5 fashionable blogs covering Hungary’s style scene in English


  • Petra Berende

06/07/2015 2.00am

The Hungarian style scene is more colorful than ever, and as a result the fashion-blogging sphere is booming with local diary-keepers introducing multilingual online journals. In the past few years, some of the most dedicated style devotees managed to blog their way straight to the top, snapping up front-row seats at major fashion shows and becoming candid industry insiders. We’ve rounded up five blogs covering contemporary clothing, accessories, and more, with all of them starting out in Hungary before going on to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the global fashion industry.

Photo: 11ground



With six dedicated women behind the website, this fashion and lifestyle blog presents an easy and approachable voice to reach out to readers. From impressive urban fashion shots to workout exercises to around-the-world travel to handy tips and tricks for the 21st-century woman, 11ground covers a wide range of topics. Although the Hungarian articles are mixed in with the English posts, which sometimes makes it a little difficult to navigate the site, the team’s cooperation seems like a successful formula, as they are gaining an ever-growing base of fans.

Photo: Festy In Style

Festy in Style


The splendid journey of Festy in Style dates back to 2009, when Festy ventured into the blogosphere to pursue her passion for fashion. During the second year of her blogging work, Festy landed a local assignment with international label Tally Weijl. As Festy in Style established its reputation, the blogger started to team up with major brands with online marketing projects for Samsonite, compiling outfits for GAS, and starring in a Marks & Spencer campaign. Most recently Festy has been collaborating with top jewelry brands such as Swarovski and FREY WILLE in Budapest, and when not in town, she appears at leading fashion events around the world, from Milan to London to New York. Festy’s blog is as striking as her career – it’s a creative style guide, bragging about high street and designer brands, fashion events, and some personal travel photography.

Photo: Style And Blog

Style and Blog


Two girls, two guys, some serious taste, and a great idea. That’s how it all started with Style and Blog in 2012, although back in the day site editors Mesi and Panni did not realize that they were laying the foundation for an online journal that would spread like wildfire to gain a pretty strong base of readers. Today the professional weblog enjoys an ever-growing number of social-media followers, as the blog provides fashionistas with complete outfit guides, the latest trend reports, item-by-item shopping tips, healthy-eating advice, and home-design concepts, while the editors regularly muse about life online, bringing the reader closer to blogger. The site also has a webshop, offering a small range of jewelry.

Photo: The Sense

The Sense


This blog lacks in anything conventional, opting for a focus on featuring a minimally designed, fashion-infused platform for style hunters. The name behind the concept is Dorka, who created her online journal in 2010 after she found out that she aspires for more than the traditional 9-to-5 career. The online diary-keeper is best known for her sharp and confident voice, pushing divisive topics on several social issues. Beside the hard commentaries, The Sense never ceases to inspire with easy-to-digest fashion and lifestyle articles and trendy outfit ideas, always jazzed up with a few funny twists. The blogger is also a passionate traveler, which gives different perspectives to her views on vogue, featuring the latest trends from Budapest to London to Miami.

Photo: The Spoiled Queen

The Spoiled Queen


While the blogger behind this project lives in Budapest, she is not of Hungarian origin. The Polish fashion commentator ventured into the blogosphere after moving here in 2010, with an initial aim to document her journeys as she hopped from country to country. However, over time she became immersed in the exciting world of fashion, which took her blog in a whole new direction. The Spoiled Queen focuses on Hungarian fashion and the Budapest party scene, collaborating with local designers and apparel stores to blog about anything from urban trends to street wear to expat events to citywide fashion shoots. She hasn’t acquired a strong following yet, but she is definitely someone worth checking out.

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