and neatly arranged photos surround tables upon which plates of jägerschnitzel, fried chicken breast with creamy mushroom sauce and fried potatoes, Berlin boulette, a fried veal patty with fried eggs, and, natürlich, currywurst, are served. More details

Photo: Major Kata - We Love Budapest

Blöki Bár


1031 Budapest, Zsófia utca, hrsz. 19576/1


Its name the Hungarian equivalent of Fido or Rover, Blöki on Zsófia utca has long been popular among dog owners, operating as a daycare centre for pets. In the summer of 2021, it opened a cosy garden area next door where dogs and owners can relax together. There’s plenty of space for kids to run around, too. Visitors can commune with their fellow dog lovers over wine and beer, Aperol Spritz and strawberry lemonades, with a few snacks and desserts thrown in. The Blöki Bár is not at a specific house number, but identified by its map co-ordinates. Zsófia utca starts at the Aquincum HÉV train stop, from there it's a an easy ten-minute walk – even with the dog. More details 

Photo: Polyák Attila - We Love Budapest



1077 Budapest, Király utca 39


Conceived in Japan and slowly sweeping Europe, listening bars balance high-spec audio equipment with a select choice of music. Thanks to two old friends, Dima and Ilya, Budapest now has its first, Blutorange, right on Király utca deep in the nightlife vortex. Comfortable sofas and armchairs, atmospheric lights and a top-quality Magnepan sound system combine to make your listening experience perfect. The DJs and musicians at the decks are given a free rein, playing music that cannot be heard anywhere else, and with no restrictions in terms of style. Here, only one thing matters: quality. There’s decent beer, wine, pálinka, rum, whisky, gin and tequila, but the bar’s strong suit is mezcal. More than 30 varieties line the back bar. More details

Photo: Brooklyn Bagel

Brooklyn Bagel


1137 Budapest, Újpesti rakpart 1


At Brooklyn Bagel, opened by the ZSILIP Cultural Centre, operated by the EMIH-Hungarian Jewish Association, a dozen tasty options are on offer, including a kosher variety shipped in from Hamburg. The riverside district of Újlipótváros, the historic home of a significant Jewish community, is the perfect location for Brooklyn Bagel. The chef and manager live in the area, and know and love this part of the city. Two experienced owners behind kosher restaurants, the Tel Aviv Café and the Carmel Restaurant, Dániel Preiszler and Dávid Klopfer, have set the whole thing up. The dozen bagels on offer are mostly vegan, the savoury variations come with Israeli salt, but you also find sweet options with Nutella or peanut butter and blueberries. Own-made desserts include babka sweet bread. Huge windows and a pleasant terrace have a clear view of the Danube and Margaret Island, while the interior is decorated with trendy green tiles and gold features. More details

Photo: NKE Campus XXI. Nonprofit Kft. - Facebook

Buttler Terasz


1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér 2


This new waterside hangout has just opened deep in otherwise grey District VIII. With a split-level space and a laid-back atmosphere, the Buttler Terrace stands by shore of the lake at Orczy Garden, right behind the Museum of Natural History. Where better to relax with a cooling view of the water? Offering shade and two levels of seating from spring to autumn, the Buttler Terrace provides giant pancakes, burgers, smoothies, ice cream, freshly squeezed juices and draught beer, to name but a few favourites. More details

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest



1221 Budapest, Hajó utca 2


After Savoya Park, next to the South Buda Ice & Leisure Centre, you find Csaba Sajben’s barbecue paradise, DP BBQ. Open-air grilling with vegetarian alternatives, mini-concerts and films feature on the banks of the Danube from Friday to Sunday. Pork is prepared using a Patagonian roasting technique, asado: the salted and peppered pig is spread over coals at a 45-degree angle and turned every three hours, for a total of some 12 hours of roasting. In South America, asado is not only a baking technique, but also a tradition and a communal experience. Cooking takes place over an open fire, embers or grill, a parrilla, or on a special metal stand, an asador. More details

Photo: Szabó Gábor - We Love Budapest



1113 Budapest, Villány út 14


Recently opened in the convivial vicinity of Feneketlen Lake, under the shade of huge chestnut trees, Este11 offers ice-cold cocktails, Hungarian wines and BBQ specialities. The lake has always been one of the most pleasant spots in now trendy District XI. Although the open-air concert stage has long gone, there’s still a wide range of activities such as an outdoor gym, a running track and a playground, with shade provided by beautiful old trees. Food and drink was never been a strong point, however, so Tamás Fazekas’ lakeside locale is ideal, especially once you throw in delicious BBQ dishes. Classic cocktails, long drinks and Hungarian wines are best enjoyed under the fairy lights, meats are prepared for seven or eight hours on the barbecue in the back of the courtyard, and are served with salads. The popular pulled-pork sandwich comes with smoked peppers and a soft roll. More details

Photo: Kacsintó - Facebook



1138 Budapest, Párkány utca 39-41


The large Vizafogó Park was opened in District XIII earlier this year, next to the housing estate of the same name. At its centre is an artificial lake, into which extends a wide, large jetty carved from wood, with a pavilion in the middle. This is the charmingly named Kacsintó bistro, where you can sit and watch the ducks as you sip coffee or tuck into a sandwich, a salad or a cheese platter. Lemonades of various flavours, smoothies, even G&Ts are also available, closing time at 9.30pm meaning you can relax here for an hour or two as the sun goes down. More details

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest



1023 Budapest, Török utca 3


Close to the Buda end of Margaret Bridge, the small, cosy boutique of the Kazetta clothing brand has opened, a café, showroom and social space in one. Letti and Dani are a friendly young couple who started a joint venture, originally dealing with the design, production and sale of streetwear. This was their online brand, Kazetta, as in the music tapes of the 1980s. During the pandemic, they came to the conclusion that they should open a place where you could not only pick up these clothes, but also browse for them. As Dani has been working as a barista for many years and has good connections in this field, when business premises came up on Török utca, they thought that it could be more of a café, where you could also pick up clothes ordered online and try some on in the store. But Kazetta is first and foremost a café and social space, intimate and familial. More details

