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21/05/2021 1.49pm

From tonight, Friday 21 May, a series of live performances unfolds at Fonó, Budapest’s leading venue for folk and world music. All can be enjoyed in person by those carrying an Immunity Certificate, and shows are also being streamed live.

The Fonó fortnight kicks off with the Moroccan sounds of Chalaban, before going on a musical journey across the Balkans and Carpathian Basin. For tickets and information, see here. Note that Immunity Certificates have not been issued automatically to foreigners vaccinated here in Hungary – the situation is still being resolved. Check with the surgery or medical centre where you received your vaccination for details.

Photo: Chalaban



Moroccan Saïd Tichiti, from Guelmim at the gateway to the Sahara, founded Chalaban in Budapest. The band blends Central-European, Balkan and Gypsy music traditions with the spiritual sounds of the desert. Chalaban have made six records, 2017’s Gleimim presented to a full house at Müpa.

Friday, 21 May, 8pm
Details here

Photo: CimbaliBand/Facebook



A live show to promote their latest record, Gipsy Fushion, the CimbaliBand fronted by singer Alexandra Horváth present the musical treasures of Gypsy folklore from her native Transylvania. Known for her appearances on Hungarian TV, Horváth has been working with the group for two years, complementing the cymbalom sounds of Balázs Unger and violin of Máté Solymosi.

Saturday, 22 May, 8pm
Details here 

Photo: Balázs Elemér Group/Facebook

Balázs Elemér Group


One of Hungary’s most popular jazz bands, the Balázs Elemér Group were founded by the renowned drummer of the same name, who gathered key musicians from the same genre to play at prestigious festivals from Berlin to Rome. Providing the vocals is Bori Magyar, bringing a Hungarian folk element to the mix.

Friday, 28 May, 8pm
Details here

Photo: Branka Trio/Facebook

Branka Trio


Led by half-Serbian, half-Hungarian Branka Básits, the Branka Trio will be joined by two members of the Babra Band, vocalist/double-bass player Veronika Varga and saxophonist Bence Babcsán. The event is therefore being called Félig egészen (‘Half Whole’), aiming to find common ground in the sounds of Serbia, Hungary, Greece and the Balkans.

Saturday, 29 May, 8pm
Details here

Photo: Zűrös Banda/Facebook

Zűrös Banda


A week after her Branka Trio gig, Branka Básits returns to perform with the Zűrös Banda to present the original songs from their second release, 2021. Guest appearances will be provided by viola player, Márton ‘Kispuma’ Fekete and Dávid Eredics on Bulgarian kaval. Hungarian folk arrangements come to the fore, with Balkan undertones.

Friday, 4 June, 8pm
Details here

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