11 Budapest nightspots to beat the heat


  • Wágner Gábor

7/31/2020 2:52 PM

It may be a summer like no other but the heat is on – there’s still drinking to be done and fun to be had. Here we’ve compiled a selection of our 11 favourite spots around Budapest to relax over a drink or two once the sun starts to sink.

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1117 Budapest, Petőfi híd budai hídfő

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The boat that rocks the Danube at the Buda foot of the Petőfi Bridge has been an essential concert venue in Budapest for some time. It relaxes its agenda in summer, but the outer areas, the bow and the roof terrace, will be in action. If you’re looking for a convivial afternoon party or a small concert in the early evening, this is the place to come.

Photo: Gábor Szabó/WLB

Akvárium Spring Terrace


Akvárium Klub

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The situation with this entertainment complex on focal Erzsébet tér is similar to that of the A38. Its indoor concert agenda slows down in summer while the spacious outdoor terrace comes alive. If you want to have fun in the heart of town, even if you can’t find a table, you can grab a bench alongside – or soon, on the green space, which is currently being re-grassed. The bar is close by and the music can be heard from here.

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi/WLB

Barba Negra Track


1117 Budapest, Neumann János utca 2


Barba Negra is one of Budapest’s long-in-the-tooth music venues. In the cooler months, this rock circus operates at the club on Prielle Kornélia utca while in summer, it continues in the open air on the Buda side of Rákóczi Bridge, at the former Zöld Pardon. The guitar rings out constantly as metalheads, rockers and punks convene.

Photo: Szabó Gábor - We Love Budapest



1138 Budapest, Margit-sziget


This urban nightspot in the party district has moved to Margaret Island for the summer, as we recently featured. BRKLYN Island takes the place of former Margaret Island legend, the Cha-Cha-Cha, but isn’t looking to repeat what its famous predecessor used to offer. Cocktails, fine food and pleasant music await a smart but casual clientele.

Photo: Budapest Park

Budapest Park


1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 60.

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Under normal circumstances, Budapest Park would be the number one concert venue in town once summer comes. This year, they’ve had to adapt to circumstances with smaller, unplugged performances and the concert venue has been transformed into an outdoor garden. It’s still got a good aura about it, but not the festival-style madness of yore.

Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest

Dürer Kert


1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.

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Budapest’s most reliable alt-rock destination over the past few years, with alfresco spaces a-plenty, the Dürer Kert by City Park is still frequented by cyclists and dog owners, although with no concert repertoire this year. It’s still a very pleasant place to spend a summer’s eve – particularly in the light of the sad closure of the open-air Kertem in City Park itself.

Photo: Mudra László - We Love Budapest

Kobuci Kert (seasonal)


1033 Budapest, Fő tér 1.

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Located in the heart of Óbuda, in the courtyard of Zichy Castle on the main square, this atmospheric, shaded locale awaits guests from April to September. Friendly chat, sipping and eating ensure, perhaps after a hearty bike ride here, with a little live jazz, blues and world music thrown in.

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1138 Budapest, Népsziget

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This getaway at the foot of Újpest railway bridge, commonly known as Mosquito Island, was neglected for many years, until the first drink counters and chairs started popping up. Today, there’s a real festival atmosphere here, in harmony with nature. Favourite places include Kabin and Perem.

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1051 Budapest, Id. Antall József rakpart 1.

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At the foot of Chain Bridge in Pest, facing Buda, you find this popular leisure haunt, a defining factor of Budapest’s summer nights in recent years. It’s great to sit and watch the Danube while listening to music attuned to sunset which, if not provided by a DJ, comes courtesy of a name Hungarian band or performer.

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1031 Budapest, Római part

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The Roman embankment up in Óbuda is a great favourite of many, lined with alfresco bars and eateries, even a live venue or two. Especially recommended are the bohemian Két Rombusz, the charming Miamor, the cultural bistro Fellini and, last but not least, communal Nap bácsi. For a lively look at the riverbank options on the Buda side, with an accompanying video on our Facebook page, see here.

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1011 Budapest, Szilágyi Dezső tér 2.

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In the vicinity of focal Buda square Batthyány tér, roughly opposite Parliament, the TRIP boat was registered as a summer entertainment destination in 2019, but its interior also allows it to operate in winter, too. But if the weather is good, you’d rather be out on the deck, gazing at the Danube, sipping your drink and listening to the DJs who entertain visitors with better-than-decent music that matches the sunset and the early-evening mood.

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