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District VII’s Klauzál Street is a day-and-night Budapest hotspot


6/3/2016 5:48 PM

Stretching for several blocks in downtown Pest’s District VII, Klauzál Street is found just a short stroll away from world-famous Kazinczy Street and Gozsdu Udvar, and while it has plenty of nice attractions, it remains something of a local secret for now. We can say from experience that Klauzál Street has everything we might need during a pleasant day: a hair salon, a market hall, parks, restaurants, and bars. We also know very well that Extra has a great kitchen, Olló has one of the city’s coolest logos, and Doboz has a wooden gorilla overlooking the partygoers. Explore the street with us!

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest



1075 Budapest, Erzsébetváros

Több infó


Budapest’s ultra-urban District VII has a Jewish Quarter, party quarter, colorful murals, ruin pubs, and many cool new-wave restaurants and bars. This is where Szimpla is, where Juicy started, and we didn’t even mention yet. We are aware that some areas of the district smell of dog piss and stuffy cellars, but the neighborhood is still loveably unique. Because of this, we wrote about the district many times, but here we decided to highlight Klauzál Street. The street starts at and stretches all the way to Klauzál Square. It would be understandable to guess that this 400-meter-long street has the most parks in Erzsébetváros. In addition to green space, is also equipped with a dog run, while Klauzál Square has a playground and a soccer pitch, as well.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest



1071 Budapest, Klauzál utca 15.

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As the afternoon turns into evening, more and more people step into EXTRA to start the night between the tastefully dilapidated walls. As a warm-up for the party, we can rely both on vodka-soda or the seven types of beer on tap. The drinks are mixed from high-quality ingredients by Geri, who recently won a bartender competition. Nevertheless, the prices don’t exactly soar through the roof. We also recommend trying EXTRA’s kitchen, from where we can order a pancake or Extra Grill Dog even late at night. Dinner is often accompanied by live music, and on Friday and Saturday, a DJ plays some tunes, so we can rely on this premium ruin bar whether we plan a romantic evening or a birthday party. We can also come here to watch sports events on the projector, or organize a hen or stag party. Each month, EXTRA has one retro party and one funky party, and during June 10-12, there’s going to be a huge birthday party to celebrate the bar’s first year.

Photo: Doboz



1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 10.

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After eating our fill and downing a few starters in EXTRA, it’s time to walk across Klauzál Street to Doboz for a wild party with current R&B and club-house music from well-known resident DJs. However, we have to add that Doboz is more than a great nightspot – for example, their team now prepares daytime events for the summer, among which we can test the first one as soon as this Saturday. On this day, the building’s inner courtyard will become a makeshift garden: the ground will be covered with turf slabs, and the space will be furnished with beanbags and lounge chairs. Sitting in these, we can enjoy an ice-cold Aperol Spritz or lemonade while enjoying the sunshine and the music – from the beginning of the afternoon when Day Parties start.

Photo: Norbert Juhász - We Love Budapest



1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 29.

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But not everything is about partying on Klauzál Street – this is the location of the classic lunch hall, and we can also eat a great lunch or dinner at , offering delicious craft burgers under the open sky; a few steps away we can make a run south of the border at , which offers tasty Mexican treats like burritos and quesadillas. But there’s also a great hair salon nearby, called Olló (“Scissors” in Hungarian), which we love not only because of its logo and interior design, but also because of its professional stylists.

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