6 outdoor yoga classes in Budapest


  • Somody Fruzsina

21/06/2016 1.15pm

Summer is finally here, which means we can spend more and more time outdoors. In addition to enjoying glasses of fröccs and weekend barbecue parties, exercise also feels better under the clear blue sky, and fortunately we’re not the only ones who think so. We’ve rounded up six yoga classes held at various points of the city – from rooftop bars to the Danube riverbank - with one thing in common: all of them are held outdoors, so that we can enjoy the sunshine while balancing our bodies and souls. We only need to worry about the weather staying sunny.



While some of these outdoor yoga classes are more English-friendly than others, Hungarian-language lessons usually welcome foreign participants who have some experience in the type of yoga being taught, and thus do not require in-depth instructions.

Photo: Aria Hotel

Aria Hotel


The rooftop terrace of this luxury boutique hotel next to the Basilica is usually a setting for clinking glasses, but on weekends, the floor is covered by yoga mats. The terrace also has a covered “winter garden”, so guests are welcome whether they arrive for drinks or exercise. As its name implies, participants can become acquainted with a more physically challenging type of yoga, Ashtanga, at Harmony Rooftop Ashtanga Yoga. We are sure to get exhausted after the dynamic yoga class, which just makes the follow-up relaxation sweeter – especially since after the exercises, participants are free to use the hotel’s wellness area for two hours. The entry fee also includes a welcome drink and the stunning downtown panorama.

When? July 3 at 10:30am, and then approximately every two weeks; check the Aria Hotel Facebook page for dates
How much? 5,000 HUF
English-friendly? Yes
More info

Photo: Margitszigeti Jóga

Margaret Island


Whenever you feel like doing some yoga, you can visit the Nagyrét (“Great Meadow”) of Margaret Island almost anytime, since there are yoga classes held here almost every day – unless the weather interferes. With a complete timetable for different classes on this webpage (in Hungarian, but with dates and times clearly indicated), the selection is almost as diverse as in a yoga studio, with the difference that the birds chirp live in the background instead of recorded nature sounds. Depending on the dates and their personal needs, everyone can decide what type of class to attend: slow-paced Yin yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, or strengthening yoga. Naturally, there are classes specifically for beginners, as well. Most classes are held in the afternoon, making a perfect after-work or after-school activity on the island to blow off some steam. Participation works on a pay-what-you-want system, except for workshops and courses, which are usually held indoors, anyway. Registration is required at the first time, but afterwards, participants are allowed to attend any class at any time, without prior notice.

When? On weekdays and every Sunday at 11am (workshops on Saturdays)
How much? Pay what you want
English-friendly? Yes
More info




As the newest Danube-side entertainment/community space, PONTOON will also be an occasional yoga studio this summer. They prepare for their first class with a live DJ set and beautiful sunset by the Danube. The Vinyasa yoga class will be held by the yoga guru of 360 Bar, Petra Szappan. This yoga style is for those who are not afraid to work their body, but beginners as just as welcome as more experienced yogi. We don’t need to fret in case of bad weather, either – if the rain starts pouring, the group just moves to the covered ground floor of PONTOON. Don’t forget to register for the event and bring your own yoga mat (if you don’t have one, notify the instructor and they will provide one). After the sun salutations, you might as well stick around to enjoy the music and the company, as well.

When? Next class: June 22
How much? 3,000 HUF
English-friendly? No
More info

Photo: Avala Jóga

Kopaszi Dam


Yoga instructor Alexandra Apagyi developed a unique form of exercise which combines Hatha yoga with Chinese martial arts, resulting in Avala yoga, which anyone can try at the classes held at Kopaszi Dam. Avala yoga develops body awareness, and is more intuitive and less pose-centric than most yoga types, and requires a lot of improvisation – both from the instructor and the participants. Alexandra holds group classes 1-2 times a week at the dam, depending on the weather and the number of attendants. Similarly to the classes at Margaret Island, these work with a pay-what-you-want system as well, but participants need to register via e-mail in advance.

When? Weekly
How much? Pay what you want
English-friendly? Yes
More info

Photo: Petraflow

360 Bar


360 Bar began its third season above the city this year, and didn’t change the tried-and-true recipe: the rooftop yoga classes that became rather popular last year are going to be held this year too, with instructor Petra Szappan. Similarly to the classes at PONTOON, participants can try Vinyasa flow here, as well. The rather challenging yoga class is open for beginners, who receive special instructions during the exercise. Unfortunately, there is no alternative in case of bad weather, but on a sunny day, this is one of the best yoga spots to try. We feel some kind of a special tranquility nine floors above the city, and we can admire a beautiful sight while practicing Asana. While the terrace can hold up to 110 participants, it’s better to register in time.

When? Monthly; next class: June 25
How much? 3,000 HUF
English-friendly? No
More info

Photo: Napozó



Last summer, it was sensational that Citymatiné finally received a permanent venue at the former Csillabérci Úttörő Nagytábor (“Pioneer’s Camp of Csillebérc”), which was quickly renamed Napozó. The momentum is present in this year’s season as well, and the scout camp-like pool complex awaits visitors with numerous programs. Such is the weekend special edition Yoga Flow, held in collaboration with the District XII Muditayoga. The 8:30am start might seem a bit early, but as a reward we can go for a refreshing swim immediately afterwards, and reserve the best sunbathing spots by the pool.

When? On weekends
How much? 2,000 HUF (includes all-day entry to the beach)
English-friendly? Yes
More info

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