8 hidden romantic destinations to discover in Budapest


8/23/2016 5:51 PM

Candles flicker on tabletops and sparkle in the eyes of couples as they share amorous moments all across the Hungarian capital, a city cherished by lovebirds for its wide selection of romantic sites found both amid Pest’s bustling urban settings and Buda’s serene hills. However, Budapest also has many concealed sites for those who would like to share dreamy dates away from the buzzing crowd – from verdant parks to an enchanting wine garden to an artistically classic café, these out-of-sight places are ideal for exploring when Cupid’s arrow strikes.

Photo: Jásdi Borbárkert

Jásdi Borbárkert


High in the forested hills of Budapest’s District XII, lovebirds can lounge amid candlelit settings within the Jásdi Winery’s fairy-tale wine garden, while sipping aromatic libations that originate from Hungary’s Lake Balaton wine region. The quiet patio that envelops a 100-year-old family cottage can accommodate a maximum of 20 people at a time, so guests here don’t have to mingle with loud crowds. This alfresco hangout is open for wine tastings and dinners by appointment only, and those who want to enjoy the fine Furmints, Cabernet Francs, or Italian Rieslings served here have to book in advance.

Address: Budapest 1125, Kútvölgyi út 57/A

Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest

Merzse Marshland


Just a 20-minute train ride from Budapest’s Keleti Railway Station, Merzse Marshland features its own microclimate, where fascinating wildlife await pairs who want to take a mini-excursion on the Pest side of the city. Visitors to this nature preserve are highly likely to spot amazing animals such as foxes, deer, various birds, or turtles, so a journey here is always an unpredictable adventure, especially since the pristine environment bears a slightly different appearance with each passing month.

Read more about our experience around Merzse Marshland and how to get there from downtown Budapest in this article:

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Budapest

Lotz Hall


Sip soul-warming coffee concoctions or enjoy a glass of aromatic wine amid ornate settings surrounded by Renaissance-style artworks at Lotz Hall, a classic café inside Budapest’s elegant Alexandra Bookstore on Andrássy Avenue, where the sophisticated artworks of German-Hungarian painter Károly Lotz evoke Greek mythological themes. This is an excellent rainy-day destination, but in warmer months when skies are clear, anyone can ascend the top of the same building to the semi-secret 360 Bar, Budapest’s loftiest summertime hangout, where guests are surrounded by an all-encompassing panorama including Budapest landmarks like the Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica, and the Citadel.

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

National Blue Trail around Buda


Hungary’s National Blue Trail stretches more than 1,100 kilometers nationwide, and a 14-kilometer section of it crisscrosses the Buda Hills. This easy-to-conquer route of the country’s most esteemed hiking trail is not too far from the city’s residential areas, but distant enough to enjoy remote moments with the person close to your heart, while being enveloped by pristine nature throughout the hike. We recommend getting started at the terminus of the Children’s Railway in Hűvösvölgy (get there by taking tram 61 from Széll Kálmán Square), before following the blue trail markers heading up to Hármashatár Hill and Virágos-nyereg, and ending your tour at the Rozália Brickyard; from there bus 218 takes exhausted hikers back to Óbuda’s Szentlélek Square, where the HÉV train goes back downtown.

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