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1/9/2013 1:00 AM

Do you know Goethe Institute at Ráday utca, or Café Dumas right by the Danube? Have you ever been to the gorgeous building that provides home for the Italian Institute among the palaces of the 8th district? These places are not just for learning languages but also for attending different programs through which you can get to know a country’s culture, and most of the time you don’t even need to be fluent in that specific language. We have collected for you the most interesting cultural institutes of Budapest.

Photo: Russian Cultural Center

Russian Cultural Center


In one of the most beautiful parts of Budapest on , the Russian Cultiural Center provides everything connected to Russia. Besides the well-equipped libarary and language courses it’s worth caring a lot about the other programs as well, like Russian theater and art meetings. As a specialty, the place has its own piano studio offerning a chance to learn or just play for fun. In the music room its not rare to find concerts and performances besides the film club and the exhibitions.

Photo: Italian Institute

Italian Institute


The sanctuary of Italian culture in Budapest is located near in an old buliding built in the beginning of the 20th century. Those who are interested in Italian culture are welcomed by a small but cozy and unique library packed with a huge collection of literature, journals and magazines. All of these are perfect for language practice purposes. The Institute often organizes film clubs to show entertaining and enjoyable movies, often with Hungarian subtitles. Since the hall has perfect acoustics its perfectly suitable for concerts, satisfying the natural Italian need for music. Also food palys an important role around here; Italian gastro events have become quite popular in the Institute’s life thanks to the intercultural habit of loving food.

Photo: French Institute

French Institute


In French Institute life never stops, we can probably find the most diverse list of programs here, although the presence of art is very significant in this pretty building looking over the Danube. Of course, science also gets its fair share, conferences and talks happen all the time involving foreign presenters, and when it comes to social issues they organize a debate-night, of course, with professional translation. The Institute’s Philisophers’ Café is an event with professional philosphers who discuss the meaning of life so that it’s enjoyable for everybody. French Istitute uses all the empty spaces and every available surface to fill with small exhibitions.

Photo: Goethe Institute

Goethe Institute


This building is a paradise for all those who are interested in German culture and for those who want to be smarter than anybody else. Besides inviting guest artist all the time, the staff constatly organize free workshops in German, English and Hungarian. Media and journalism fans should keep checking the institute’s website, because surprises can happen anytime. Movies are also shown for free, but nobody should think about Lord of the Rings, the films are most likely connected to German culture, which is fun for those who deicide to go there. Fortunately moved to the first floor of the building so drinks, coffee lattes and nice food are also available.

Photo: Cervantes Institut

Cervantes Institut


Cervantes is the most famous Spanish writer so it’s no surprise that cultural institution bears his name. The building is a host to mainly presentations and book-related events conencted to the Iberian Peninsula and the whole Spanish speaking world. The special course list is for those who want to learn the language outside the classroom in a fun and modern way.

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