5 places to try Budapest's famous room escape games


1/29/2015 10:46 AM

Lurking in the cellars of winding backstreets and tucked inside a ruin bar, we've found Budapest's most exciting room escape games. These world-famous challenges are for those who dare to break out of locked rooms using only logic puzzles and by solving a labyrinth of tasks. While this sensation has been around since 2011, the number and styles of room escape adventures - known as "szabadulós játék" in Hungarian - are on the rise. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: escape the everyday by getting locked up. Good luck!

Photo: Exit Point

Exit Point


In the rooms bridging the ruin pub Fogas Ház and Fogas Kert lies a network of hidden chambers. Exit Point is one of the most popular room escape game providers in Hungary, with three games in Fogas Kert and another in the Hungarian city of Eger. The game Exit Point: Rabbit Hole (website in Hungarian) invokes a surreal world inspired by Lewis Carroll complete with rabbits, mushrooms and a secret door into Wonderland. To book, use their online booking portal and choose the date and time that best suits you for one of their three games: Rabbit Hole, Mirrors and Madness.

Price: 7 500 HUF per team (2 people) / 13 500 HUF per team (3 - 5 people)
Address: 49 Akácfa Street (Fogas Kert)

Photo: Escape House

Escape House


Even with the right address it’s easy to miss the entrance to Escape House. It's tucked in a basement in Terézváros’s backstreets (in District VI), but once you find your way in, it’s even harder to find your way out. Escape House is one of the more challenging room escape games since you not only have to escape a single room – but an entire network of spaces set in a cold and drafty subterranean world filled with books, dusty records, creepy toys and gas masks.

Price: 10 000 HUF per team (2 - 6 people)
Address: 66 Csengery Street

Photo: Kirobban




In the bowels of a Czech beer house in Buda’s industrial quarter, Kirobban offers a room escape with a difference. It’s not technically a room escape game, but rather a challenge set in a nuclear power plant where you have an hour to stop a nuclear meltdown. The door is always open, so you can leave any time, but do you really want to abandon the reactor control room and leave Budapest a nuclear wasteland? To book a time, choose from their available time-slots here.

Price: 12 000 per team (up to 6 people)
Address: 3 Hengermalom Street, 1117 Budapest

Photo: Locked Escape Game

Locked Escape Game


Whether on the trail of a serial killer or plotting to rob a bank, the challenges presented at Locked Escape Game will put even the smartest minds to a challenging test. Last year, Locked Escape Game won “game of the year” and is said to be the most realistic room escape experience of all of Budapest’s escape games. This place puts teams through not only a network of puzzles and tasks, but the teams become part of the storyline in the game. Book your spot on The Bank Job or The Serial Killer here.

Price: 12 000HUF per team (up to 6 people)
Address: 10 - 12 Vérmező Road, 1012 Budapest (near Széll Kálman Square)

Photo: Pirate Cave

Pirate Cave


Combine a pirate adventure with the logical challenges of your normal break-out game with spectacular scenery as the backdrop - we're talking a pirate ship and waterfall! The Pirate Cave is one of Budapest’s most extraordinary escape games. It’s an interactive adventure where the whole set, game and experience demonstrates an extraordinary attention to detail. To book, choose from the available 'unlocked' times here.

Price: 5,000 HUF per person (teams of 2), 4,800 HUF per person (teams of 3) and 3,600 HUF per person (teams 4), 2,880 HUF (teams of 5)
Address: 10 Fehér Road, 1106 Budapest

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