10 special refreshing drinks in Budapest this summer


  • Nemes Nóra

24/07/2019 5.37pm

Iced teas and coffees, creative cocktails with or without alcohol, imaginative shakes and unusual lemonades – here are ten special refreshingly cold drinks being served at Budapest’s most beautiful and least-discovered spots this summer.

Shakerato – Espresso Embassy

Shakerato is an icy double espresso with cold-pressed orange juice, maple syrup and a few drops of orange extract. This perfect match of bitter chocolatey coffee and citrusy orange comes in a champagne glass for that extra touch of elegance. Completely geared for the summer, this drink will surely boost your mood.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Pink Latino – KIOSK Budapest

Cocktails at KIOSK are king, but the Pink Latino still stands out. Made with rum, mescal, guava juice, homemade cardamom syrup, lemon and pitaya, this drink has an exciting kick. The slightly smoky mezcal is smoothened by the exotic fruity flavour of guava. This drink is certainly pretty in pink.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Caramel-banana-biscuit shake – AHOY!

This tiny locale on Papnövelde utca is a haven for sweet tooths. Besides waffles served every which way, classic and extreme lemonades, smoothies and shakes come in a tub. The caramel-banana-biscuit shake is even enough for lunch. It’s best to take it with you to sip by nearby Liberty Bridge for that real Budapest summer feel.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Grapefruit-rosemary lemonade – Béla

We have praised the drinks selection at Béla before, but jumping on the spirits in summer is not always the best idea. Luckily the alcohol-free drink assortment is also impressive, especially the grapefruit lemonade. This slightly sour drink is smoothened with rosemary and comes in a half-litre glass.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Absolut Basil Fresh – Raqpart

Having a drink at Raqpart is worth it just for the perfect view of the Danube and the Buda side. Our cocktail recommendation here is the Absolut Basil Fresh, a blend of vodka, tonic, bitters, lime and, the icing on the cake, fresh basil!

Photo: We Love Budapest

Cold hops cordial – KEG Sörművház

This brewery offers small-batch beers on 32 taps, yet has something up its sleeve for those who are off the sauce as well. Hops cordial is a big hit this summer. A citrusy, gingery sugar cordial is mingled with boiled hops then, after cooling, with even more hops. A slightly bitter drink with, thanks to the ginger, a bit of a burn – and definitely worth a try.

Photo: We Love Budapest

360 – 360 BAR

Finding a seat at Budapest’s most popular rooftop bar is not easy, but if you do, sample their signature drink made with Beefeater pink gin, Aperol, lime juice and fresh strawberry. Best in the heat, this drink is great for sundown.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Iced Latte – Horizont

This breakfast and brunch spot is famous for its self-roasted coffee, but the iced latte raises the bar. Made strictly without sugar or sweeteners, and with homemade milk, this extremely creamy, light and refreshing drink will charm even those who aren’t big fans of coffee.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Homemade iced tea – Double Shot (Pozsonyi út)

Here the cherry, raisin, hibiscus or black-tea base is made on the spot then, after cooling, is turned into a cordial with lemon and sugar. Filling a glass with fresh fruit and fizzy or still water, this mix is a tasty refreshment. As Double Shot is fairly close to Parliament, this is a decent option for a relaxing drink after a hard morning’s sightseeing.

Photo: We Love Budapest

Iced tea with lemon sorbet – Törökméz

Törökméz is a great place for an all-day brunch but their homemade iced tea with lemon sorbet will also entice you inside. In the case of the strong rooibos variety, not only does it cool but it creams the lemon sorbet – an icy drink that’s almost a milky one!

Photo: We Love Budapest

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