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6 spots in Budapest for outdoor wine sipping


8/11/2015 4:30 PM

Summertime is fine for wine and/or spritzers (particularly the Hungarian variation of fröccs). Finding the perfect outdoor location for uncorking a bottle of red, white, or rosé is as easy as finding high-quality wines in Hungary, and there’s no need to travel all the way to Lake Balaton or to climb faraway mountains. Join us as we bring a few bottles of summer wine to explore six of the best outdoor sipping spots the city has to offer.

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest

Danube Bank on the Pest side


Due to its romantic vibe and a breathtaking vista of the Buda side, the Danube Bank has been a wine-sipping go-to spot for generations. Matching this vibe perfectly is Szent György Mountain-based Gilvesy Winery’s Bohém. This 2014 cuvée blending three grape varieties – Olaszrizling (Italian Riesling), Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Gris – makes for a refreshingly citrusy companion for chatting away a hot summer night on the Danube Bank.

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest

Városliget Café & Bar


1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány 5.

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The artist also known as City Park boasts an array of historic landmarks, hence our choice of a grape variety that is just as traditional as it is popular. Ottó Légli’s Pinot Noir has a slightly earthy flavor but is easy to drink thanks to a fresh breeze of red fruits, proving that – with the right choice – red wine and summer can be a match made in heaven.

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest

Aboard a ship cruising on the Danube


When it comes to the location offering the most mesmerizing scenic views in Budapest, it definitely is a case of different strokes for different folks. Some prefer the Buda Hills, others climb all the way up to the tower of St. Stephen’s Basilica, and those thinking outside the box board one of BKK’s boats cruising on the Danube. We went with the third option, and while admiring the beautiful cityscape, we added some flair to this priceless experience with the delicious rosé of János and Dániel Konyári. The rosé is a blend of merlot, kékfrankos and a pair of cabernet varieties, and its fresh, fruity flavors make it an ideal choice for a romantic date.

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest

Szabadság tér


1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér

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Summer is the season of freedom, and also the season of sipping wine in the square named after freedom – Szabadság tér (Liberty Square), that is. The 2014 Sauvignon Blanc courtesy of Béla and Bandi, the two wine-making badasses from Balatonszőlős, emanates freedom and a joy for life – exactly like summer. Due to the fermentation method, it has a lively acidity and a fresh aroma. When you’re done with the first bottle, you can instantly get backup from the nearby wine shop, and by the time you'll be done with the second bottle, you’ll feel free as a bird flying over Balatonszőlős.

Photo: Juhász Norbert - We Love Budapest

Lánchíd 19 Hotel


1013 Budapest, Lánchíd utca 19.

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Recently renovated Lánchíd Street – for further details, check out our article exploring the evolution of this leafy riverside lane – is also a splendidly scenic wine-sipping location. Sitting underneath the shade of a tree, enjoying the view of the Chain Bridge, we uncork a bottle of Káli Kövek Winery’s Rezeda, a sophisticated Riesling with a slightly mineral character and a pleasantly oaky flavor. If you’ve just set out on your personal wine journey, you might find this medium-bodied variety a bit too heavy, but it surely is an ideal companion for more experienced wine enthusiasts.

* Disclaimer: in Budapest, public drinking is prohibited in some districts and allowed in others. Please read local regulations before opening a bottle of wine!

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