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Where to avoid European Football Championship games in Budapest

For those who don’t care about soccer, this year’s European Football Championship is little more than the cause for too many screaming fans crowding most Budapest bars and eateries. Perhaps the spectacle was fun for awhile when Hungary’s team was winning, but now that the Magyar players are no longer in the competition, lots of people would be happy to spare their eyesight from the extra-large TVs filling their usual hangouts – so, for those who’d rather chat, laugh, and drink with friends instead of obsessively staring at a screen, here’s a list of some of our favorite football-free places.


Castro Bistro (Closed)

Castro is usually a slow-paced place, so as we suspected, they didn’t enter the race of the area’s pubs and terraces to screen every match of the championship series. On weekdays, their lunch special is available until supplies last, which usually is around the time when the first match starts at 3pm – that is, if they had a screen to broadcast it on. We recommend trying the lunch, or drop by for a shot of pálinka on the shady terrace in the evening hours. Dog-friendly, football-free.


Csendes Létterem

Csendes is one of the most unique places in District V, and while the terrace is unfortunately closed right now due to renovation works, this summer’s erratic weather justifies the indoor option. We can have tea, wine, beer, or an afternoon siesta here in Csendes, surrounded by eclectic furniture and broken toys on the walls, and absolutely free of David Guetta’s football anthem.


Fekete Kutya

When searching for football-free venues, we were sure that Fekete Kutya would make the list. Dob Street’s friendly artistic pub doesn’t have pushy drink offers or forced events, let alone a television. Instead it offers snacks/dinner served in a tapas system, a wide variety of beers, and a small terrace, as well, perfect for intimate chats free of soccer stats.


Gozsdu Sky Terrace

We can find the Sky Terrace on the top of Gozsdu’s parking garage, where we can enjoy the sight of the Liberation Monument at the peak of Gellért Hill even in rainy weather, thanks to the half-covered nature of the place. They drew particular attention to this being a football-free terrace hangout, especially since most below people are cheering on their team even in the smallest café.

Gozsdu Sky Terrace (closed)
Address: 1073 Budapest, 6 Holló Street (Gozsdu udvar)



Hidden in the foothills of Buda, the popular Árnyas garden restaurant won’t cater to the football-loving public either; instead, they are dog-friendly and well-prepared for rainy weather with a nice awning system. The menu is newly refreshed with plenty of grilled dishes and delicious lecsó. We especially recommend visiting Árnyas on weekends.

Address: Budapest 1125, Diós árok 16

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