Budapest Wedding Guide: how to get married in Hungary’s capital


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31/05/2016 12.50pm

With its historic settings, panoramic terraces, and glamorous ballrooms, Budapest is becoming an increasingly popular destination for exchanging wedding vows, as couples from all over the globe flock to the city to celebrate their happiest day together in the Hungarian capital. Whether you live in Budapest and are simply planning a small self-organized ceremony with a few friends, or if you are preparing for a fairy-tale destination wedding here with an extensive list of international guests, our guide provides useful tips for getting every detail perfectly arranged for your big day.

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Imagine walking down the aisle amid stately settings, where the meandering Danube, the iconic Chain Bridge, the palatial Buda Castle, and the ornate Art Nouveau architecture combine to provide one of the world’s most picturesque backgrounds for saying “I do”. Budapest's stunning cityscape has always served as an inspirational backdrop for people who live here and get married in the Magyar metropolis, and the city is now ranking high as a romantic wedding destination for many couples living outside of Hungary. However, it’s not only the city’s beautiful scenery that draws those who want to tie the knot here, but the unique facilities, excellent services, and the wide range of first-class wedding supplies found across town, all making Budapest a particularly ideal place to unite in matrimony.

Additionally, the costs of a full-fledged wedding here in Hungary’s capital are generally lower compared to other major cities around the world, and lovebirds looking for a uniquely romantic experience outside of their home countries often choose Budapest with this fact in mind. Also, couples with different home countries frequently opt for Budapest as a convenient midway location between their native nations, while some of the young pairs who met during their studies here in the Hungarian capital decide to get married here in the city where it all started.

After giving Budapest the thumbs-up and selecting the ideal location for the wedding ceremony and reception within the city, spouses-to-be can face numerous challenges until the very moment when they walk down the aisle side-by-side with a sparkle (and relief) in their eyes. From language barriers to the intricate procedures with the documents required for the marriage, to the demanding quest of finding the best businesses to work with, couples come across various complications that can make or break the experience, and test even the most forbearing partners, which can make a local wedding planner an important assistant in cutting through red tape. Whether you want to exchange rings with every detail of the day designed without assistance, or if you prefer taking up the services of a wedding organizer, here we present a brief guide for arranging nonpareil nuptials in Budapest:

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Wedding planners


In recent years, a great number of agencies hopped aboard the wedding train, but there are just a few professional companies specialized in international marriage ceremonies organized in Hungary. From designing small-scale receptions to lavish parties, Budapest Wedding is an expert on the scene, as they collaborate with a vast network of high-profile businesses, including top photographers, outstanding musicians, innovative decoration companies, and creative wedding-dress designers. Being on the market since 2008, Budapest Wedding assisted several couples with getting married at some of the most breathtaking venues across Budapest, including the Buda Castle or the Museum of Ethnography, and true to their first-class services, the boutique wedding company’s office is located inside the deluxe Budapest Marriott Hotel. Other esteemed wedding organizers in Budapest include Destination Wedding Hungary and Cinderella’s Day, both dedicated to arrange international weddings in the Magyar metropolis.

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Budapest’s one-of-a-kind feeling and scenic panorama instantly bewitch those who set foot in the city, and this is a great reason to say your wedding vows in Hungary’s capital, as all of the guests will be happy to experience the local charms while celebrating your union. The Savoy Terrace within the Buda Castle is a picture-perfect spot for those who long to enjoy their wedding dinner in majestic settings with views over the sparkling Danube and Pest’s illuminated cityscape, while the Lion’s Court on the Royal Palace grounds boasts an ideal milieu for celebrating newlyweds amid a cheerful jamboree. Those who want to marry in an arty atmosphere can make a reservation with the Hungarian National Gallery, and anyone dreaming about indulging in a five-star service can enjoy romantic times at the Budapest Marriott Hotel, where the grand ballroom features an unmatched panorama over the glowing Royal Palace at night through the oversized windows and a spacious terrace.

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Hungarian wedding-dress designers


A head-turning highlight of a traditional wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle sporting a glowing gown, a moment that often leaves guests in tears. Finding the best wedding dress that perfectly suits the bride’s style can be a demanding undertaking, especially for those looking for a bespoke model with special tailoring. Talented Hungarian designer Nora Sarman dreams up princess-like dresses made with high-quality silk and French lacework, and her elaborate collection is available in downtown Budapest’s Fehér Szalon. For a timeless look, Sára Bálint’s vintage pieces are a bride’s best bet, while for those yearning for a modern-day outfit, Daalarna’s expansive collection offers contemporary styles. Dresses designed by Gabo Szerencses are ideal for anyone who feels closer to simplified silhouettes, and if you are dreaming about impressing wedding guests with unparalleled attire, consult Imre Stumpf, who is a local guru in bridal-gown designs, and he never creates the same dress twice.

