7+1 brand new bars in Budapest's 7th district


11/1/2014 3:08 PM

New places keep opening up in Budapest's party districts. District VII is already bursting with ruin pubs, wine bars, bistros and restaurants. But for those looking for a new place in the Erzsébetváros party precinct, we've found 7+1 great new venues we'd like to introduce. From wine to artisan beers, and from hot dogs to hamburgers these new places are definitely worth a visit...and since they're all pretty close to each other, this list could even make a checklist for a huge Saturday night.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Képzeld el!



Képzeld el! (Imagine it!) is a small wine bar, located on the corner of Nagy Diófa and Wesselényi Streets and it's a good option if you are into Hungarian and Italian wines. Or if you want to have a chat with someone important in a not too crowded place. All of the clubs are just a shot away and the founders regularly organise wine tasting nights - but luckily, this hidden gem isn't snobby either. It's not about being a wine expert, but about good vibrations, long talks, quality wines and tasty snacks. If you find your new favourite wine, you can buy a bottle of it and take it home.

Prices? 1,5 dl wine is 660 HUF (2990 HUF/bottle)
Do they have a terrace? No
Food? Tapas
What did we like the most? Not snobby, and the interior lightning.
What kind of extras can we have here? A rarity in Budapest: bio-prosecco.
For who? A glass of wine with your partner - there are sofas downstairs, while upstairs is ideal for larger groups.

Képzeld el!
Address: 1077 Budapest, 23 Wesselényi Street

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest




If you turn let from Kazinczy Street into Dohány Street you'll bump into an old-school three-wheeled vehicle with a tray, called 'plató' in Hungarian. Just opposite is Platós, a small but welcoming pub with artisan beers and a friendly atmosphere. The place used to be a beauty salon, but now, instead of a haircut, you can get a Staropramen on tap or pasta freshly made in the kitchen.

Prices? 0,5 l Staropramen is 490 HUF - 700 HUF, a bottle of Fóti Keserű Méz 750 HUF.
Do they have a terrace? Sit on the offset of the vehicle.
Food? Pasta.
What did we like the most? Sitting on the truck's tray, drinking beer, solving the world's problems.
What kind of extras can we have here? Staropramen, the artisan beers of the Fóti Craft Brewery.
For who? Those who want to have artisan beers at good prices or just tired of the crowded pubs on Kazinczy Street.

Address: 1074 Budapest, Dohány Street 30/A

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest




Somewhere between a wine bar and ruin pub there is AZNAP. It's just a short walk from Blaha Lujza Square but it's far away from those pubs that you don't dare to enter. Most of the staff come from the Szekszárd wine region, so quality wines are a must. Even cheap wines (Prantner rosé cuvée 240 HUF/1 dl) is a good option, but what really impressed us is the Aznap spritzer (aka 'fröccs') (270 HUF). We won't divulge the secret ingredients, but we can tell you it's worth ordering a round of it. Bottled artisanal beers (Rothbeer, Bigfoor, Bors) are also an option. What makes this place truly unique is that you can ask for the gluten-free and dietetic versions too.

Prices? 0,5 l Soproni / 350 HUF, a bottle of Bigfoot Brand Ale / 720 HUF.
Do they have a terrace? No.
Food? Snacks.
What did we like the most? The best wines Szekszárd can offer, good price-value ratio.
What kind of extras can we have here? Gluten-free and dietetic beers.
For who? Those who want to have a beer or two before a party in a small, but friendly place.

Address: 1071 Budapest, Dohány Street 68.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Filo Bar


1072 Budapest, Dob utca 32.


The more eco-friendly, the better! It's safe to say the Filo is the greenest pub in the district. They use biodegradable paper packaging, energy-saving light bulbs, selective cigarette stub collection. Due to the special rooftop design and interior solutions the bar looks completely different in the morning and at night. The place is open for breakfast and lunch too. There is also a little terrace where smokers can gather and share a cigarette or two.

