5 Budapest eateries ideal for a healthy but tasty winter


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1/16/2020 1:11 PM

Everyone’s trying to get back into their normal routine after Christmas, with perhaps a resolution or two thrown in. Here we suggest five dining destinations to help rid yourself of toxins while enjoying mouth-watering meals.

Photo: Polyák Attila - We Love Budapest

Good Karma Kitchen


The Good Karma Kitchen offers refreshing options on both the Buda and Pest sides, with a fast casual vibe similar to KuszKusz, along with added Indian features. Here as well, dishes can be organised according to your preference, with different bases: basmati plate (rice with chickpea masala and vegetables), dosa roll (traditional Southern-Indian rice-lentil pancakes filled with fresh vegetables), roti wrap (wholemeal spelt flat bread with vegetables), or salad (chickpeas with lime, pomegranate seeds and homemade vinaigrette sauce). You can combine these with chicken tikka, roast cauliflower or ground lamb kebab. Their philosophy is eat good and do good; their coupon cards can be filled with good deeds instead of coupons, which can be exchanged for a meal of good karma.

Good Karma Kitchen

District II. Lövőház utca 19/District V. Október 6 utca 21

Open: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm/Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat 11am-6pm

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Hummus bars


Hummus Bars are conveniently located at a number of spots around town, making it easy to grab something light and healthy, even on the hoof. Everything is based on the soft and creamy chickpea and tahini-infused Middle-Eastern speciality, hummus, of course, which can be devoured with pita bread, falafel, salad and other healthy food. They have soups and other mains as well, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, with most of the 13 outlets serving meat, except for the specifically vegetarian ones Alkotmány utca and Hollán Ernő utca. A welcome drink, mint tea in winter, lemonade in summer, is also provided.

Hummus Bars

13 locations across town. See full list here.

Opening times vary, usually from 11am

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Budapest

Kitchen of Health


Opened in 2017, the Kitchen of Health serves food fine-tuned to a certain lifestyle – although that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a burger here. Founder Viki Bocsi has been a personalised nutrition consultant for years, and her outlet on Dob utca has everything she imagined for this creed. Dishes are made with pure ingredients, with no flavour enhancers, soy, lactose, gluten or sugar. They rely on either olive or coconut oil, the side dish is usually sweet potatoes or rice, and they tend to use green banana flour, and salt from the Himalayas and Praid in Transylvania.

Kitchen of Health

District VII. Dob utca 2

Open: Daily 11am-6pm

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This charming place in Újlipótváros, District XIII, was one of our favourites of 2019, despite its rather modest size. The base for their dishes is the North-African staple, couscous. This nutritious, protein and fibre-filled ingredient can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can order it with meat or vegetable stews, different sauces, marinated veg, pickles, eggs or yoghurt – in any combination of your choice. For the gluten-free version, ask for quinoa instead of couscous. The chef, who is connected with Dobrumba, has lived in Asia and is especially keen on Middle-Eastern flavours. Mains include Thai red curry with chicken, a buddha bowl, celery kebab, and veal with red lentils.


District XIII. Hollán Ernő utca 18

Open: Mon-Fri noon-6pm

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

ONO Poké Bowl Bar


The ONO Poké Bowl Bar has filled a great empty void for those looking for Hawaii’s national dish in Budapest. Poké originally means cut, referring to the sliced raw fish used to create this meal, which natives ate with salt, seaweed, algae and nuts. The modern version including vegetables, rice, seeds and legumes is becoming more and more popular today, providing a filling and healthy option for all. At ONO, there are six standard poke bowls, but anyone is welcome to create their own combinations or personalise any of the existing options. The bases include chickpeas, rice, cabbage, rice noodles and zucchini noodles with quinoa, with a range of protein-filled toppings such as salmon, tuna, chicken and tofu, which can be accompanied by a number of vegetables.

ONO Poké Bowl Bar

District XI. Bartók Béla út 34

Open: Mon-Thur & Sat 11.30am-10pm, Fri 11.30am-11pm, Sun 11.30am-8pm

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