Adopt a pet: four puppies and one kitten looking for a good home


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20/05/2021 2.07pm

We all have a hard time resisting images of cute animals on our social media feeds, and when we know that they’re currently up for adoption, it can be hard to keep from jumping out of our seats immediately! Such is the temptation which MFÖEK, 'Everyone Adopt A Puppy', an animal rescue and fostering shelter operating out of Budapest, is familiar with. Beyond everyone's first impulse, they go through all the little things needed to care for and educate a four-legged housemate. Together with MFÖEK, we will be showcasing four or five new rescues as advertised through the organisation.

Photo: Kevin Campean / Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát



Kefir is a four-year-old male puppy who loves people, hearty snacks and is quick to pick up on new tricks. Pair that with his winning smile and soft, cosy white fur, and it’s clear that whoever takes Kefir home will have a steady friend for life. Kefir prefers a calm approach and quiet words – he might seem a little distant at first, but once the trust is established, he will cheer up your everyday life with constant tail-wagging and affectionate smiles.

Kefir is still a little unsettled by the big city, but he takes deftly to obstacles, and with a little extra, patient encouragement, he will soon realise how many fun experiences and adventures are waiting for him in the world. Kefir would be a good match for someone who enjoys long, roaming walks, as well as curling up in the evenings for a relaxed end of the day.

Photo: Németh Larina / Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát



Puszi, only six months old and full of playful energy, has arrived from provincial Miskolc. Sixteen kilos of love, joy and of course, curiosity, Puszi has also just been neutered without complications. Puszi is energetic and enthusiastic in seeking attention, which should come as no surprise considering his age!

The name – meaning ‘kiss’ in Hungarian – is not an accident. Get too close, and expect a smacking smooch! Puszi requires an active, sporty owner, who will be happy to cover the kilometres with him and patiently teach him how to navigate this exciting world.

Photo: Vass Melinda / Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát



Castor, a stray from Miskolc, has demonstrated his resilience and adaptive capability in his short time at MFÖEK, having already becoming accustomed to city life. This one-year old, 12-kilo bundle of love especially likes going on long, hearty walks through the downtown, as well as learning new tasks. He is progressing nicely in socialisation – even being around young children and cats – but he has yet to be neutered.

Castor requires continuous learning and mental work, as well as a relatively high-energy owner who will provide him with a loving home, and plenty of access to exercise.

Photo: Mészáros Virág / Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát



This clever, tiny, two-year old darling is already a pro at living in the big city, quickly mastering the art of leash-walking discipline. It also turns out that his motivation stems not from culinary delicacies but from the ball and active recreation. With his wide smiles and exploding enthusiasm, as well as his intuitive hunter-gatherer nature, make him a charming addition to the family.

If you’re open to adventure, you’ll find a lovely spoonful of everything in this silky-eared companion.

Photo: Roszkopf Noémi / Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát



Contrary his famous namesake, Houdini is only just making his first public appearance, as this two-year-old curiosity is being presented for the first time here on WeLoveBudapest! Houdini is a friendly kitten who is quick to become acquainted with other four-legged members of his family – both dogs and cats! He is also a huge champion in gymnastics and twisted yoga positions, and then once he’s captured your attention, he’s like to expose his tummy for rubbing, ensuring that you won’t focus on anything but him.

Houdini’s other hobby is hiding, sometimes withdrawing from the limelight to tuck himself away in various parts of the apartment. Houdini would do well both as the sole animal in the family, as well as in a household with other pets already.

How to adopt a pet

Want to bring one of these animals home? Write an introductory message on the MFÖEK page! An important principle of the organisation is that the rescues should be in the most ideal home for them, and the owners should choose an animal suitable to their lifestyle. It is worth mentioning in the letter where the animal would live and with whom (other people, other animals), how much active time you would have with the pet in your daily life, how many walks you plan a day and how much time you are usually away from home. Once an application is confirmed, MFÖEK will connect you with the animal for a “dating” period where you get to know your chosen one-on-one to test for compatibility. And then: welcome home your new friend!

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