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9/19/2011 2:00 AM

…what do they have in common? We mean Margit Island and the Városliget (literally translated as the City Park)? We are talking about the city’s largest green areas and children’s favorite places to spend time. Both locations offer opportunities to meet animals. The City Park is home to the Zoo, while Margit Island hosts its little brother the Wildlife Park.

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It feels good to take a little walk after lunch, go to the Városliget Lake and watch the ducks, but our winner spot is the .

Thanks to our yearly pass, we are frequent visitors and not just for the animals, but for the lovely gardens. We go to the Zoo during flu season. On weekdays it is less crowded and you can breathe fresh air; we come during the peak of the hot summer months to cool off. Some families prefer the playground, others can’t be dragged out of the petting zoo. With smaller children you have the advantage of discovering the garden bit by bit, you can jointly plan different adventures for each visit, instead of rushing through the whole garden in one day. If you decide to make a couple of trips, you should be aware, that you can end up leaving a small fortune at the Zoo: when you choose to rent a small car or buy pretzels, cakes and any other so called ‘zoo snacks’. We suggest you pack a sandwich and water, especially since for the protection of the animals liquid is sold in glass bottles instead of plastic, which can get pretty heavy to carry around.

Talking about heavy, if you’re not scared away by having to climb a bunch of stairs with a stroller in hand, we suggest you check out the (Museum of Fine Arts) or the (Art Gallery). In both cases, you are advised to get your tickets prior on-line and browse their sites for possible discounts. In the past there were incidents where the Museum of Fine Arts put a restriction on visitors viewing the exhibition with a baby backpack – so if you use one of those, you need to check first whether this still applies. The Art Gallery is pretty flexible due to the subject of their exhibitions – typically, it is less crowded and its big space gives you a more child friendly impression. It also has frequent programs for younger guests.

Good advice for those who choose to ride the trolleybus from the Városliget: doors of the older vehicles tend to be extremely loud, so if you are traveling with a sleeping child, you run a risk of him/her waking up in tears at each stop from a thunder-like sound. Otherwise it is a great choice of transportation and you will always find a helping hand when getting on/off the trolley with a stroller.

Enjoy your adventures, while the Indian summer lasts! Did we miss something? Tell us!

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