Budapest’s 5 best meat-free eateries


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02/09/2021 11.57am

With meat becoming universally more unfashionable, there are ever more vegan and vegetarian choices among places to eat in Budapest. Another huge plus is that the dishes they create cover the globe – the favourites we list here showcase specialities from the Middle East to India and beyond.

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Wherever you are in Budapest, you’re never too far away from a hummusbar. The first opened in 2005, providing Hungarians with their first authentic taste of the Middle East, and its popularity allowed the chain to spread across the city. Now there are 13 outlets in all, at key tourist locations, where superb and super healthy falafel is prepared fresh and quick, ideal for an affordable lunch or dinner, or even as a takeaway option. The namesake hummus is smooth and creamy, while shakshukas and laffa sandwiches offer quality and equally authentic alternatives. Among the vegan desserts, you can choose from the classic plant-based milk pudding malibi, the tahini mousse topped with buckwheat, or the light chocolate mousse. You can also now use an app for pre-ordering the dishes you desire. (x)

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Curry House


1124 Budapest, Diós árok utca 16


Long-term residents and lovers of Indian flavours should be familiar with Curry House by now, although this revered eatery moved from Pest to a leafy garden in Buda in 2020. Although the menu is not specifically meat-free, there are plenty of vegetarian options listed in the traditional Indian menu, from dips to curries to rice dishes. Many are vegan, too.

Photo: Forgács Zsuzsanna - We Love Budapest

Jimmy’z Vegan Burger


1065 Budapest, Podmaniczky utca 20


Although there’s a burger in the name, Jimmy’Z Vegan knows a lot more than most about providing hamburgers free of meat. Their sandwiches are especially creative, taking care not only of the meat substitute patty, but also of getting as many and as varied crispy vegetables as possible between the buns, topped with a nice serving of homemade sauce. The menu also includes exciting vegan toasts, breakfasts and vegan versions of one of Vietnam’s favourite street foods, the bánh mì sandwich. Although you’ll find only vegan dishes at Jimmy’Z, carnivores should appreciate the experience, too.

Photo: Ropogó



1053 Budapest, Múzeum körút 41


Right on downtown Múzeum körút, 'Crispy’ is just that, an eatery where vegans and carnivores can choose between a wealth of fried delights, prepared in as healthy a way as possible. In addition to fried meat and fish, there also plenty of vegetables and cheese in breadcrumbs on offer. Garnishes are distinctly creative and unique, Ropogó showing that there is life beyond French fries and rice. The potato salad, for example, is turbo-charged with goats’ cheese and Dijon mustard, while the cucumber salad comes with romaine lettuce, peanuts and miso sauce.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Vegan Love


1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9.

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This pioneer of artisanal vegan burgers has two locations in town, one on trendy Bartók Béla út restaurant, and base camp in the city centre, a much larger place (V.Vitkovics Mihály utca 8). There is, however no difference in quality. At Vegan Love on Bartók, in addition to the usual burgers, vegan hot dogs, sandwiches and kebabs also await, while in Pest, the burger offer is more finely tuned, with a few novelties among the sandwiches. Snacks include vegan chicken nuggets and even vegan buffalo wings and crab tails.

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