Prices? 0,5 l Soproni is 380 HUF, a bottle of artisan beer is 390 HUF - 990 HUF.
Do they have a terrace? Yes.
Food? Sandwiches, hot-dogs, soup, breakfast, pizza, salads.
What did we like the most? The good vibes, the eco-friendly attitude and the ceiling design.
What kind of extras can we have here? The natural wines of Terroir club.
For who? Aperol-loving girls, healthy pizza-fanatics, those who want to have a beer or two before a party and those who are hungry for a good lunch.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Bar Pharma


1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 35.

Több infó

Finally a cocktail bar with really unique mixtures in the 7th District! Cocktails are cool - even though nowadays it seems, that artisan beers and spritzers are taking over them, they'll never lose their popularity. A visit to Pharma is like entering the rabbit hole: although it's really small (it can only host ten people), it's packed with ideas and drinks that look and sound like they came straight from wonderland. The staff know everything about cocktails, so don't be surprised if your mixture is based on thai chicken soup or if it turns out that you know nothing about Jamaican rums.

Prices? It varies from cocktail to cocktail, but don't worry - you'll surely find something that's the right price for you.
Do they have a terrace? No..
Food? Snacks.
What did we like the most? The cocktails arrive in pharmacy bottles.
What kind of extras can we have here? They can make a good cocktail based on most requests.
For who? Those who are up for something extreme or would like to drink a truly good cocktail.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

London Stone Pub


1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 13.


A real English pub in the 7th District? If you think we're joking, hop on a double-decker red bus and take a trip to London Stone Pub. Altough the place is rather small, the owner's love for everything that is British and the wide variety of ales will make you feel like you're in London. The place has London Pride on tap and a wide variety of British beverages. Altough the place has a bell signalling last drinks, they don't take things too seriously - so feel free to ring it as many times as you like. The whole atmosphere is welcoming, and upstairs you'll find some guitars that can be used for shorter jam sessions.

Prices? 0,5 dl London Pride / 890 HUF, bottled beers from 790 HUF.
Do they have a terrace? Yes, but only during summer.
Food? Nothing.
What did we like the most? British vibes, many options.
What kind of extras can we have here? Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale (990 HUF), Crabbie's ginger beer (850 HUF).
For who? All lovers of British beers.

Photo: Szabó Gábor - We Love Budapest

Neked csak Dezső


1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 7.

Több infó


Neked csak Dezső got its name after the pig starring in one of Hungary's most well-known films, A Tanú ('The Witness'). Dezső was the pig who was slaughtered at the end of the film. An important element of the interior design are the stencil drawings of quotes from the film. The prices are okay - you can't go wrong with the beers and wines here: a hosszúlépés (2dl wine, 1 dl soda) costs 300 HUF. You can also ask for the beers of Staropramen, Hedon, Fóti, Primator, Opat. If you are up for something non-alchoholic, try their lemonade with lavander.

Prices? 0,5 dl Budweiser Samson / 490 HUF, artisian beers from 590 HUF to 890 HUF.
Do they have a terrace? No.
Food? Snacks.
What did we like the most? A wide variety Hungarian and non-Hungarian artisan beers for a cheap price.
What kind of extras can we have here? Bottled Hedon Credo / 890 HUF, bottled Pardubiczky Porter (8%) / 590 HUF.
For who? Bigger groups who can't find a table in the ruin pubs of Kazinczy Street.

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Budapest



1075 Budapest, Erzsébetváros

Több infó


Although this roundup focuses on bars, we thought that it would be a mistake not to include Tuning Bar and Burger in this list. Here there are tasty burgers instead of beers. This small burger bar is located on Akácfa Street, near Mazel Tov. The chef spent years in Australia, perfecting his recipes, and we must admit the burgers here are the best we've tried in a long time. Fantastically delicious taste, perfect beef patty, home-made sauces and it all comes with coleslaw and french fries. As a follow-up, you can order Jónás beers, home-made cordial and the wines of Szabó Csilla. We simply loved this place.

Prices? 0,5 dl Arany Jónás Lager / 600 HUF.
Do they have a terrace? During summer.
Food? Burgers - from the meat-heavy to the vegetarian versions.
What did we like the most? Exotic, home-made sauces, friendly staff and great burgers.
What kind of extras can we have here? Jónás artisan beers on tap.
For who? Burger-fanatics who are up for a freshly-opened place with an outstanding burger menu.

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