Bring your game: 7 basketball courts in Budapest


3/24/2015 12:48 PM

Fewer people bounce than kick the ball in Budapest, but it is a fact that more and more parks are introducing basketball rings (usually above football goals) to please fans of this sport. Here we collect seven places in the capital where you can play street ball or just score some triples by yourself.

Photo: György Sárközy - Hegyvidék Újság



1022 Budapest, Városmajor

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Városmajor Park, just a four minutes’ walk from Széll Kálmán Square has become a small sports centre. In addition to the running track that was recently handed over, a playground with modern equipment, a football and a basketball court awaits people fleeing outside in the warmer weather. We have to share the space with the footballers, but the good news is that thanks to the electric lighting, we are not forced to quit the game after dark.

Photo: László Balkányi - WLB

Olimpia park


1055 Budapest, Olimpia park

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The park located between Kossuth Square and Jászai Mari Square was refurbished in 2014, with a playground where multiple age groups can entertain themselves. The kids can choose from slides, climbing frames of different sizes and difficulties, and a rubberised basketball court. This court is rather popular, so you might not always find a free ring.

Photo: László Balkányi - WLB

Erzsébet tér


1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér

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At Erzsébet Square, which is rather popular because of Akvárium Klub, the basketball court hiding near the recently renovated playground is often overlooked. The previously bare hoops are now fitted with mesh, which makes the game more enjoyable. There are also some lower placed rings so that those under 180 centimetres can enjoy some fun exercise, as well.

Markó Street Park


While the street is often loud from the siren of ambulance cars, this tastefully designed park has basketball facilities where we can play from 8am until sunset on the nearly standard-sized basketball court. There are no football goals here, so basketball players rule the whole place.

Address: 1055 Budapest, Markó Street

Mézeskalács Square


A bit farther away from the city centre, we can find two basketball courts at Mézeskalács Square in XV District. The two courts are a few hundred meters apart. One of them is at the Besnyő Park playground, while the other court is hiding in-between the houses with a chain-mesh ring and, as usual, football goals as well.

Address: 1155 Budapest, Mézeskalács Square

Photo: Facebook Page Of Bikás Park Streetball

Bikás park


1119 Budapest, Bikás Park

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This basketball court is considered the loudest in all of Budapest, and not without reason since there are frequent street ball games in Bikás Park. On Saturdays, various teams clash in a real festival atmosphere; sometimes up to six teams play at the same time at one of the best-located parks in the city, where we can use four courts, a complete court and two street ball courts for free.

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