9 lively terraces now open in Budapest


  • Nemes Nóra

5/22/2020 5:46 PM

Several more key venues around town have opened up their terraces – so if you fancy a drink by the Danube or in the courtyard of a Budapest brewery, take your pick! Remember, social distancing rules still apply…

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1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 23.

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The big hitter on Bartók Béla út, BÉLA has opened its terrace – it’s not always easy to find a table on the terrace here at the best of times, so it’s worth arriving early. You can still choose from an unchanged selection of sophisticated wines, ice-cold beers and a variety of cocktails, along with informal, unusual snacks.

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1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó utca 22.

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Budapest’s pioneering craft-beer pub has reopened its taps – in an apartment block, with a boho- industrial courtyard, the Élesztőház awaits a thirsty crowd with decent domestic and foreign small-batch beers, and great spirits. If you want to get to reacquaint yourself with exciting, close-to-nature wines, look for the VinoPiano in the complex – they also have a separate romantic little terrace. And if you get hungry on the way, you can catch investigate the juicy sandwiches produced by the Butcher’s Kitchen or the tapas bowls assembled from the ingredients of VinoPiano’s small-batch producers.

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Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró


1039 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos Üdülőpart 5.

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The stripy deckchairs are back on the beach! Because of its great location up on the Római shore in Óbuda, lapped by the Danube, the Fellini should appeal to those who are a little worried about the congestion of downtown terraces to sample post-shutdown fun. And the unadulterated Fellini atmosphere can’t be spoiled even if the deckchairs are 1.5 metres apart.

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1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 36.

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The largest terrace on Bartók Béla út has also opened, together with its little brother alongside, the Szatyor Bar and Gallery. You can start right away with a meal and enjoy the terrace surrounded by greenery until ten in the evening. Hadik is also paying close attention to social distancing, so it’s worth getting here early enough to stake your place!

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1138 Budapest, Népsziget út 727.

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The most laid-back spot on Népsziget now awaits guests. The usual yoga classes and DJ sets will certainly not return for a while, but the calm, the Danube, the kind service and the light flavours will surely feature, as will Kabin's cooling drinks. It is also safe to bring the family at the weekend!

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1056 Budapest, Március 15. tér 4.

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You can enjoy once more a spot on downtown Danube-facing Március 15. tér – KIOSK will only open the terrace of the Pest outlet for the time being, but at least the usual atmosphere is guaranteed there, with the caveat of social distancing, of course.

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Kőleves Kert és Vendéglő


1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 37-41.

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One of the best-known places in the party zone of Kazinczy utca got through March and April by home delivery, but the terrace at Kőleves kert has finally opened as well. Everyone is being asked to keep the required distance – which is how they have set up the garden – and it’s great to relax on the colourful chairs again, anyway.

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Mazel Tov


1074 Budapest, Akácfa utca 47.

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The city’s largest shakshuka and hummus courtyard eatery has also opened its doors – but, despite the large internal, mandatory distances, you’re still being asked to book a table, not just turn up. Don’t let this hold you back, the details can be found on!

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Nap bácsi


1039 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos Üdülőpart 9.

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Also just reopened, Nap bácsi is one of the loveliest waterfront locations on the Római embankment – with the usual drinks and atmosphere, they are preparing for a tricky season. Spots on the wide riverside space can be easily kept apart, with your own blanket, dog and even grandmother, if you want to celebrate the end of quarantine in comfort and safety.

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