Photo: Major Kata - We Love Budapest

Kern Collective Coffee


1061 Budapest, Király utca 34


With its bohemian atmosphere and super-quality specialty coffees, the Kern Collective Coffee really fits into the colourful whirlwind of Király utca. The owners have created a lovely little meeting place, attracting a diverse, creative crowd. Özlem Demirel, who originally came to Hungary to do his PhD, his brother Alper, who worked as a chef in Spain, and his coffee-loving friend, Osman Furkan Aken, are from Turkey, a coffee superpower, so their expectations are high. Soon other Kerns may open in two more locations in the city, while quality Turkish breakfasts and delicious spreads are due here soon. More details

Photo: Medgyesi Milán - We Love Budapest



1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 22


The name of the Peruvian chef Franklin Miranda Yllescas may be one familiar to those in Budapest who love South-American cuisine, as he opened his first restaurant, Pisco, here last winter. His new locale, the Macarena, has a slightly different approach, putting the party into the mix while not skimping on the delicious snacks. The essence of the bar concept is that every country is represented by a cocktail and a tapas dish. The Macarena décor also reflects the diversity of South America. The room is organised around a large bar counter, decorated with an aquarium, the photos on the walls evoking the various countries in the region. More details 

Photo: Medgyesi Milán - We Love Budapest



1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 47


The once popular nightspot Mika Tivadar in the heart of the nightlife quarter has been transformed into a mystical jungle behind the dark curtains over the windows. In this Rousseau-like forest, you can chill out over great music and cocktails evoking the culture of native Latin America, prepared under the professional guidance of Gergely Staszkiv, Hungary’s champion bartender soon to compete at the World Cup in Cuba. Drinks are mixed from shrubs grown in-house, the fruit cocktail, cordials and bases, which you can select with the friendly advice of the bartender. This is best illustrated by the Añañuca, a vodka-based cocktail is completed by a cordial of own-grown hibiscus, pineapple and ginger. The pineapple creates a perfect harmony between the floral notes and the slight spiciness that develops after them, while the wonderful red colour of the drink evokes the namesake flower, associated with a romantic Chilean phrase symbolising sincere love and loyalty. To get the party going, go for an Inti, inspired by the Inca god who, according to legend, banishes the sun into the ocean every night. More details 

Photo: Polyák Attila - We Love Budapest



1088 Budapest, Krúdy Gyula utca 7


Around Krúdy Gyula utca, Lőrinc pap tér and Mikszáth Kálmán ter beside the Palace Quarter, better bistros, bars and cafés are opening in rapid succession, 30 years after this was a hub of alternative nightlife. Mixát, on the site of the former Darshan Udvar, can probably call itself the area’s flagship, partly due to its size, and partly due to its all-encompassing range of food and drink. The concept is quite simple, Mixát is a mix, divided into six parts including the terrace. Mixát Vin serves natural and draught wines, along with Roman-style pizzas. On the left-hand side, Mixát Keg is where you find 32 taps of sought-after brews, while Mixát Bár serves cocktails, above which a roof terrace has been half-opened for this season. It’s also rented out for private functions. Mixát Stage, meanwhile, is a 200-capacity live venue for jazz, blues and pop. Then there’s the courtyard itself, where you can sit down for standard classic dishes, with a slight twist, of course. More details

Photo: Szabó Gábor - We Love Budapest



1027 Budapest, Margit körút 8


Montage is located in the newly burgeoning Margit Quarter, on the site of what was the OTP House in the 1960s. This, in turn, had been built on the ruins of a building destroyed during the war-time Siege of Budapest. It had been a greengrocer’s and a cinema before becoming a bank. Now, it’s filled with the noises coming out of the classic La Marzocco machine, where sought-after Bagira coffee is brewed. Ice cream comes from the popular Fragola chain, bread and most pastries from the MÁKI bakery nearby, cakes from Solymár, and you can also choose from cordials by Mayer. As can be seen, the majority of the products come from Hungarian suppliers, as close to the neighbourhood as possible. As a sign of this local approach, even the kitchenware comes from the long-standing Vasedény shop opposite. More details

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest



1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 5


Petra Palásthy and István Pusztai's Hungarian bistro has been revived at the former Vendégfogadó a Tigrishez on Nádor utca, where chef József Dógi creates the rural flavours of his grandparents, dressed in a fresher, more modern garb. It's always difficult to strike a balance between the modern and the classic of checked tablecloths and nostalgic flavours, as the end result can be emotionless and sterile, or quickly slide into stereotypical kitsch. The rich goulash, chicken paprikash with truffle-butter dumplings, and stellar pork meatballs here suit the familial atmosphere, offset by tinges of retro in a downtown location. More details

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest

White Raven


1014 Budapest, Hess András tér 1-3


It’s not every day that you see the roof tiles of Matthias Church and the raven statues while sipping a cocktail or nibbling on a delicious bar snack. The view from the White Raven, newly opened atop the Hilton Hotel, stretches even further, in fact, to take in the whole of Margaret Island, the Buda hills and even the National Theatre and millennial arts complex. The seven signature cocktails created by bar manager Mátyás Barta are linked in some way to a raven’s tail feathers, and each named after a positive characteristic. Bátorság (‘Bravery’) fans out as it is presented, revealing beetroot with its bright colours and, as you sip, gin, white cocoa, blackcurrant, strawberry , verjus, coconut water and a beetroot-and-coconut foam. More details

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