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10/13/2015 2:00 AM

Boosting fitness and spiritual peace amid the buzzing city, many lulling locales offer varied yoga classes for foreigners in assorted settings where we can slow down and relax the mind. From light balancing exercises in sun-flooded sites to sweltering movements in heated halls to power-demanding postures in hidden workshops, there are many opportunities to practice diverse yoga exercises at all levels with English-speaking instructors across the Hungarian capital. Whether you are residing in Budapest or just visiting, new students can join these energy-bolstering classes all year round.

Photo: Ganapati Yoga Studios

Ganapati Yoga Studios – hidden serenity


Hosting soothing classes in slow-paced Hatha yoga focusing on balance and harmony, dynamic Ashtanga practices following a traditional series of poses, and even 50-minute sweat-free office yoga sessions designed to fit within a lunch break, Ganapati Yoga Studio welcomes novices and masters throughout the week at two Pest locations. A meditative state of mind awaits amid a classic urban locale on Visegrádi Street in District XIII, or we can join workouts in the bright studio space on Lónyay Street in District IX near the Pest side of Petőfi Bridge – this is the site of regular English-language Ashtanga sessions every Wednesday evening. On November 14th and 15th, Venezuelan yoga master Ricardo Martinez hosts an illuminating English-language workshop filled with powerful practical exercises.

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Photo: The Shift

The Shift – a spiritual space


A harmonious place on Andrássy Avenue is home to an assortment of energizing classes provided by The Shift studio. Originally, the school is a Neuromuscular Integrative Action (NIA) studio, where visitors find joy, get high on energy, proceed with their healing, and take care of their spiritual, mental, and emotional well being, while this stimulating locale also serves as a unique community space. English-speaking yoga aficionados can join the soulful Vinyasa activities twice a week on Tuesday and on Thursday from 6:30pm to 8pm – while synchronizing breathing with the asanas and each movement, spirituality is in the spotlight of the studio’s smooth-flowing Vinyasa classes.

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Photo: DownDog Yoga Studio

DownDog Yoga Studio – day and night


In central Budapest, the studio’s Oktogon locale – found halfway between the octagonal traffic junction and Nyugati Railway Station – offers a diverse range of inspiring yoga sessions, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Hatha Yoga, along with a number of classes with English instructions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Beside the calming workouts, devotees of the sport can get the party started at the cheerful-yoga nights on the first Friday of each month, where peaceful practices transform into high-spirited parties with pulsating tunes from 8pm onwards. For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few days, DownDog organizes yoga camps outside Budapest. The next outing is during October 22-25, and apart from the extensive yoga exercises it’s filled with flavorful vegetarian delicacies and exciting programs like trekking, caving, and a visit to the local bio market.

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Photo: László Mudra/Bikram Yoga Center

Bikram Jóga Központ


1072 Budapest, Károly körút 1.

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Located in central Budapest, near Astoria – one of the city’s major intersections – Bikram Yoga Studio might bring back summertime memories amid the chilly autumn days, where a strict series of 26 poses challenges sweltering fitness fans to action within a highly heated hall maintained at 38-40°C. Developed by Indian yoga master Bikram Choudhury, the 90-minute sessions follow a maintained order so that each posture prepares us for the next practice, while the soaring temperature helps prevent possible injuries while having positive effects on the body and mind. Bikram Yoga Center schedules several classes taught by a certified native-English-speaking instructor every week.

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Photo: Budapest Yoga

Budapest Yoga – the melting pot


Presenting regular classes, workshops, and international yoga-teacher trainings at two luminous locales in Buda and Pest, this long-established yoga studio is designed to connect English-speaking yogis visiting or residing in Budapest. Whether you fancy practicing dynamic Vinyasa Flow featuring graceful body motions, focused spine yoga, or prenatal exercises, the studio has a diverse range of English or English-enhanced classes for internationals in town. With a 200-hour thorough English-language course organized on a regular basis, anyone who wants to get a deeper immersion in the asanas and pranayama can join the course to master the fascinating art of these spirit-boosting exercises. Above all, the studio frequently hosts guest teachers from various countries.

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Photo: Aum Yoga Center

Aum Yoga Center – for expat yogis


Amid vibrant settings just a stone’s throw away from centrally located Astoria, this serene establishment designs various trainings for English-speaking expats residing in Budapest. From regular Hatha to prenatal yoga classes to advanced instructor trainings, fans of yoga can practice this activity at various skill levels. Anyone who wants to practice the tranquillizing workouts in total peace can go for completely customized private yoga lessons at a preferred location, whether it’s at home or a quiet corner of the office. An internationally renowned Indian yoga master holds bilingual English and Hungarian teacher coaching, with the next course starting on October 19th.

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