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Flower shops


Whether it’s a bunch of fragrant springtime flowers, an ordinary orchid bouquet, or a pastel-colored sensation, there are various flower stores in Budapest offering sweet solutions for bridal bouquets, while some of these places also have expertise in creating a stunning decoration in the wedding hall: Arioso on Király Street binds breathtaking bridal bouquets of sweet-scented roses, lovely lilies, or understated spring flowers; Wild Flower Bar in the city’s District V is a hotspot for splendid posies of seasonal blooms; and Plantomime Flower Couture on Nagymező Street is the place to go for artful creations ranging from contemporary designs to bohemian bouquets. Anyone who seeks professional advice for selecting the perfect blossoms for the bridal bouquet or for the decoration can head to Viola Violetta’s showroom on central Budapest’s Aulich Street for a professional consultation, while private decorator Szilvia Gyenes is a creative professional who turns ordinary venues into heavenly scenes.

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Beauty salons


Budapest boasts numerous high-profile beauty parlors, where brides and even grooms and guests can get a glamorous look for the wedding day; whether you need a professional hairdo, artful makeup, or a chic manicure, a team of beauty professionals works wonders in these all-inclusive havens. Anyone can indulge in a royal revamp at Oscar Hair & Beauty on Paulay Ede Street, an Italian-owned beauty bar that offers expert hair treatment, along with superior makeup and nail therapies. in the city’s District V provides pre-wedding packages for bridesmaids and groomsmen with full-service styling, including hairdressing, cosmetic packages, and other wellness amenities, using high-quality products. Each treatment starts with private consultation at any of the three unique A-list Salons across Budapest, where brides and grooms who opt for the A-list Wedding Package can indulge in a memorable experience, with a program including professional makeup, hair treatment, and a classic manicure.

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Many of Budapest’s sweet shops offer multi-tier marvels designed for wedding days, but we can easily get lost within the maze of the city’s overwhelming wedding-cake assortment. For true works of art visit in Buda’s District II, where anyone can pick perfectly designed desserts ranging from unpretentious cream-colored delicacies to romantic rose-shape sweets. To find cakes made with playful creativity, head to any of the three outlets located on both the Buda and Pest sides of the city, while those craving vintage wonders can commission “Az én tortám”, a place that creates irresistible Pinterest-worthy cakes. As a trusted haunt for those with food intolerances and with an outstanding attention to detail, The Cake doesn’t compromise on quality, whether we need an ordinary cake, or a lactose-free or a gluten-free dessert.

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Liquor stores


Depending on the venue, certain places that are rented for wedding dinner and parties – especially those without an in-house catering facility – let couples bring their desired drinks, and purchasing potables directly from local outlets is certainly a more wallet-friendly way to go for a high-spirited ceremony. Those looking for fine Hungarian wines can get a tasteful selection from , the city’s leading specialist wine-store chain, proffering select Hungarian libations and international sparkling wines along with many local spirits, available at any of their many Budapest locations. If you want to spice up the party with top local tipples, the Magyar Pálinka Háza (Budapest 1088, Rákóczi Road 17) is the place to go to discover a wide range of Hungary’s renowned fruit-based brandy. Those who are looking for imported alcohols can find an assortment of Russian vodkas, Scottish whiskeys, Japanese sakes, and much more at any of the shops.




From chauffeur-driven limousines to classic automobiles to a charming chariot, there are many ways in Budapest the bride and the groom to ride in style on their big day. Couples with classic taste can travel through time aboard an early-20th-century Ford A Model available for rent with History Limousine, providing a perfect vehicle for a vintage-style wedding, while those who plan a fancy arrival can rent a lengthy white limousine available at Luxlimo. For a more showy entry, rev up the engines in a powerful Ford Mustang Cabrio, a head-turning model on offer for rent at Mustang Kölcsönző. Anyone who dreams about a regal wedding ceremony can make an appearance on board a monarchial-sytle horse-drawn carriage that can be hired through

Other useful tips for getting married in Budapest


The laws can vary dramatically based on what country the bride or groom is from, so consult with an attorney for complete information, but this English-language link to the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality provides some basic information about the legislation and the required documents necessary for getting married in Hungary. Those who are looking for a professional photographer in the Magyar metropolis can type “Wedding photographers Budapest” into the search engines that will list several results, most of them with a link that directs to each individual photographer’s website, so that anyone can compare their quality. When searching for wedding-music provider, the best is to enter “esküvői zenekarok” (“wedding bands” in Hungarian) into the search field to see a repertoire of music ensembles that you can hire for the wedding day, but note that many local wedding bands include a lot of Hungarian classic-pop songs in their set list, so if you are looking for any specific songs to be played during the reception, you should check with the band about that before hiring them.

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