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08/08/2011 2.00am

What comes to your mind if you think of picture postcards of Budapest? We usually remember cards with a photo of the Fisherman’s Bastion or other sightseeing points of the capital. These are sold much cheaper in dozens in most souvenir shops in Váci Street. We would like to think of some more exciting adaptations of the city, which show the vibe and which are worth collecting even for us, Budapest locals.  Why can you see two moons in the sky above the Great Synagogue, and what does Neil Armstrong do in Budapest? Find the answers from the creators of these interesting postcards.

Anikó Róth – Budapest Fairy Tale


Anikó is a storybook illustrator, but her unique style also decorates postcards, exercise books, or diaries. Budapest always inspired her that is why she uses the city in her pictures a lot. On the postcards, you will recognize Anikó’s everyday life as she sees places and people around herself. She loves trolley buses, the Russian metro trains, the ‘combino’ tram cars, but she prefers drawing about cyclists as well.
You can buy her cards in Buborékbolt, in the , and in the bookstore of the Hall of Arts (Műcsarnok). It is worth visiting her website, you can check out her awards there.

Price of cards: 300 HUF

Richárd Sejben – Budapest Feeling


He finished his studies as a graphic artist at the University of Applied Arts and he worked as a graphic designer for several advertising agencies during his school years. As he knew about the poor supply of quality souvenirs, he found it obvious to create something in connection with the capital. This is why he drew a 16-piece series of postcards on which you will see not only the streets and buildings of Budapest, but the feeling of city life in the style of the ‘50s and ‘60s. This exceptional work will be available soon on lampshades, calendars and notebook covers.
You can buy his pictures in or in .

Price of cards: 300 HUF

Zsolt Bölönyi – Superheroes of Budapest


He gained his certificate at the University of Applied Arts. One of his most important works is connected to Leo Burnett advertising agency. He spent one and a half year in its office in Kuala Lumpur. He has been a freelancer since then and works as a commercial and web graphic artist, and an interior or installation art designer.
The idea of ‘Interesting Budapest’ postcard series is based on two simple but playful thoughts of his mind. The first is that miracles do exist and they happen continuously around and inside us. The second is that people do need superheroes and if they don’t come, we find them out. If we found out, they will appear sooner or later in real life. They will come and help, they will rescue and clear the streets…or they simply go for a trip – they are also people with needs. The main point is that we should be right there where they appear. These are ‘the moments’ Zsolt Bölönyi would like to seize and show us on his postcards.
You can buy superheroes on his website, or join his Facebook page.

Price of cards: 400 HUF

Marcus Goldson – Surreal Budapest


Marcus was born in Kenya and he studied plastic arts and history of arts in England. He’s been living in Budapest since 1993. He made drawings for magazines and illustrations for books in the past ten years, but he loves working in theatre performances as a stage designer. He designs unique ‘sculpture-furniture’ pieces as well. Local people and the city itself inspire his works mainly. His humorous scenes origin form real life, or sometimes imaginary, and they usually drive us to pubs, railway stations, or cafés. He travels a lot to Africa and to the Middle-East where he paints landscapes. You can buy his works in among others, or online here, where you find his most popular pieces of art in graphics, refrigerator magnets, or notebook covers.

Price of cards: 400 HUF

Insitu – Minimal Design Budapest


Postcards of the team in design shop are some kind of remedies to the lack of quality souvenirs. They think that there are a lot of products where clear and deliberate design is missing. They concentrate on projects that show something brand new and point ahead. This way they found minimal graphic works, which are simple monochrome pieces of artworks in most cases, but they bear a lot of significant meaning. Insitu postcards are primarily made for tourists arriving at Budapest in order to represent a wider range of souvenirs besides the so-called ‘standard’ products. Their greatest pleasure is if tourists appreciate and admire their works in and Front design shops. You can order the collection online, if you click here.

Price of cards: 200 - 250 HUF

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