5 top parks in Budapest where kids can learn how to ride a bike


  • Erika Csom-DÖMÖTÖR

19/08/2021 12.27pm

Budapest’s many parks are ideal for teaching kids how to ride a bike. Some even have special circuits with signs showing how to follow the Highway Code. Here are five great suggestions across the city, from Csepel to Zugló, where youngsters can develop their road skills.

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1213 Budapest, Iskola tér 26-38


Cycle City at Iskola tér on Csepel island was renovated in 2018. This mini version of larger traffic circuits is ideal for smaller ones, as there are also toy car parks and petrol stations for pitstops and refuelling. It's a 10-15min walk from the terminus of the Csepel HÉV train.

Photo: We Love Budapest

District XVIII Transport Park


1184 Budapest, Teleki utca 22


Transformed from an old car park in District XVIII, the Transport Park on the corner of Teleki utca and Aranyeső utca features special toy vehicles as well as plenty of road signs and traffic lights. There are wooden buses, trains and planes, so children can travel on land, water and air. Every vehicle contains removable parts, such as steering wheels and propellers, which make activities even more exciting.

Photo: Hermina Track

Hermina Bike Park


1162 Budapest, Hermina út/Szlovák út


At last, here’s a sports park not specifically designed with lights and signs but where children can practise various skills linked to transport. On the bike path along Szilas stream, heading towards Lake Naplás, at the junction of Hermina út and Szlovák út near City Park, a cross-country cycle route allows riders to practise over bumps of various degrees of difficulty. There’s also a mini track for the little ones, a relaxed, comfortable course for the more experienced, and an extreme track for the advanced. You can also pump up your tyres. If you get hungry, Kalóz Burger can be reached over a small bridge across the stream.




1191 Budapest, Teleki utca


Road signs are dotted around this small park, while the lack of traffic lights is compensated by a tractor, a nest swing and a small fire engine, which kids can slide down. These are recommended for the younger ones – older siblings can burn off energy around the running track or try the outdoor gym nearby.

Photo: BKV

Városliget/City Park


1146 Budapest, Városliget

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You’ll find Budapest’s oldest and largest cycle course at City Park, in the area between the former Transport Museum and the renovated Millennium House. With the help of traffic signs and intersections, young cyclists can become acquainted with the basic code of the road. There are working traffic lights, a railway crossing, a section where the road narrows and a large roundabout. Nearby, at the renovated sport park, a track allows more experienced riders to develop their skills. And there are plenty of places for refreshments afterwards, from Pántlika to Picnic Garden.

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