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Triplacsavar 2.0 IIIII Wines, Breads, Harmonica

Another exciting Tuesday night at
– you can taste wines, colors, forms, and sounds – organized for the second time.

Pipacs Pékség
’s wonderful breads were paired up with wines that bring out their best textures and spices.
Different professionals meet at
 but they all share one characteristics: they all truly love what they so, be it grapes, antiques, or the harmonica. They all seek connections and inspire each other.

Bernát Babicsek (harmonica)

Pipacs Pékség (Bakery)


Dorottya Bussay (Zala)

Dorottya Homoky (Tokaj)

Júlia Dóra Molnár (Csendesdűlő)

(contribution: 2,500 HUF)

1. Csendes Dűlő Grapeyard – Hárslevelű 2014’

2. Dorottya Bussay – Szürekebarát – 2011’

3. Bussay Dorottya – Tramini 2012’

4. Dorka Homoky – Sas alja Hárslevelű 2012’

5. Csendes Dűlő Grapeyard Kéknyelű 2013’

Dork Homoky – Hetényi Furmint-Hárslevelű 2013’

7. Dorka Homoky – Rizsföld 2013’

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